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HOT SHOTS CLUB | November 2022

We have three gold badge winners this month – congratulations to Gay Allen, of Bembridge BC, and Colin Davidson and Kevin Stollery, of St Ippolyts BC.

Elsewhere, Richard Thomas, Simon Smedley, Jim Djouma and Tim Maynard achieved a hot shot on their club Rosedale BC’s men’s tour to Dorset and Wiltshire, while Graham Thorne, Ernie May, Jenny Ward and Paul Allo, of Cowes Medina BC on the Isle of Wight, claimed an eight while on tour in Eastbourne at Royal Sovereign BC.

A first season of bowling hot shot was won by Ali Uygur, of Shiplake BC, and Grange BC’s Martin Webster, Ian Box, Bob Page and Phil Bale had a full house on one end during a gala match at Earls Barton BC to mark their centenary.

Meanwhile, two rinks from Writtle BC – Merv Little, Brian Island, Dave Spence and Kevin Haselgrove and Chris Clarke, Brian Murphy, Paul Brandis and Graham Harrison – had hot shots in a three-rink match at RHP Chelmsford.

With the indoor season now underway, Mike Jafkins, Barry Tovey and Alan Taw, of Victory IBC, had a hot shot on the first end of the first game of the season, while Jim Dean, Martin Webster and Peter Dymond, of Thornfield BC, also had a hot shot in their first match. The same Martin who was successful at Earls Barton.

The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive match and remains as popular as ever.

Certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Different coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Apart from having your names recognised in print and featured on our website, why not send in a picture as well of the successful pair, triple or four, along with some interesting and relevant details about your claim.

You can provide a few details on the entry form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

The latest Hot Shot winners are:

Bedford Priory BC: Val Shaw, Chris Saunders

Desborough (Maidenhead) BC: Shug Boyce, Keith Harvey, Mike Whittingham, Tony Buckley

Cheddington BC: Dave Norwood, Steve Joyce, Geoff Jones, John Young

Cambridge Chesterton IBC:Terri Jacobs, Lin Whitmore, Roger Mansfield, Steve Jacobs
St Ives BC: Celia Pickering, Lorraine M Killen, Christine Morris

Dunheved BC: Claire Fishleigh, Gill Jones, Bill Medland

Fitz Park BC: Kevin Hadley, Dixon Barwise, Sean Mills
Seaton BC: D Baker, P Armstrong, M Gallop

Church Gresley IBC: Maria Haywood, Steve Haywood

Byeways BC: John Phillips, Tom Featherstone, George Taylor
Plympton BC: Lesley Martin, Tina Phillips, Margaret McArthur
Topsham BC: Paul Voller, Vic Guest, Tony Webber, Rob Harris

Dolphin IBC: Christine Read, Paul Gowing, Andy Dochniak
Dolphin IBC: David Sargent, Trevor Lake
Dorchester BC: Valerie Ghose, Hazel Newbould, Moyra Griffin, Barbara Smith
Dorchester BC: David France, Ron Cockett, Jo Galley
Ferndown BC: Nicky Bradley, Beth Roberts, Trish Kilminster
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis BC: Nigel Ramsey, Vic Mantle, Illy Hansford, Colin Chatburn

Archlight BC: Brian Yates, Trevor Carpenter
Corringham and Fobbing BC: Dave Dee, Ken Chesworth
Great Wakering RBL BC: John Smoothly, Melanie Venables, Bob Swift
Holland-On-Sea BC: Barbara Williams, Jim Humphries
Mistley and Manningtree BC: John Harding, Terry Henman, Margaret Arthey, Melvin Padmore
Orford House BC: S Singh, R Borgess, J Thompson, G Wallis
Princess Marie Louise BC: John Irvine, John Wood, John Roake
Warley Hill BC: Peter Cullum, David Fox, Jonathan Gower
Woodford BC: Neil Harvey, Keith Jones, Vic Burns, Keith Riley
Writtle BC: Merv Little, Brian Island, Dave Spence, Kevin Haselgrove
Writtle BC: Chris Clarke, Brian Murphy, Paul Brandis, Graham Harrison

Bristol St Andrews BC: Sue Whale, Jane Lowden
Canford BC: Chris Hume, Amy Wood, Terry Tucker
Dursley BC: Angela MacNair, Pam Mann, Marilyn King
Gloucester and Severnside Co-op BC: Annie Bailey, Sandra Norman, Alison Gribble, Charles Wallace
Gloucester Spa BC: Chris Smith, Ted Clarke, Gordon Cinderby, Greg Marsh
Pineholt BC: R Howells, K Warnett, J Howells, K Harper

Waterside BC: David Hawkins, Valerie Hyatt, Dennis Cox (two hot shots)
Victory IBC: Mike Jafkins, Barry Tovey, Alan Taw


St Martins BC: Jimmy Miller,

Sue Foden, Hazel Vaughan, Richard Walden

Rosedale BC: Richard Thomas, Simon Smedley, Jim Djouma, Tim Maynard
St Ippolyts BC: Kevin Stollery, Keith Fincham, Janet Godfrey, Colin Davidson

Camphill BC: Robert Rudd, Charles Wheatley, Richard Telford-Bailie, Graham Salter
Cowes Medina BC: Graham Thorne, Ernie May,Jenny Ward, Paul Allo
Sandown BC: Terry Hookins, Rob Gisborn, Graham Meakin, Wendy Wood
Shanklin BC: Steve Gallop, Carol Jones, Malcolm Alder-Smith, Jenny Morgan
Shanklin BC: Jamie Norris, Roger Baker, Mark Roberts, Ed Cummings
Totland Bay BC: Sue Pragwell, Pam Everson

Cobham BC: John Titchener, Kevin Fisher, Derek Parrish, Colin Arterton
Deal BC: Clive Metcalfe, Pat Reed, Ian Murr
Halls BC: B Barker, J Crib, P Smith
Halls BC: M Groombridge, John P J McKay, G Webb, T Geering
HSBC BC: Jerry Sheppard, Mike Hughes, Dave Wiltshire, Nick Farmer
Orpington BC: Paul Gallagher, Rob Dubery, Peter Townsend
Whitstable BC: Irene Fairall, David Lane, Neil Shaw, Brian Reynolds

Enderby BC: Gary Dronfield, Phil Orton, Don Hames
Lutterworth Town BC: Chris Partridge, Richard Holding, Tony Harper
Melton and District IBC: Ron Webster, Mick Lawrence and Barry Pelos

Bagworth BC: Irene Bennett, Nigel Gray, Barry Bonser
Brentham BC: Vikash Gandhi, Janeen Quentin
Brentham BC: Natasha Zanos, Nicholas Sutherland-Payne
Denham BC: Joan Deer, Terry Alcock

Cromer Marrams BC: Bob Allard, David Hawkins, Neil Patrickson

Northamptonshire Honorary Vice Presidents BA: Frances Anderson, Derek Essam, Jenny Mercer, Mossy Waters

Bottesford BC: Linda Wigley, Roger Payne, Chris Leach
Bottesford BC: Dave Rouse, Jez Russell, Chris Leach
Newark IBC: Sue Bowie, Kath Sharpe

Shiplake BC: Ali Uygur, Peter McCoubrey

Burnham on Sea BC: Stan Fox, Phil Hutt, Steve Bristow
Burnham on Sea BC: Sian Lewis, Richard Luscombe, David Milne
Congresbury BC: Madi King, Sarah North, Jenny Blagden, Patricia Baker
Frome Park BC: Ian Buchan, Philip Wood, Leslie Stather, Keith McLeod
Keynsham BC: M Moore, A Portch, D Ollis, R Wilton
Portishead Ladies BC: Margarita Wilks, Gordon Pears, Susan Gratton, Sandra Daisley
Severn Vale BC: Terry Pavey, Doreen Simmonds, Pat Deus, Keith Perry
Somerton BC: Debbie Guppy, Liz Herbert, Pam Boocock, Edwina Hurley
Street BC: Jan Cordery, Derek Cordery, Reece Williams, Chantelle Manns
Yeovil BC: D Alexander, P Lloyd, E Hurley, G Jones

Ipswich and District BC:Jayne Ordowski, Ann Woolnough, Doug Harding, Roger Smith

Mayford Hall BC: Enzo Ferraro, Angela Boarer
Ottershaw BC: Robert Jones, Mark Read

Adur IBC: A Jackson, J Shemain, J Denton
Arundel BC: Eddy Walmsley,
Rolf Huber, Roy Cooper
Crouch BC: Rosie Waters,Gwen Coward, Eric Forbes,Violet Nolan
Lindfield BC: Paul Sandford, Adam Harding

Grange BC: Martin Webster, Ian Box, Bob Page, Phil Bale
Lillington BC: Martin Preedy, Colin Daly
Thornfield BC: Jim Dean, Martin Webster, Peter Dymond
Three Spires BC: Gary Glenn, Alan Wale, George Matthew, Keith Hornsby
Warwick Boat Club: Val Rushton, Di Wood, Jacqui Ashley, Jeremy Ashley

Avon BC: Jean Buckland, John Crowder
Spencer Moultons BC: Mike Braddon, Tim Wilkins, Andy Haynes

Barbourne BC: Gordon Davison, Rob Bishop, Dawn Roberts

Airmyn BC: Philip Hankins, Lance Atkins
Bedale BC: P Fisher, M Young, J Chapman

Barry Athletic BC: Chris Whatley, Terry Collins, Tim Morgan
Barry Athletic BC: Lynn Jones, Zac Gray, Shaun Gray, Geoff Whittaker
Blaina BC: Colin Coburn, Leighton Burrows, Matthew Stuart Douek, Paul Roberts
Caerleon BC: Avalon Sutton, Barbara Ray, Pat Hancock, Jan Skinner
Islwyn Ladies BC: Sonia Higgins, Sue Dixon, Linda Symonds, Gwenneth Twomey
Knighton BC: Gavin Powell, Steve Rudge, Vince Arnold, Rory Gittoes
Knighton BC: Rose Huffer, Eileen Sidaway, Jess Price,Sue Jones
Llanbradach BC: Lewys Lavelle, Daniel Selway, James Butler, Martin Selway
Penrhys Park BC: Stephen Cavill, Cody Paul, Wayne Jones, Robert Gwyn
Pembroke Dock BC: David Pratt, Jackie Church, Richard Jones
Sully Sports BC: P Collier, J Pearce, A Fitt, C Coomber

CI Knock BC: Frances Shannon, Susan McKibbin, Jean McBride, Moya McGuile
Hilden BC: Lena Law, Maggie Lawrence, Patricia McCallion, Joan Montgomery
Meath BC: Alan O’Hanlon, Martin Comey, Michael McBride, Joe Fitzsimons
Meath BC: John Faulkner, Frank Geraghty, Michael McBride, Joe Fitzsimons
CYM BC: PJ Dolan, Alan O’Hanlon, Tommy Costello, Johnny Dixon

Inverness BC: Elaine Davidson, Richie Ansell

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