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‘Dream team’ will attempt to revolutionise bowls

Lawn Bowls is set to undergo a facelift in the near future.

England-based John Bell, president of World Bowls, the sport’s global governing body, has recruited a team of bowls-orientated experts with specific talents who can drive the aims of this Joint Working Party, or ‘Dream Team’ as some people have branded it.

“It’s an extension of our determination to grow the World Bowls brand, to raise the profile of lawn bowls, and to gain maximum possible exposure from our media and marketing potential,” Bell said at the announcement.

“This enterprise sets out to identify and develop effective practices, initiatives and actions that will enhance the image and profile of bowls; offer an effective and consistent approach to marketing and promotion of bowls across the globe; make bowls more attractive to potential participants, sponsors and media; and facilitate effective ‘best practices’ by key stakeholders to provide a universally more consistent and stronger approach to improving the profile.”

The ‘dream team’ comprises John Bell, chairman (World Bowls president), Anna Mees (Bowls Canada), Adriana Sandoval (Bowls USA), Neil Dalrymple (Bowls Australia), Phil Jones (Bowls Oceania), Heron Lau (Hong Kong) and John McGuinness (Bowls England).

“Hats off to Australia,’ Bell continued, “the world’s largest bowls community, for being a tower of strength in the formation. We have joined forces in the project which will include the advantages of a full-blown marketing and consultative program Bowls Australia is undertaking, for a minimal investment.”