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Sunday at Potters: World Indoor Championships


The first match of the day on Sunday, January 21 was a first round Open Singles between Scotland’s Jonathan Ross, ranked at number 15 and England’s PBA Qualifier Scott Edwards.
Ross, no doubt under additional pressure with the awareness that a win was vital to keep him in the top 16, was holding a set win when Edwards responded by snatching the shot to force a 7-7 draw.

Taking the momentum, the qualifier raced to a 4-0 lead in the second set before Ross fought back.
But despite picking up two singles to go into the last end just one adrift, 6-7, Ross dropped a double which meant set and match to Edwards, who will now play the winner of Greg Harlow and Martin Puckett.

The first semi final of the ‘Just’ World Indoor Mixed Pairs, Darren Burnett & Rebecca Field against Stewart Anderson & Alison Merrien MBE took place in the first afternoon session.
Burnett and Field that got off to a flying start with a 7,0 lead by end four before Anderson and Merrien got on to the card.
Picking up two singles, they needed a count of five on the last end but managed only a treble.
The tables turned in the second set between the leads with Merrien finding her stride.
By the fourth end Anderson and Merrien led 5-1 and their streak continued as they took the set 8-4 to force a tie break.
A missed drive on the first end of the tie break left Field and Burnett with some work to do but they secured the second end as a result of a perfect drawing bowl from Burnett.
The third end saw two counting shots by Merrien forcing Field to drive.
Her partner also fired, getting rid of one of the counting bowls, to which Anderson responded by drawing another.
Burnett drove again and succeeded, Anderson missed, losing out on the final spot on Tuesday at 2pm by the slightest of margins.

The second Mixed Pairs semi final was between England’s Jamie Chestney teaming up with Scotland’s Lesley Doig against Greg Harlow and Katherine Rednall of Ipswich.
It was a high quality game from the outset, with Chestney sealing the first set with a single shot on the last end to win 6-5.
The second set again showcased some excellent bowling, with Doig and Chestney creeping ahead to 5-3 up before Rednall and Harlow digging deep.
They scored singles on the last two ends to take the set to a draw, meaning that Field and Burnett will complete the final line up.


S15: Jonathan Ross (S) v Scott Edwards (E) (first round Open Singles) :: 7,7 – 6,9

Mixed Pairs Semi Final 1
Darren Burnett (S) & Rebecca Field (E) v Stewart Anderson (S) & Alison Merrien MBE (Gue) ::
7,5 – 4,8 – 2,1
Followed by
Mixed Pairs Semi Final 2
Jamie Chestney (E) & Lesley Doig (S) v Greg Harlow (E) & Katherine Rednall (E) ::
6,5 – 5,5

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