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British Isles Championships | Roll of honour

National champions from across the British Isles descended onto the greens at Llandrindod Wells BC in Wales for the first joint staging of the British Isles Championships.

A full packed programme of events ran throughout two days of competition – full results are listed below:


Prelim: Wales (Kevin James) bt Scotland (Gordan White) 21-18; England (Ed Morris) bt Guernsey (Steve Williams) 21-1
Semi-final: England bt Jersey (Ross Davies) 21-19; Wales bt Ireland (Gary McCloy) 21-18
Final: England bt Wales 21-10

Under 18 singles
Semi-final: Scotland (Lewis Betts) bt England (Joe Vandepeer) 21-20; Wales (Jordan Driscoll) bt Ireland (Jack Kidd) 21-20
Final: Wales bt Scotland 21-7

Under 25 singles
Prelim: Wales (Ryan Atkins) received a walkover from Jersey (Jarrad Brown)
Semi-final: Scotland (Jason Banks) bt Ireland (Sam Barkley) 21-2; Wales bt England (Jordan Philpott) 21-12
Final: Wales bt Scotland 21-19

Prelim: Ireland (Colin Hogg and Mark Wilson) bt Scotland (Steve Shield and Stewart Anderson) 16-15; Wales (Steve Jones and Sam Roff) bt Jersey (Taylor and Thomas Greechan) 17-18
Semi-final: Wales bt England (John Tufts, Wayne Wilgress) 23-22; Ireland bt Guernsey (Gary Pitschou, Matt Le Ber) 22-12
Final: Wales bt Ireland 24-17

Prelim: Ireland (Ronnie Talbot, Robert Kirkwood, Michael Kutt) bt Wales (Idris Penrose, Kristian Crocker, Carl Wood) 27-9; England (Christopher Muir, Steve Gunnell, Ed Morris) bt Guernsey (Martyn De Carteret, Mick Le Gallie, Michael Ogier) 27-8
Semi-final: England bt Scotland (Grant Hamilton, Cameron Wilson, Drew Boyd) 16-15; Jersey (Malcolm De Sousa, Raymond Baxter, Matt Herve) bt Ireland 17-15
Final: England bt Jersey 21-17

Prelim: Ireland (Darren Atkinson, Robin Horner, Ryan Cavan, Simon Martin) bt Jersey (Didier Le Fahler, Kevin Le Long, Dave Anderson, Ian Partridge) 25-14; Guernsey (Garry Collins, Matt Solway, Gary Pitschou, Matt Le Ber) bt Scotland (Kevin Hunter, Danny Gormley, Andrew Jeffrey, Andy Caldwell) 22-17
Semi-final: England (Tom McGuinness, David Ross, Kirk Smith, John McGuinness) bt Wales (Edward Jelfs, Ashley Morris, Luke Harwood, Ryan Atkins) 22-14; Ireland bt Guernsey 25-15
Final: England bt Ireland 24-18

Over 55 fours
Prelim: Scotland (Jim Frazer, Alan Patterson, William Cochrane, Jim Prunty) bt Jersey (Rob Clive, Alec Stewart, Jim Douglas, Roddy Macdonald) 19-9; Ireland (Johnny O’Neil, Stephen Moran, Dessie Hill, James Caldwell) bt England (Brett Arkley, Tom Humphries, Alan Theobald, Alex Bryden) 20-12
Semi-final: Semi-final: Wales (Alan Brain, David Davies, Myrddin Dennis, Steve Dick) bt Ireland 20-16; Scotland bt Guernsey (Terry Brokenshire, Peter Martell, Robin Herbert, Colin Leighton) 23-18
Final: Scotland bt Wales 24-17



Prelim: Scotland (Margaret Letham) bt Jersey (Gwen Stark) 21-10
Semi-final: Scotland bt Ireland (Jennifer McClure) 21-9; Wales (Melanie Thomas bt England (Jamie-Lea Winch) 21-17
Final: Scotland bt Wales 21-17

Under 25 singles
Prelim: Scotland (Rachel Sinclair) bt England (Kat Bowman) 21-14
Semi-final: Jersey (Chloe Greechan) bt Scotland 21-16; Ireland (Lara Reaney) bt Wales (Katie Thomas 21-10
Final: Jersey bt Ireland 21-18

Prelim: Ireland (Sarah Kelly, Noeleen Kelly) bt Jersey (Chris Grimes, Lorraine Bowman) 22-8
Semi-final: Scotland (Hannah Smith, Claire Johnson) bt Wales (Wendy Price, Betty Morgan) 24-9; England (Katy and Lucy Smith) bt Ireland 16-10
Final: Scotland bt England 16-12

Under 25 pairs
Semi-final: Ireland (Mia Patterson, Sophie McIntyre) bt England (Hayley Kenny, Jasmine Wilson) 16-8; Wales (Lauren Gowen, Lowri Powell) bt Scotland (Kimberley Dodds, Carla Banks) 21-19
Final: Wales bt Ireland 15-14

Prelim: Scotland (Alison Plenderleith, Esther Laidlaw, Elizabeth Halliday) bt Wales (Debbie Jones, Pam John, Gill Miles) 12-9
Semi-final: Ireland (Anne Smith, Zoe Stratton, Margaret Paul) bt Scotland 13-6; England (Bridget Hodder, Julie Leake, Penny Cresswell) bt Jersey (Chloe Greechan, Megan Kivlin, Di Canavan) 21-11
Final: England bt Ireland 20-10

Prelim: England (Hazel Kenny, Michelle Squires, Serena Madgewick, Rebecca Smith) bt Jersey (Chloe Greechan, Megan Kivlin, Rosemary Le Boultiller, Di Canavan) 23-14
Semi-final: Scotland (Pamela Kenny, Gillian Kirk, Rebekah Weir, Eilidh Weir) bt England 15-11; Wales (Eileen Williams, Sophie Gittins, Emma Gittins, Kathy Pearce) bt Ireland (Pat Benson, Chloe Wilson, Zoe Minish, Lynda Lyttle) 16-8
Final: Scotland bt Wales 18-12

Over 55 fours
Prelim: Ireland (Jennifer Wilson, Sylvia Shaw, Pauline Curry, Bernie O’Neil) bt Jersey (Chris Grimes, Lorrian Bowman, Jean Holms, Sara Douglas) 16-12
Semi-final: Scotland (Jean Sykes, Margaret Bingham, Linda Bryce, Heather Kay) bt Ireland 17-15; Wales (Heulwen Morgan, Jean Davies, Milwen Lewis, Anne Williams) bt England (Dawn Grisley, Grace Donnelly, Jenny Ralph, Jackie Bryant) 21-5
Final: Scotland bt Wales 26-10

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