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HOT SHOTS CLUB | February 2023

Congratulations to Malcolm Alcock who has won his 14th hot shot.

Is this a record? Bowls International would like to hear from any bowlers who can beat Malcolm’s achievements.

Malcolm has been playing bowls near to 35 years, achieving his first hot shot in 1993, with eight being achieved indoor and six outdoor.

He explained: “It all started at the John Laing Sports Club in Arkley, Hertfordshire, in the late 80s. Having played football and tennis since my late teens, the knees had taken a bashing and I was advised to stop the twisting and loading I was putting on them. Golf was therefore not an option, so I joined the bowls section at the sports club around 1988.

“The sports ground was sold on in 2003 and the bowls club was allowed to continue as Rowley Lane Bowls Club by the new owners. This lasted until 2015 where we were eventually asked to leave so our pavilion could be turned into a nursery.

“After the closure of RLBC in 2015, I joined Met Police (Bushey) BC and Hatfield (indoor and outdoor) BC knowing both clubs were low on members.”

Malcolm, who celebrated his 80th birthday last month, continued: “I have two memorable hot shots; the first being indoors at Potters and the other one achieved outdoors whilst on tour with the county president at Sunderland BC in 2018. The hot shot at Potters was on one of their four-day bowls breaks. Met Police (Bushey) annually arrange a break in February, and this is happening again in 2023.”

As well as Met Police BC, Malcolm also plays at Hatfield BC and indoors at Watford IBC where he joined soon after its opening in 1991. He plays indoors three to four times a week.

We also have 12 hot shots claimed by members of Darlington South Park during 2022, with a gold badge being won by Phil Pearce who claimed three hot shots.

Their badges and certificates were presented at their annual Christmas party (pictured).

The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive match and remains as popular as ever.

Certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Different coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Apart from having your names recognised in print and featured on our website, why not send in a picture as well of the successful pair, triple or four, along with some interesting and relevant details about your claim.

You can provide a few details on the entry form that is featured in this supplement and don’t forget to email your photos to us at hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

The latest Hot Shot winners…

Luton IBC: Peter Daniels, Graeme Swann, Norman Schonewald
Shefford BC: Steve Collier, Colin Kane, Aaron Buckingham

Berks CIBA: A C Brown, B Faulkner, C Freeman, M Fraser

Bristol IBC: Julia Young, Roy Billings, Martin Anderson, Mike Ferris
Bristol IBC: Roy Billings, Dany Kite

Cambridge Chesterton IBC: Sally Parfey, Sue Coyle, Maureen Peyton
Huntingdon IBC: Phil Davis, Alan Bradshaw, Andy Foad, Cyril Austin
Peterborough and District IBC: Theresa Swanborough, Tony Barclay
Whittlesey BC: Kenneth Almond, Jill Metcalfe

Falmouth BC: David Onslow, Tim Kneebone, Paul Bobin

Eden IBC: Colin Johnston, Bill Jackson

Darlington South Park BC: John Toole, Louie Brown, John Suggett
Darlington South Park BC: Roger Gill, Phil Pearce, Tony Tinkler
Darlington South Park BC: John Bassett, Steven Bassett
Darlington South Park BC: Glenyce Toole, Carol Wade, John Bassett
Darlington South Park BC: William Morland, Dave Pattinson, Keith Thompson
Darlington South Park BC: Scott Morland, William Morland
Darlington South Park BC: Phil Pearce, John Leer, Ron Skitt
Darlington South Park BC: Phil Pearce, Geoff Laycock, Tony Tinkler
Darlington South Park BC: John Bassett, Eric Laycock, Keith Thompson, Frank Dixon
Darlington South Park BC: Ashley Buchan, Ron Skitt, Phil Gray
Darlington South Park BC: John Bassett, Dave Newsome, Steven Bassett
Darlington South Park BC: Clare Michie, Sue Waller, Mary Dickson
Ferryhill IBC: Ray Hamilton, Colin Larcombe, Joshua Jolly, Conrad Morrison

Mid Devon IBC: Beryl Willis, Dave Gibbs, Bob French, Peter Chidgey
Torbay Area Indoor Bowls Association: Maurice Giles, Karen Atkins, Kevin Atkins, Roger Bond

Dolphin IBC: Anthea Payne, Jill Evans, Colin Mitchell
Dorchester BC: Chris Turner, Alan Griffin

Clacton and District IBC: Maurice Burmby, Kevin Dartnell, Paul Gillett, Ken Gaylor
Colchester IBC: Kath French, Don Lanson, Doreen Cottee, John Wade
Jacks BC: Del Benson, Pat Mackshea, Bob Bailey, James Noble

Cotswold BC: William Johnson, Averil Craddock, Andy Alder, Mervyn Jefferies
Fairford BC: Liz Davies, Paul Mackenzie, Tim Bloomer

Banister Park BC: Ken Warren, Roy Morgan, Mikey Comley
Banister Park BC: Ashley North, Rod Hicks
New Milton IBC: Sue Berkelet, Ian Dowrick, Paul Berkeley
Palmerston IBC: Peter Gentry, Brian Hopkins, Bill Jackson
Totton and Eling BC: Bob Masters, Carol McIldoon
Victory IBC: John Stephenson, Les Watts, Tom Slight, Dave Deacon

Hatfield BC: Rita Palmer, Malcolm Alcock

Isle of Wight Community Club: Glyn Hughes, Mark Baker, Steve Morris
Isle of Wight IBC: John Attrill, Sandra Aldridge, Sue Green

Ashford IBC: Dee Everett, David Everett
Maidstone BC: David Blair, Graham Gibbs, Graham Sears, Heather Jarrett
White Oak IBC: Malcolm Smith, Len Warner, Terry Ewen, Roy Wood

Ashby de la Zouch BC: Peter Gardner, Geoff Allen, Brian Fisher
Barwell IBC: Sheila Hammersley, Mary Norton, Jeff Wileman, Adi Iliffe
Carlton IBC: Dave Wallis, Pete Murray, Dave Cooke, Phil Palfreyman
Leicester IBC: J Clarke, D Walker, J Needham, S Rawnsley

Lincoln and District IBC: Barbara Oates, Sheila Clack, Nina Sleaford, Roy Clack

Herga IBC: Mort Mascarenhas, Harry Leonidas, Paul Reynolds, Brian Elbourn
The Lawns (Enfield) IBC: Francis Kelly, John Sanders, David Waller, Mike Hargreaves

Nailsea IBC: Patricia Billingham, Shireen Matley, Peter Baynton, David Flower
North Petherton BC: Julian Hembery, Frank Davis, Peter Walker, Tony Russell

Thornbury IBC: Alan Tregoning, Vic Barnes, Peter Davies, B J Smith

King George Field IBC: Bill Jessup, Phil Taylor, Dave Morgan, Neil Winter
Merrow BC: John Preston, Roger Eeles, Barbara Owen
West End BC: Brian Barefield, Tina Barefield, Jenny Putley, Gordon Putley
Wye Valley IBC: Kate Rose, George Pear, Dick Humphrey, Mike Platt

Egerton Park IBC: Richard Tedder, Isabelle ‘Tink’ Hart, Barry Jones
Falaise IBC: Val Coussens, Joan Bones, Julie Hawkins, Maxine Clarkson
Horsham District IBC: Dick Cotton, John Coghlon, Tony Male, Martin Morris
Worthing IBC: Jim McClean, John Bayfield, Peter Coles, Anne Geere

North Wilts BC: Carol Hudd, Margaret Cope, Ann Shaw, Ann Roberts-Phare

Harrogate IBC: Denise Fagan, Judy Holroyde
North Cave IBC: Graham Stephenson, Rob Barker

Abbeyview IBC: George Kellichan, Dave Young, Douglas Walls, James Wilson
Elgin and District IBC: Campbell Menzies, Christina Grigor, John Watt
Fraserburgh IBC: Gordon Young, John Johnston, George M Young, Arthur Gammack

Pontypridd BC: Dennis Ridley, Stephen Jones, Gareth Davies, Howard Pullin
Torfaen IBC: Roger Jones, Haden Stuart, Sue Stark, John Davidge

Ballinderry BC: Desmond Brownlee, Sharon Marsden, Keith Morrison, Edmund Marsden
Gilnahirk BC: David McNeill, Brian McCoy, Robert Reynolds, Billy McCabe

La Posada BC: Dennis Hughes, Stuart Brickley
Vita Bella BC: Maureen Slater, Mike Wyatt, Freddie Willey

Have you recently picked up a full count on one end of a competitive match? Simply complete the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com to become a member of the Hot Shots Club.

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