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European Bowls Championships | Preview

The European Bowls Championships will take place from Saturday 9th to Thursday 14th July, hosted by Bowls Scotland, at the National Centre for Bowling, in Ayr. Entry to watch the Championships is free.

Scotland were to have been the host of the 13th European Championships in 2021, but like a lot of activities throughout the world, it was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event will comprise men’s and women’s singles, pairs, triples and fours. This is a change in format from the previous European Championships. It is a very similar format that of the World Championships organised by World Bowls Ltd.

The combination of Bowls Scotland and Bowls Europe will undoubtedly result in a very well-run tournament, where some of the best players and best up and coming players from around Europe will compete in this prestigious, International, lawn bowls event.

Alan McMillan, CEO of Bowls Scotland, said “I am excited to welcome Europe’s bowls nations to Scotland and enjoy this celebration of competitive bowls.

“The European Championships will develop over the coming years to provide a vital platform for players to achieve their full potential. I am sure the Bowls Europe Directors, Bowls Scotland staff, volunteers, players, and spectators will all contribute to a memorable event.” 

Bob Christie, Bowls Europe Chair, added: “I am glad that the new competition format mirrors other major bowls events such as the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. We are also exploring the opportunity of adding visually impaired and physically disabled para bowls disciplines alongside the mainstream Championships.

“This would establish the European Championships as the most inclusive premier bowls event in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Competing players (updated July 6):

Men’s Singles
Section A: Cyprus (Bob Manson), Czech Republic (Craig Hurry), England (Jordan Philpott), France (Amaury Dumont), Ireland (Gary Kelly), Israel (Zvika Hadar), Spain (Tom Rogers), Sweden (Olle Bäckgren), Turkey (Ozkan Akar)

Section B: Guernsey (Todd Priaulx), Hungary (Gábor Fóti), Isle of Man (Clive McGreal), Jersey (Michael Rive), Netherlands (Frans Roberts), Scotland (Mark O’Hagan), Switzerland (Beat Matti), Wales (Robert Chisholm)

Men’s Pairs
Section A: France (Virgile Machado, Stanislas Rodamel), Hungary (Mátyás Kiss, Zoltán Pavelka), Ireland (Stuart Bennett, Stephen Kirkwood), Israel (Boaz Marcus, Dani Slodownik), Jersey (Rob Clive, Michael Rive), Netherlands (Henk Veenstra, Frank de Vries), Scotland (Jason Banks, John Fleming), Sweden (Olle Bäckgren, Karl Nordlund)

Section B: Cyprus (Allen Harvey, Loukas Paraskeva), Czech Republic (Jindrich Svaton, Jan Letal), England (Tom McGuinness, Ed Morris), Guernsey (Matt Solway, Todd Priaulx), Isle of Man (Gary Lenton, Clive McGreal), Spain (Graham Shoots, Pete Bonsor), Switzerland (Thomas Walti, Ulrich Hausler), Wales (Robert Chisholm, Mark Letman)

Men’s Triples
Section A: Czech Republic (Craig Hurry, Libor Svaton, Karel Sturm), England (Lee Calver, Jordan Philpott, Harry Goodwin), Guernsey (John Pinson, Martyn De Carteret, Mick Ogier), Isle of Man (John Piekalns, Mike Moyer, David Slack), Netherlands (Jan Dolieslager, Frans Roberts, Maus van Tol), Scotland (Blair Davidson, Mark O’Hagan, Connor Milne), Spain (Craig Lewis, Tom Rogers, Graham Cathcart), Switzerland (Christian Haldimann, Thomas Schneiter, Beat Matti)

Section B: Cyprus (Bob Manson, Brian Reed, Scott Ferguson), France (Maxime Faure, Guillaume Hertzog, Amaury Dumont), Hungary (Gergely Dobos, Máté Dobos, Gábor Fóti), Ireland (Aaron Tennant, Gary Kelly, Mark Wilson), Israel (Zvika Hadar, Selwyn Hare, Allan Saitowitz), Jersey (Ian Partridge, Kevin Le Long, Didier Le Falher), Wales (Martin Clarke-Squires, Chris Ashman, Chris Klefenz)

Men’s Fours
Section A: Cyprus (Allen Harvey, Brian Reed, Scott Ferguson, Loukas Paraskeva), Czech Republic (Jan Letal, Jindrich Svaton, Karel Sturm, Libor Svaton), England (Tom McGuinness, Lee Calver, Harry Goodwin, Ed Morris), Isle of Man (John Piekalns, Mike Moyer, David Slack, Gary Lenton), Israel (Boaz Marcus, Selwyn Hare, Dani Slodownik, Allan Saitowitz), Jersey (Ian Partridge, Rob Clive, Kevin Le Long, Didier Le Falher), Switzerland (Christian Haldimann, Thomas Walti, Ulrich Hausler, Thomas Schneiter), Wales (Martin Clarke-Squires, Mark Letman, Chris Ashman, Chris Klefenz)

Section B: France (Maxime Faure, Virgile Machado, Stanislas Rodamel, Guillaume Hertzog), Guernsey (John Pinson, Martyn De Carteret, Matt Solway, Mick Ogier), Hungary (Gergely Dobos, Máté Dobos, Mátyás Kiss, Zoltán Pavelka), Ireland (Aaron Tennant, Stuart Bennett, Stephen Kirkwood, Mark Wilson), Netherlands (Henk Veenstra, Jan Dolieslager, Maus van Tol, Frank de Vries), Scotland (Blair Davidson, Connor Milne, Jason Banks, John Fleming), Spain (Graham Shoots, Craig Lewis, Graham Cathcart, Peter Bonsor)

Women’s Singles
Section A: England (Stef Branfield), France (Cindy Royet), Isle of Man (Janice Pilling), Jersey (Rachel MacDonald), Spain (Carol Broomfield), Switzerland (Larissa Rubin), Wales (Melanie Thomas)

Section B: Cyprus (Carole Deadman), Czech Republic (Romana Opletalova), Guernsey (Lyn Small), Ireland (Shauna O’Neill), Israel (Ruti Gilor), Netherlands (Saskia Schaft), Scotland (Emma McIntyre)

Women’s Pairs
Section A: Cyprus (Sue Britten, Yvonne Veitch), Ireland (Sarah Kelly, Shauna O’Neill), Jersey (Megan Kivlin, Rachel MacDonald), Spain (Debbie Colquhoun, Carol Broomfield), Switzerland (Caroline Lehmann, Larissa Rubin), Wales (Alis Butten, Bethan Russ)

Section B: England (Emma Cooper, Stef Branfield), France (Amandine France, Cindy Royet), Guernsey (Rose Ogier, Lyn Small), Isle of Man (Janice Pilling, Bernice McGreal), Israel (Irit Grencel, Ruti Gilor), Netherlands (Ineke Spangenberg, Guurtje Copier), Scotland (Emma McIntyre, Rachael Sinclair)

Women’s Triples
Section A: Czech Republic (Lucie Svatonova, Petra Pestalova, Romana Opletalova), Ireland (Ashleigh Rainey, Lara Reaney, Chloe Wilson), Israel (Shira Eshel, Edna Zomberg, Tami Kamzel), Jersey (Kim Gallichan, Sally Black, Gina Le Long), Netherlands (Elly Dolieslager, Thea Snel, Saskia Schaft), Wales (Lauren Gowen, Hannah Williams, Melanie Thomas)

Section B: Cyprus (Kath Manson, Carole Deadman, Hazel Bagshaw), England (Ruby Hill, Laura Holden, Lorraine Kuhler), France (Lea Garnaud, Annaelle Barazzutti, Olivia Four), Isle of Man (Karen Slack, Pam Makin, Dee Lewis), Scotland (Kimberley Dodds, Dawn Anderson, Megan Grantham), Spain (Hazel Brown, Jenny Thomson, Lisa Bonsor), Switzerland (Andrea Locher, Sitanan Zaller, Simone Kunz)

Women’s Fours
Section A: Cyprus (Kath Manson, Sue Britten, Yvonne Veitch, Hazel Bagshaw), France (Lea Garnaud, Amandine France, Annaelle Barazzutti, Olivia Four), Israel (Irit Grencel, Shira Eshel, Edna Zomberg, Tami Kamzel), Scotland (Kimberley Dodds, Dawn Anderson, Megan Grantham, Rachael Sinclair), Spain (Debbie Colquhoun, Hazel Brown, Jenny Thomson, Lisa Bonsor), Wales (Lauren Gowen, Alis Butten, Hannah Williams, Bethan Russ)

Section B: England (Emma Cooper, Ruby Hill, Laura Holden, Lorraine Kuhler), Ireland (Ashleigh Rainey, Sarah Kelly, Lara Reaney, Chloe Wilson), Isle of Man (Karen Slack, Pam Makin, Dee Lewis, Bernice McGreal), Jersey (Kim Gallichan, Sally Black, Megan Kivlin, Gina Le Long), Netherlands (Elly Dolieslager, Thea Snel, Ineke Spangenberg, Guurtje Copier), Switzerland (Andrea Locher, Sitanan Zaller, Simone Kunz, Caroline Lehmann)

The daily schedules and results/league tables for all disciplines throughout the event can be found on the Bowls Europe website.

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