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Commonwealth Games Squad take command

England’s High Performance squad was in action on June 26-27 as it took on an international select team at Brampton BC in Huntingdonshire.

The team played against junior and senior internationals past and present as they continue to prepare for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

These were: 

Men: Jamie Barker (Cambridgeshire); Connor Cinato (Northamptonshire); Ashley Clipston (Derbyshire); Joe Dawson (Leicestershire); Steve Mitchinson (Essex); Tom Muir (Hertfordshire); Adam Pitfield (Northamptonshire); Danny Walker (Northamptonshire); Lee Calver (Suffolk); Liam Harris (Suffolk); Dan Mills (Norfolk); Josh Minto (Northumberland); Tristan Morton (Huntingdonshire); Sam Moss (Essex); Jordan Philpott (Lincolnshire); John Rednall (Suffolk)

Women: Catherine Popple (Huntingdonshire); Ruby Hill (Lincolnshire); Kirsty Richards (Warwickshire); Rachel Tremlett (Hertfordshire); Rebecca Wigfield (Northamptonshire); Rebecca Willgress (Norfolk); Jasmine Wilson (Essex); Vicky Bayliss (Buckinghamshire); Michelle Coleman (Huntingdonshire); Emily Ferguson (Kent); Ruby Hill (Lincolnshire); Morgan Merryweather (Berkshire); Margaret Smith (Surrey); Izzie White (Worcestershire)

The England HP squad dominated the series with 21 wins and 11 defeats.

Men’s results:

SINGLES Walker 21 Cinato 14; Tolchard 18 Dawson 21; Brett 21 Morton 8, Chestney 13 Calver 21

PAIRS Brett, Walker 14 Pitfield, Muir 20; Morris, Tolchard 16 Walker, Cinato 14; Ridout, Chestney 20 Mitchinson, Dawson 9; Ridout, Morris 29 Harris, Moss 9; Walker, Tolchard 16 Rednall, Calver 15;  Brett, Chestney 20 Mills, Morton 18

TRIPLES  Ridout, Walker, Tolchard 23 Mitchinson, Muir, Cinato 12; Morris, Brett, Chestney  14 Pitfield, Walker, Dawson 18;

Ridout, Morris, Walker 23 Harris, Philpott, Morton / Moss 6; Brett, Chestney, Tolchard 27 Mills, Cinato, Calver / Rednall 13

FOURS Ridout, Morris, Bret, Chestney 14 Mitchinson, Pitfield, Walker, Muir 20; Ridout, Morris, walker, Tolchard 18 Rednall, Minto, Moss, Philpott 10

Women’s results:

SINGLES Tolchard 18 Wilgress 21; Rednall 21 Hill 15; Winch 8 Hill 21; Gowshall 21 Merryweather 12

PAIRS Winch, Gowshall 21 Wilson, Tremlett 5; Kuhler, Honnor 17 Ferguson, Smith 13

TRIPLES Tolchard, Falkner, Gowshall 19 Wilson, Tremlett, Wigfield 10; Kuhler, Winch, Honnor 26 Richards, Wilgress, Popple 11; Winch, Kuhler, Gowshall 24 Richards, Wilson, Popple 13; Tolchard, Kuhler, Honnor 18 Hill, Merryweather, Coleman 20; Tolchard, Rednall, Falkner 19 White, Room, Coleman 11

FOURS Rednall, Kuhler, Falkner, Honnor 11 Hill, Richards, Popple, Wigfield 15; Tolchard, Rednall, Falkner, Honnor 7 Wilgress, Hill, Tremlett, Wigfield 23; Winch, Rednall, Falkner, Gowshall 14 White, Ferguson, Room, Smith 13