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Kaylin Huwyler started the New Zealand Professional Bowls Association strongly winning both the Ranking Singles event and the Scottish Singles qualifier in the first weekend of play at the Paritutu Club in New Plymouth. The 29 year old Huwyler beat NZ number four Aidan Zittersteijn 7-3, 9-8 in the final of the Scottish event in a great game of draw and sit-through bowls displayed by both young talents. He will now represent the New Plymouth branch at Paritutu during NZ PBA Finals Weekend 30 August – 1 September.

This weekend is the biggest weekend of qualifying with five of the seven venues in action around the country. New Plymouth moves on to the World Indoor Singles and World Indoor Pairs qualifiers. Huwyler and Zittersteijn will clash again in the first round on Sunday paired up with Nate Goodin and Gavin Scrivener respectively. John Roberts and Craig DeFaria start the defence of their NZ playoff crown against PBA rookie Alethea Rowlands and Steve Walker.

Hopes Stadium in Dunedin also holds two PBA qualifying events with the Scottish Singles having kicked off tonight and the UK Singles. Two stand-out games on Saturday afternoon in the first round of the UK Singles see Canterbury’s Jeff Nowell play former PBA international Paul King, and Graham Cook up against another PBA international Murray Wilson.

The other three venues play their Scottish Singles qualifiers with Merv Brown looking to knock off Manawatu’s Steve Love for the first time in six attempts at the Heretaunga Club in Hastings, Wairarapa’s Gavin Hamlyn playing former PBA international Laurie Guy at the Naenae Club in Wellington, and last year’s Invercargill qualifier winner Dave Bean starts against Bob Johanson at the Waverley Club in feature matches all on Monday.  

Information including an application form, entry forms, dates and venue contact details for the NZ PBA can be found on the worldbowlstour dot org site under PBA – New Zealand.


Ranking Singles at Paritutu, New Plymouth on Saturday 18 May

1st round: Bruce Mummery bt Wayne Hawkes 9-4, 12-3; Kevan Sellers bt Steve Muller 8-9, 11-1, 2-1; Don Christensen bt John Roberts 7-6, 8-1; Kaylin Huwyler bt Nate Goodin 13-1, 9-4; Craig DeFaria bt John Cottam 10-5, 10-5; Bevan White bt Ken Mair 13-4, 9-6.

2nd round: Sellars bt Mummery 7-6, 8-6; Huwyler bt Christensen 8-7, 8-4; DeFaria bt White 10-3, 14-2; Kelvin Francis bt Josh Francis by default; Steve Cottam bt Alethea Rowlands 10-5, 10-4; Aidan Zittersteijn bt Jason Peters 13-2, 11-5; Bruce Colgan bt Kristin Stampa 13-3, 10-6; Jimmy Quay bt Alesha Quay 13-4, 3-8, 2-0.

Quarterfinals: Huwyler bt Sellars 8-6, 5-5; DeFaria bt K.Francis 10-7, 11-1; Zittersteijn bt S.Cottam 11-6, 9-2; Colgan bt J.Quay 10-4, 14-1.

Semifinals: Huwyler bt DeFaria 8-6, 5-5; Colgan bt Zittersteijn 2-9, 9-7, 2-0.

Final: Kaylin Huwyler (Taranaki) bt Bruce Colgan (Taranaki) 9-4, 10-4.

Scottish Singles Qualifier at Paritutu, New Plymouth on Sunday 19 May

1st round: John Roberts bt Kristin Stampa 7-6, 6-4; Alesha Quay bt Josh Francis 8-4, ret; Kaylin Huwyler bt Jimmy Quay 8-3, 11-3; Nate Goodin bt Steve Cottam 12-7, 7-6; Don Christensen bt Ken Mair 13-4, 9-1; Jason Peters bt Alethea Rowlands 10-4, 6-10, 2-0.

2nd round: Roberts bt A.Quay 6-5, 13-7; Huwyler bt Goodin 11-7, 8-6; Peters bt Christensen 9-4, 8-6; Shae Fleming bt John Cottam 7-9, 12-4, 2-0; Bruce Colgan bt Bevan White 10-3, 12-2; Aidan Zittersteijn bt Bruce Mummery 7-4, 8-6; Kevan Sellers bt Wayne Hawkes 3-10, 11-4, 2-0; Kelvin Francis bt Craig DeFaria 5-8, 10-0, 2-1.

Quarterfinals: Huwyler bt Roberts 12-3, 10-1; Peters bt Fleming 6-9, 11-7, 2-1; Zittersteijn bt Colgan 11-3, 3-11, 2-0; Sellars bt K.Francis 8-3, 9-3.

Semifinals: Huwyler bt Peters 12-0, 11-1; Zittersteijn bt Sellars 12-5, 8-2.

Final: Kaylin Huwyler (Taranaki) bt Aidan Zittersteijn (Taranaki) 7-3, 9-8.

Kaylin Huwyler will play at NZ PBA Finals Weekend in New Plymouth 30 Aug – 1 Sep.


World Singles at Paritutu, New Plymouth on Saturday 1 June

(2023 year end rank)

1st round: (298)Steve Cottam v (113)Ken Mair; (rookie)Jason Peters v (33)Bruce Mummery; (29)Craig DeFaria v (-)Don Christensen; (20)Kaylin Huwyler v (295)Camron Horo; (107)Steve Muller v (146)Dean Elgar; (100)Kevan Sellers v (43)Gavin Scrivener; (89)John Cottam v (4)Aidan Zittersteijn; (298)Bruce Colgan v (rookie)Bevan White; (debut)Joel Chard v (129)Kelvin Francis.

2nd round: (42)Nathan Goodin v winner Chard/Francis; (rookie)Alethea Rowlands v (debut)Doug Clark; (212)John Zittersteijn v (58)John Roberts; (158)Wayne Hawkes v (268)Josh Francis.

World Pairs at Paritutu, New Plymouth on Sunday 2 June 8.30am

1st round: Kevan Sellers & Steve Muller v Josh & Kelvin Francis; Bevan White & Don Christensen v Bruce Colgan & Camron Horo; John & Steve Cottam v Ken Mair & John Zittersteijn; Gavin Scrivener & Aidan Zittersteijn v Nathan Goodin & Kaylin Huwyler; Joel Chard & Shae Fleming v Wayne Hawkes & Dean Elgar; John Roberts & Craig DeFaria v Alethea Rowlands & Steve Walker.

2nd round: Kevin Gledhill & Bruce Mummery v Doug Clark & Jason Peters.

Shanghai Singles at Paritutu, New Plymouth on Monday 3 June.

Shanghai Singles at Heretaunga, Hastings on Saturday 1 June 9am

Ranking Singles at Heretaunga, Hastings on Sunday 2 June 8.30am

1st round: (146)Brian Looker v (111)Paul Sorensen; (157)Mark Kilmister v (debut)Hein Pharenqua.

2nd round: (debut)Clayton Simpson v (35)Peter Jones; (83)Dave Jones v (debut)Simon Frater; (162)Fletch Christian v (118)Merv Brown; (30)Mike Isaacson v (debut)Jason Northe; (51)Ian Mason v (82)Scotty McGavin; (debut)Paul Falvey v (78)Steve Love; (136)Dave Porteous v (11)Murray Glassey.

Scottish Singles at Heretaunga, Hastings on Monday 3 June 8.30am

1st round: (82)Scotty McGavin v (111)Paul Sorensen; (157)Mark Kilmister v (146)Brian Looker.

2nd round: (83)Dave Jones v (debut)Paul Falvey; (30)Mike Isaacson v (debut)Jason Northe; (debut)Simon Frater v (51)Ian Mason; (debut)Hein Pharenqua v (11)Murray Glassey; (debut)Clayton Simpson v (35)Peter Jones; (136)Dave Porteous v (162)Fletch Christian; (118)Merv Brown v (78)Steve Love.

Shanghai Singles at Naenae, Wellington on Saturday 1 June 9am

Ranking Singles at Naenae, Wellington on Sunday 2 June 8.30am

1st round: (6)Gavin Hamlyn v (74)Jim Swift.

2nd round: (257)Martin Asprey v winner Hamlyn/Swift; (43)Ray Martin v (-)Tim Toomey; (57)Sonny White v (108)Allan Heald; (132)Rohan Teaz v (201)Peter Small; (64)Steve Critchlow v (63)Kennie Critchlow; (debut)Gary Challis v (275)Francie Jasionowicz; (80)Jayden Ravji v (275)Lil Renata; (275)Henry Jasionowicz v (81)Lock Chin; (debut)Simon Kenny v (debut)Marshall Kenny; (-)Pam Mulford v (146)Lily Signal; (5)Clare Hendra v (15)Ross Ellery; (48)Ian McLeod v (52)Richard Corry; (debut)Sharon Williams v (58)Laurie Guy; (203)Karen Ewart v (debut)Barbara Coley; (103)Scott Sinclair-Paton v (debut)Sam Allison; (83)Ray Boffa v (186)Taui White.

Scottish Singles at Naenae, Wellington on Monday 3 June 8.30am

1st round: (52)Richard Corry v (146)Lily Signal; (debut)Marshall Kenny v (83)Ray Boffa; (-)Tim Toomey v (5)Clare Hendra; (275)Henry Jasionowicz v (57)Sonny White.

2nd round: (257)Martin Asprey v (64)Steve Critchlow; (debut)Gary Challis v (debut)Simon Kenny; (-)Kurt Burgess v (80)Jayden Ravji; (debut)Pet Johnson v (81)Lock Chin; (debut)Barbara Coley v (48)Ian McLeod; (203)Karen Ewart v (201)Peter Small; (-)Pam Mulford v (103)Scott Sinclair-Paton; (108)Allan Heald v (63)Kennie Critchlow; (debut)Sam Allison v (275)Lil Renata; (275)Francie Jasoniowicz v (43)Ray Martin; (6)Gavin Hamlyn v (58)Laurie Guy; (132)Rohan Teaz v (186)Taui White; (74)Jim Swift v (debut)Sharon Williams; (15)Ross Ellery v (debut)Simon Bennett.

Scottish Singles at Hopes Stadium, Dunedin on Friday 31 May & Saturday 1 June

1st round 4.30pm Friday: (212)Chris Simpson v (158)Peter Fleury; (debut)Adam Yaxley v (61)Brent Webster; (debut)Kelsey Bennett v (181)Miguel Rodriguez; (275)Tane Loper v (debut)Jimmy Sinclair; (debut)Dean Willis v (debut)Michael Greaves; (debut)Lachie McEwan v (168)Tom McGregor; (38)Jeff Nowell v (debut)Kane Matheson; (102)Louise Natta v (14)Brent McEwan.

1st round 6.15pm Friday: (debut)Kimberley Carraher v (8)Murray Wilson; (105)Cam Cook v (199)Neville Ward; (38)Nigel Thompson v (212)Liam O’Connor; (11)Russell Dawe v (92)Bruce McDowell; (195)Cameron McKean v (240)Anna Louw; (100)Bill Hinton v (37)Niel Louw; (-)Paul King v (226)Dave Charlton; (158)Cameron Wood v (68)Sacha Taylor.

2nd round 8.10am Saturday: (23)Martin Kreft v (debut)Jordan McEwan; (26)Andrew McCallum v (195)Jason O’Connor; (118)Robbie Green v (129)John Moana; (debut)Jacob Potiki v (36)Graham Cook; (233)Robbie Ashton v (118)Dave Chisholm; (67)David Natta v (debut)Shannon McEwan; (103)Grant Simpson v (123)Jason King; (275)Bill McEwan v (27)Andrew Smaill.

UK Singles at Hopes Stadium, Dunedin on Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 June.

1st round 3.15pm Saturday: (240)Anna Louw v (181)Miguel Rodriguez; (105)Cam Cook v (debut)Michael Greaves; (38)Nigel Thompson v (debut)Lachie McEwan; (38)Jeff Nowell v (-)Paul King; (36)Graham Cook v (8)Murray Wilson; (debut)Adam Yaxley v (212)Liam O’Connor; (27)Andrew Smaill v (debut)Shannon McEwan; (68)Sacha Taylor v (debut)Jimmy Sinclair.

1st round 4.45pm Saturday: (233)Robbie Ashton v (61)Brent Webster; (275)Tane Loper v (debut)Kelsey Bennett; (26)Andrew McCallum v (212)Chris Simpson; (158)Peter Fleury v (debut)Dean Willis; (199)Neville Ward v (195)Jason O’Connor; (debut)Jordan McEwan v (275)Bill McEwan; (226)Dave Charlton v (129)John Moana; (118)Robbie Green v (102)Louise Natta.

2nd round 8.10am Sunday: (168)Tom McGregor v (37)Niel Louw; (100)Billy Hinton v (debut)Kimberley Carraher; (debut)Kane Matheson v (123)Jason King; (103)Grant Simpson v (67)David Natta; (158)Cameron Wood v (11)Russell Dawe; (debut)Jacob Potiki v (92)Bruce McDowell; (226)Dave Chisholm v (23)Martin Kreft; (14)Brent McEwan v (195)Cameron McKean.

Shanghai Singles at Hopes Stadium, Dunedin on Monday 3 June 8.30am.

Shanghai Singles at Waverley, Invercargill on Saturday 1 June

Ranking Singles at Waverley, Invercargill on Sunday 2 June 8.30am

1st round: (debut)Aiden Takarua v (debut)Robyn Clarke; (228)Amy O’Connell v (172)Emma Drake; (288)Ben McHugh v (debut)Ronald Plunkett.

2nd round: (debut)Cheryl Calder v winner McHugh/Plunkett; (95)Noel Peachey v (debut)Katherine Matthews; (95)Mark Smith v (9)Oliver Mason; (203)Diane Drake v (92)Tina Johanson; (debut)Bruce McIntyre v (91)Doug Coombes; (111)Thomas Eruera v (46)Bob Johanson; (debut)Brandon Harpur v (158)Zoe Beck; (240)Paul Russell v (18)Dave Bean; (33)Jason Wheal v (9)Thomas Cockerill; (2)Craig Tinker v (debut)Josh Ballard; (debut)Anthony Ford v (debut)Jordan Matthews; (31)Kerry Heffer v (11)Bevan Clark; (146)Simon Clegg v (1)Craig Merrilees; (233)Aaron Tribe v (debut)Shelley Neal; (142)Mike Cook v (debut)Elaine Murphy.

Scottish Singles at Waverley, Invercargill on Monday 3 June

1st round: (debut)Katherine Matthews v (debut)Brandon Harpur; (1)Craig Merrilees v (debut)Josh Ballard.

2nd round: (142)Mike Cook v (debut)Jordan Matthews; (debut)Bruce McIntyre v (228)Amy O’Connell; (debut)Robyn Clarke v (172)Emma Drake; (debut)Anthony Ford v (debut)Cheryl Calder; (95)Noel Peachey v (158)Zoe Beck; (debut)Shelley Neal v (debut)Elaine Murphy; (debut)Ronald Plunkett v (203)Diane Drake; (debut)Aiden Takarua v (146)Simon Clegg; (9)Thomas Cockerill v (31)Kerry Heffer; (33)Jason Wheal v (2)Craig Tinker; (233)Aaron Tribe v (9)Oliver Mason; (18)Dave Bean v (46)Bob Johanson; (111)Thomas Eruera v (240)Paul Russell; (11)Bevan Clark v (92)Tina Johanson; (95)Mark Smith v (91)Doug Coombes.

Caption: Nathan Goodin and Kaylin Huwyler