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We continue to receive bumper applications which have recently included Mick Gault OBE. Mick represented England at six Commonwealth Games in various shooting events winning an incredible 18 medals โ€“ nine of which were gold! Mickโ€™s Commonwealth achievement is a record for athletes in any sport, but can he gain 18 hot shot badges?… watch this space.

Irish Womenโ€™s Indoor Bowling Association president Wilma Adair is another winner, as is Kent president Neil Waters.

Eighty-nine-year-old Reg Martin claims his second hot shot badge in three years with his Carlton IBC colleagues, while Richard Cushen obtained his second hot shot of the season in a county fours match for Camberley IBC and with son Harry also achieved their county badges during the same match.

New bowlers Gina Parish, Karen Simpson and Geoff Hardwick, who have only been playing for a year at Bedford Borough BC, also join the Hot Shots Club.

The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is as popular as ever and famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive match and remains as popular as ever.

Certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Different coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the worldโ€™s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Apart from having your names recognised in print and featured on our website www.bowlsinternational.com, why not send in a picture as well of the successful pair, triple or four, along with some interesting and relevant details about your claim.

You can provide a few details on the entry form that is featured in this supplement and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

Latest winners


Bedford Borough BC: Gina Parish, Karen Simpson, Geoff Hardwick

Kempston Park IBC: Sue Webb, Edweena Church, June Holmes, Rita Clifford Pendleton

Kempston Park IBC: Terry Swain, Roger Granby, Cliff Fine


Rivermead IBC: Dave Miles, Martin Cranstoun, Peter Keep


Foxhills IBC: Joan Catton, Janis Green, Alan Green, David Catton


Cambridgeshire County IBA: Wally Davis, Alan Woolfe, Richard Cavaliero, Malcolm Sargent

Huntingdon IBC: Christine Morris, Teresa Watkins


Caradon IBC: Kath Mote, Chris Harrison, Sue Norris


Cumbria IBC: Mary Brown, Eileen Henderson, Sandra Rudd


Alfreton IBC: Brian Kelly, Tony M Covington, Richard Atterbury


Devon County IBA Presidents: Tony Card, Keith Young, Keith Chester, Chris Fenner

Plymouth Life Centre IBC: Alan Boddington, Peter Firkin, Petrv Grigoroiu, Chris Fenner

Sidmouth BC: Mary Turner, Karen Hollingdale, Chrissie Leedham


Dolphin IBC: Jo Hall, Jan Elkin, Liz Moorey, Ann Wood


Preston BC: Richard Heale, Andy Roberts, Barry Allen, Trevor Vine

Wealden IBC: Sandra Sharp, Paul Jeffs


Essex County BC: Robin Smith, Sara Decort, Kevin Sadler, Roger Perham

Essex County BC: Stephen Gymer, Chris Ridgwell

Essex County BC: Valerie Birch, Gilian Lang, Christine Berry, Vera Barnes

Essex County BC: Terry Gutteridge, Stephen Clark, Paul Johnson, Chris Johnson

Falcon IBC: Diane Wright, Wendy Buckingham, Jan Brandis, Pauline Tucker

Havering IBC: Cecille Harrison, Janet Allen

Southend BC: Tracy Howe, Jacky Lovett, Ed Smith

Walton and District IBC: Wendy Beddall, John Bryson, Vince McAuley

Walton and District IBC: P Carlino, F Walker


Fairford IBC: Peter Mackenzie, Chris Moaby, Eric Truman

MidGlos IBC: Penny Callaghan, Sandy Kerr, Sandra Hambridge, Adam Smith


Hedge End BC: Ev Quarrell, Martin Crimble, Frank Barnett

Leigh Park BC: Karen Williams, Peter Robinson, Carter Blandford

Lodden Vale IBC: Barry Williamson, David Adair, Steve Bailey, William McCreadie

Lodden Vale IBC: John Goodwin, Andy Janes, David Morris, Roger Banister

Romsey BC: Ron Saunders, Clare Minns, Judy Eynon, John Legg

Victory IBC: Les Wilkinson, David Webber

Victory IBC: Barry Tovey, Alan Taw, Roy Reader


Weobley and District BC: Keith Price, Keith Parry, Clive Handscombe


Harpenden and District IBC: Carol Chatfield, Mo Fox, Janet Metcalfe, Michelle Wilkinson

Harpenden and District IBC: Yvonne McAuliffe, Anne Fitzgerald, Beryl Birch, Jackie Bell

Harpenden and District IBC: Janet Hart, Ian Simons, John Turkentine, Mike Waller

Harpenden and District IBC: Peter Hagart, Jackie Bell, Jack Blissett

Hatfield IBC: G S Edwards, P Stokes, D Cooper

Hatfield BC: Rose Gee, Pam Bond, Sylvia Gough

Ilford and District IBC: Hugh Adams, Eddie Jewell, Peter Elliott, Peter Bartle

Ilford and District IBC: Gerry Weiland, Steve Glover, Trevor Speed, Henry Summers

Stevenage and District SCIBC: Mick Slack, Stephen Powell


Shanklin BC: Daphne Stanton, Mitch Jones, Bill Wiltshire, Terry Hurley

Warner IBC: Marion Bailey, Ray Randall, Steve Rothwell, Terry Bailey


Ashford IBC: David Marsh, David Horton, Peter Norton, Ian Larkin

Ashford IBC: Heather Atkins, David Atkins, Darron Sharp

Betteshanger IBC: Sue Jones, Ping Man, Patricia Jones

Bromley IBC: A Whitehead, P Rowles, R Smith, L Ballard

Mote Park IBC: Paul Varley, Alan Quarman, Dave Cadman, Alan Cray

Peninsula BC: Steve Cherry, Jo McGinnis, James Brooks, Dave Moore

Prince Arthur Road IBC: Tim Fletcher, Sheila Mathews, Derrick Small

Sevenoaks IBC: Neil Waters, Sue Wallis

Sevenoaks IBC: Jon Pulley, Brian Oโ€™Callaghan

White Oak IBC: Tommy Smith, Barry Ottley, Valerie Lewis


Barwell IBC: David Bird, Dave Foy, Sue Kenny, Roger Pace

Carlton IBC: John Smith, Reg Martin, Gordon Webster, Barry Bonser

Charnwood IBC: Rhys Taylor, Mick English, Mark Cundell

Melton and District IBC: P Bennett, S Sharp, D North, T Main


Dunholme BC: Brenda Allen, Daffni Staff, Geoff Gray, Ron Sharpe

Lincoln IBC: Kathleen Farmer, Wendy Wilson, Andy Smith, Graham Wingad

Scunthorpe IBC: Eileen Ransom, Glenys McLellan, Peter Ransom

Spalding IBC: Nathan Puttrell, Carly Morris, Gavin Staite, Terry Windsor


Cambridge Park BC: Cliff Laking, Gym Brown, Tony Oโ€™Brien

Century IBC: Wing Yuen, Steve Griffiths, Ian Ellis, Geoff Lawrence


Dereham IBC: Chris Burgess, Mick Gault


Northampton and District IBC: Steve Hardy, Steve Dolby, Geoff Coleman, Jamie Hampton

Rushden Town IBC: Di Croot, David Hutchins


Banbury Cross IBC: Pauline Smith, Kay Oliver, Tony Smith


Clarrie Dunbar IBC: Joan Windel, Stephen Tyler

Clarrie Dunbar IBC: Keith Windell, Paul Latcham, Andy Haynes, Adam Bolwell

Nailsea IBC: Brian Norman, Barry Excell, Phil Atwell, Steve Secker


Ipswich and District BC: David Gillson, Lee Steggalls

Mid Suffolk IBC: Steve Gill, Carol Pybus, David Payne

Risbygate IBC: Gerald Caplin, Avril Nicholls, Colin Ruddock

West Row BC: Philip Haylock, Peter Rolfe


Egham IBC: Pat McCaffery, Alan Shelley, Les Owen, Harrison Ash

Richmond IBC: Tom Rolfe, Richard Cushen, Harry Cushen, Rob Dodds

Wey Valley IBC: David Webb, John Kenton


Wealden IBC: Richard Flower, Jenny Forrest, Graham Cubitt, Mike Simmonds


Royal Leamington Spa BC: John McGarry, Philip Davidson, David Harding

Welford-on-Avon IBC: Jane Hoskin, Chris Pepper, Marjorie Woodall

Welford-on-Avon BC: Jean Lythall, Tracy Wheeler, Brian Lythall

Welford-on-Avon BC: Brian Lythall, Jean Lythall, Paul Lambert


West Sussex County SMBA B team: Seton Wood, Marilyn Knight, Jenny Naldrett, Pam Healy


Bromsgrove IBC: Sarah Davies, Diane Russell, Nigel Baker

Pershore BC: Peter Allies, Sheila Allies, Malcolm Sorrlill, Carole Ellsmore


Harrogate IBC: Howard Quinn, Richard Jennisson

Harrogate IBCL Ian Watling, Maria Quinn

Selby BC: Pat Jacques, Christine Dixon, Lyn Day, Carol Sargent


Flintshire IBC: Roger Grimshaw, Ken Roberts, Bob Dolby, John Gillespie

Pembrokeshire IBC: Rob Jones, Carl Hall, Keith Thorpe

Torfaen IBC: Donna White, Carol Malson, Mike Perkins, Colin White


County Antrim IBC: Irene McCullough, Wilma Adair


Aphrodite BC: Ralph Shirley, Graham Ibbotson


London Civil Service IBA: Phil Collier,Caril Burtenshaw, Chris McCarthy, Martin Jewitt

Feature photograph: Commonwealth shooting legend Mick Gault OBE (left) and Chris Burgess, of Dereham IBC

Photographed below: County Antrim IBCโ€™s Irene McCullough (left) and current Irish Ladiesโ€™ Indoor Bowling Association president Wilma Adair


Have you recently picked up a full count on one end of a competitive match? Simply complete the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com to become a member of the Hot Shots Club.

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