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Greg Harlow and Nick Brett win World Indoor Pairs

Greg Harlow and Nick Brett defeated Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE in a cracking game that went right down to the last bowl.

Nick Brett was outstanding, playing big bowls when required to back up partner Greg.

The defending champions were under pressure from the outset and although they picked up a three on the first end, Greg and Nick picked up the next four ends to lead 5-3, which they continued to win the set 10-6.

The second set was full of the same high standard bowls with the position changing constantly.

At the conclusion of the penultimate end the score was 6-6, with Paul and Alex securing two to force a tiebreak.

It went down to the wire with Nick drawing outstanding bowls to take the title from the defending champions.

Alex said: “I thought it was a fantastic final and what a performance from Nicky, he was absolute class from start to finish.

“I didn’t think myself and Paul played too badly to be fair, but congrats to the guys.”

Paul added: “Apart from two or three ends Nicky was absolutely outstanding as was Greg.

“We hung in and managed to take it to a tiebreak where anything could happen but they are worthy winners, definitely.”

Greg said: “There were so many special bowls by the four of us, Nicky bowled probably the best bowl of the match on the seventh end of the first set- there was one road in with an inch to spare.”

Nick said: “It just hit my leg in the right spot. You cannot come to the world final against these two players and play average because that doesn’t get the job done and a lot of other people have tried.”

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