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The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world. This month’s photograph shows Margaret Jennings, Sheila Pullen and Jane Hewitt from Aliathon BC in Cyprus celebrating their recent Hot Shot.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive match and remains as popular as ever.

Certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Enamel lapel badges and different coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Apart from having your names recognised in print and featured on our website, why not send in a picture as well of the successful pair, triple or four, along with some interesting and relevant details about your claim.

You can provide a few details on the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

Latest members of the Hot Shots Club:

Ampthill BC (Caroline Warner Smith, Tony Lee, John Stocking, Ian Burnage)
Kempston Park IBC (Nick Bray, Edweena Church, Rosemarie Duke, Dave Babey)

Maiden Erlegh BC (Janet Cheshire, Angela Tull, Malvin Tull, Ken Cheshire)
Whiteknights IBC (Chris Allan, Mike Rees, Ken Challis)
Whiteknights IBC (Gary Ellison, Tania Cripps)

St Neots and District IBC (Tom Mc Gill, Gordon McCann)

Exonia IBC (Lynda Henning, Rodney Bolt, Steve Bolt)

Dolphin IBC (Mark Howard, Caroline Wilson, Paul

Clacton and District IBC (Tony Fisher, Gerry Gage, Paul Gillett, Les Staples)

MidGlos IBC (Graham Whiting, Rob Attwood, Geoff Underhill)

Chawton Park IBC (Margaret McPherson, Bill Dickie, Brian Craighill, John Fensom)
Riverside IBC (Bill Reid, John Taylor, Dave Freestone)
Riverside IBC (Brian Adams, Max Williamson, Phil Tribbeck)
Rowner BC (David Webb, William Ross, Graeme Coles)

Ilford and District IBC (Steve Glover, Alan Leyland, Henry Summers, Alan Youngman)
Riverain IBC (Sue Cole, Colin Cole, David Ward, Tony Pinchin)

Ashford IBC (Ros Sawyers, Brian Bennewith, Vincent King)
Bromley IBC (Rhoda Evans and Jan Poulton)
Lakenheath IBC (Michael Parker, Martin Monk)
Prince Arthur Road IBC (Frank Collins, Colin Jarvis, Mick Day)
Stonelodge IBC (Maisie Carpenter, Tom Ford, Eileen Coatham, Sue Brightman)
Swale IBC (Gordon Hooper, Phil Drew, George Ball, Norman Marchington)

Skegness IBC (Peter Hopkins, Peter Sharp, Bryn Foxon, Colin Cleary)
Stamford IBC (David Heffernan, Peter Burt)

Glebelands IBC (John Lockwood, Rhys Lewis, Wing Kei Yuen, Lyndan Sham)

Daventry IBC (Guy Russell, Lynn Archer, Malcolm Foster)
Kettering Lodge IBC (Lesley White, Christine Johnson, John Beale, Brian Barnicote)
Northampton and District IBA (Elaine Cherry, John Dimmock, Goeff Green, John Carter)

City of Ely IBC (Terry Needs, Eileen Dawson, Don Brown, Ian Driver)

Newark IBC (Janet Popplewell, David Main)
Nottingham IBC (Kevin Clarke, Alan Fallows)

Minehead BC (Rita Caddy, Jenny Brooks, Heather Rawnsley, Colin Mee)
North Petherton BC (Stephen Chambers, Linda Illston, Shelagh Allsworth, Richard Elliott)
North Petherton BC (John Illston, Linda Illston, Sue Mottershead)
Norwest BC (Steve Reynolds, Sue Woodham, Dave Hill, Eddie Nott)
Purnell BC (Anne Gregory, Carole Jenner-Timms, Jane Gullick)

Richmond IBC (Alec Hay, Steve Allnutt, Dave Polly)
Shalford BC (Elaine Smith, Ray Ash, Ray Davis)

Arun and District IBC (Chris Searle, David Jones)
Egerton Park BC (Sandra Stacey, John Gilbert, Sylvia Carmen, Denis Parkinson)
Worthing IBC (Gene Allen, Emilio Di Pietro, Frank Tsang, Steve Lawrence)
Worthing IBC (David Smith, Mick Wilson, Steve Davis, Terry Urden)

Gateshead IBC (Russel Dixon, Ken Lowes, Gary Graham and Dave Simpson)

Fairford BC (Roger Bird, Andy Piggott, Peter Stinchcombe)
North Wilts IBC (Gerry Tinson, Alan Greenland, John Williamson, Alan Small)

Bromsgrove and District IBC (Barbara Hawkins, Jackie Drinkwater, John Drinkwater)

Belfast IBC (Mable Palmer, Margaret Gaw, Jim Hinds, Eric Gwynne)

Islwyn IBC (Mary Santwris, Elizabeth Baylis, Ann Evans, Gareth Symonds)
Newport IBC (Roger Godwin, Charlie Coldrick, Steve Manley, Andy Singleton)
Ogwr IBC (Graham Owen, Keith Derric, Jeff Phillips, Mick Rheade)

Jersey IBC (Jean Holmes, Freda Videgrain, Fiona Archibald)

Indalo BC (Carolyn Micklefield, John Anthony, Stephen Dixon)
San Miguel BC (Dave Greenland, Fred Willshire)

Have you recently picked up a full count on one end of a competitive match? Simply complete the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com to become a member of the Hot Shots Club.

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