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GET TO KNOW… Spalding star Stephen Harris

Emerging from the pandemic, bowls has suffered more than many other sports with its ageing demographic and clubs finding it difficult to attract younger players into the game.

However, there are exceptions, and an elite band of youngsters are beginning to make an impression at the highest level.

Among them is Stephen Harris, 25-years-old this month, whom since joining the highly decorated Spalding club in Lincolnshire has emerged as another outstanding talent.

He won the English Indoor Bowling Association’s national pairs last year with experienced International Graham Smith and will make his full England senior debut in Greg Harlowโ€™s rink in Belfast in October.

Featured in May’s issue of Bowls International, Bob Warters caught up with Stephen to discuss his career so far, what the future holds and discovered some unusual facts about him.

Here are a few questions within the ‘Just for Fun’ part of the interview to get to know Stephen a little better:

You are a keen supporter of Stamford AFC who play in the non-league. Who else do you follow?
SH: I have been supporting my hometown club since I was a child โ€“ with a lot of good memories. I also follow Manchester United.

What is top of your bucket list?
SH: I want to visit a couple of football stadiums in Spain and aim to attend a world darts championship.

Who is your role model?
SH: Greg Harlow is a bowler I really admire. He goes about his business on the green and lets his bowls do the talking.

Who would you like to meet and share a pint with?
SH: Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Keane, Phil Taylor and Rory McIlroy

Last book you read?
SH: Probably Harry Potter. It has been a while.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you?
SH: I held a record at primary school for my maths and times tables. But I am also ambidextrous. I play lots of sports using different arms. I play pool and darts left-handed, golf, table tennis, badminton right-handed. And then when it comes to bowls, I cast the jack left-handed and deliver the bowl right-handed.


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[Photograph: Pip Warters]