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England teams named for British Isles Internationals

The English Indoor Bowling Association has announced its squads to represent England at the British Isles International Series’ for the 2021/22 season.

The England side across the four U26 and Senior sides feature 15 new caps and two recalls, for the events which will take place in February and March.

Katherine Bowman, Hannah Smith, Emily Kernick and Morgan Merryweather have all earned a call-up to the women’s u26 team for the first time. England will be looking to win the Acle Trophy for the fourth successive year, aiming to add to the incredible 14 victories they have enjoyed since the event’s inception in 2004.

The men’s u26 side, managed by Nick Brett, features five new faces and the return of Acle’s Daniel Seabourne following his return from Wales. William Moulton and Ashley Nethercliffe, who have qualified together as a pair for the World Indoor Championships at Potters in January, join Ryan Nash, Josh Halcrow and Kieran Kniveton as the fresh faces to the 16-strong team.

The women’s senior team sees four new caps selected, in addition to the recall of Commonwealth Games hopeful, Jamie-Lea Winch. Rebecca Moorbey, Chloe Brett, Anna Chalk and Jasmine Wilson will all represent their country in the senior series for the first time, as part of Edna Bessell MBE’s youthful squad – all four also members of the u26 team.

The men’s senior team sees two new caps to the fold in the form of Spalding’s Stephen Harris and Hornsea’s Jack Bird. Harris secured the delayed 2019/20 men’s pairs title just a few months ago with clubmate Graham Smith, who is also in the team. Bird received his call-up after some impressive successes in recent years including winning the national singles in 2017/18.

In the u19’s international series, England will once again field two teams in the event. Katherine Bowman, Harvey Griffiths, Mack May, Joe Sims and Jack Wimble-Roberts will join forces to represent Team 1, with Molly Fowler, Isaac Jenner, Eleanor Johnson, Joe Sanford and Oliver Sloan selected to represent Team 2. Millie Tuck and Harry Duffield join the squad as travelling reserves for the two teams heading over to Ireland in March.

Dates for your diaries:
Sat 12th to Sun 13th Feb 2022: Women’s BIIBC U26’s International Series (West Denton IBC)
Sat 19th to Sun 20th Feb 2022: Men’s BIIBC U26’s International Series (Ffrith IBC)
Sat 5th to Sun 6th Mar 2022: BIIBC U19’s International Series (Ballybrakes IBC)
Fri 11th to Sun 13th Mar 2022: Women’s BIIBC International Series (Belfast IBC)
Thurs 17th to Sat 19th Mar 2022: Men’s BIIBC International Series (Belfast IBC)

Full squads:
Women’s U26 International Team:
Rink 1: Devon Cooper (Hartlepool), Jasmine Wilson (Huntingdon), Ruby Hill (Spalding), Rachel Tremlett (St. Neots & District);
Rink 2: Chloe Brett (Huntingdon), Alice Phillimore (Egerton Park), Nicole Rogers (Exonia), Katherine Rednall (Norfolk);
Rink 3: Olivia Moulton (White Oak), Katherine Bowman* (Leicester), Rebecca Moorbey (St. Neots & District), Sarah Gove (Risbygate);
Rink 4: Hannah Smith* (Malvern Hills), Emily Kernick* (Solihull), Morgan Merryweather* (Whiteknights), Anna Chalk (Lakenheath)
Travelling Reserves: Leah Bamford (Folkestone), Emma Cooper (Exonia)
Non-travelling Reserves: Yasmina Hasan (Egham), Sophie Purell (Huntingdon) 

Men’s U26 International Team:
Rink 1: Stephen Harris (Spalding), Isaac Jenner (Swale), Adam Pitfield (Wellingborough), Jordan Philpott (Captain – Spalding);
Rink 2: Ryan Nash* (Moonfleet 2000), William Moulton* (Atherley), Glenn Williams (Riverain), Connor Cinato (Kingsthorpe);
Rink 3: Daniel Seabourne# (Acle), Harry Ward (Huntingdon), Jamie Barker (St. Neots & District), Harry Goodwin (Swale)
Rink 4: Joshua Halcrow* (South Shields), Kieran Kniveton* (Exonia), Ashley Nethercliffe* (Loddon Vale), Jack Bird (Hornsea & District)
Travelling Reserves: Conor Bryan (Northampton), Aaron Johnson (Norfolk)
Non-travelling Reserves:Joe Sanford (Crystal Palace), Jack Wimble-Roberts (Swale)

Women’s Senior International Team:
Rink 1: Cassidy Lenton (Exonia), Kylie Jenkins (Egham), Sandy Hazell (Capt – Swale), Annalisa Dunham (Spalding);
Rink 2: Ruby Hill (Spalding), Laura Holden (Clevedon), Rebecca Willgress (Norfolk Bowling Club), Michelle Coleman (St. Neots & District);
Rink 3: Rebecca Moorbey* (St. Neots & District), Amy Walters (Welford-On-Avon), Katherine Hawes (Oxford & District), Lorraine Kuhler (Adur);
Rink 4: Devon Cooper (Hartlepool), Chloe Brett* (Huntingdon), Anna Chalk* (Lakenheath), Chelsea Tomlin (Spalding);
Rink 5: Nicole Rogers (Exonia), Jasmine Wilson* (Huntingdon), Jamie-Lea Winch # (Barwell), Katherine Rednall (Norfolk Bowling Club)
Rink 6: Paige Dennis (Swale), Penny Strong (Lincoln & District), Danielle Martinson (Hartlepool), Wendy King (Swale)
Travelling Reserves: Hayley Robinson (St. Neots & District), Lucy Smith (Westlecot)
Non Travelling Reserves: Kirsty Hembrow (Ilminster), Kirsty Richards (Welford-on-Avon)

Men’s Senior International team:
Rink 1: Stephen Harris* (Spalding), Martin Puckett (Dorchester), Les Gillett (Melton & District), Greg Harlow (Capt – City of Ely);
Rink 2: Lewis Baker Huntingdon Perry Martin Wey Valley Wayne Willgress Norfolk Bowling Club Nick Brett Huntingdon;
Rink 3: Matt Whyers (Boston), Graham Smith (Spalding), Robert Paxton (Exonia), Mark Dawes (Spalding);
Rink 4: Andrew Manton Kingsthorpe Connor Cinato Kingsthorpe Ryan Whitlock Torquay United Sam Tolchard Torquay United;
Rink 5: Jack Bird* (Hornsea & District), Neil McKee (Kingsthorpe), Louis Ridout (Torquay United), Jamie Chestney (Exonia);
Rink 6: Shaun Jones (Malvern Hills), Andrew Walters (Welford-On-Avon), Ian Bond (Exonia), Jamie Walker (Torquay United)
Travelling Reserves: Ian Lesley (Exonia), Dominic McVittie (Spalding)
Non-travelling Reserves: Scott Edwards (Westlecot), Jonny Forcer (South Shields)

U19’s – Team 1
Singles: Katherine Bowman (Leicester)
Pairs: Katherine Bowman (Leicester) & Harvey Griffiths (Malvern Hills)
Triples: Jack Wimble-Roberts (Swale), Mack May (St. Neots & District) & Joe Sims (Mid Suffolk)
Fours: Jack Wimble-Roberts (Swale), Mack May (St. Neots & District), Harvey Griffiths (Malvern Hills) & Joe Sims (Mid Suffolk)
Travelling Reserve: Millie Tuck (Dolphin)

U19’s – Team 2
Singles: Isaac Jenner (Swale)
Pairs: Eleanor Johnson (Norfolk Bowling Club) & Joe Sanford (Crystal Palace)
Triples: Molly Fowler (Rugby Thornfield), Oliver Sloan (Nottingham) & Isaac Jenner (Swale)
Fours: Eleanor Johnson (Norfolk Bowling Club), Molly Fowler (Rugby Thornfield), Oliver Sloan (Nottingham) & Joe Sanford (Crystal Palace)
Travelling Reserve: Harry Duffield (Bromley)