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David Corkill | White trousers – time for change?

“The change to shirts has created some interesting designs and some that are just a colour change and little else.

It’s reasonable to say that the UK generally is somewhat behind in their adoption of coloured playing gear, but it is catching up, at least when it comes to shirts.”

Bowls International columnist, David Corkill, gives his thoughts on coloured clothing and its importance:

Over the years, the women’s side of our sport has been more traditional and somewhat more reticent to change.

That, however, must change to help encourage growth into the sport.

I still see teams going out in all whites and in some cases women’s teams still wearing the old-style white skirts. It’s an old look and for younger players a complete turn-off and seen as an ‘old’ style that should have been done away with years ago.

While I appreciate there has been some moves to eliminate that dress code, should it be disbanded all together? Probably.

My club, Belmont BC, has, this year, moved to full colour outfits which includes track bottoms, fleece top, wet weather jacket and shorts. It has had coloured shirts, like so many clubs, for many years but the general thinking was that it was time for a change and an updated design albeit the one selected was not as dramatic as some of the designs submitted to the club committee. As many of you know, when committees are involved, decisions are subjective. I like it though.

It certainly looks like a good way forward and for the women’s team a much better look. Will they take the step into a new dimension? Not as yet, but occasionally change doesn’t come easy. I hope they do.

Many representative teams are already up to speed when it comes to coloured clothing, but still play in white trousers. At the highest level, there may be a case for this as it differentiates the normal club play to that of international level or indeed for national championships. I have to say that I am ambivalent to this. National colours are part of the sport and have been for decades but matching track bottoms or shorts may look just as good.

When it comes to travelling to away matches, I know some clubs don’t have suitable changing facilities.
The need to change will effectively be done away with. Never mind the issue to trying to keep whites clean.

The time for blazers, ties and grey or white trousers has gone. Maybe officials have a case for keeping them but as bowlers, do we need them?

As always, these are just my opinions, but nothing controversial, for a change.

I hope some more clubs move to all coloured outfits, I know some have and it always looks good, at least to me.

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