EIBA announce women’s senior trial list


The EIBA senior women’s trial will take place on Saturday, December 1 at Rugby Thornfield at 2pm.

Selected are:

Paige Dennis
Penny Strong
Kirsty Hembrow
Wendy King

Ros Constant
Lesley Waddington
Elizabeth MacDonald
Susan Bard-Bodek

Ruby Hill
Laura Holden
Stefanie Branfield
Michelle Coleman

Cassidy Lenton
Kylie Hampton
Sandy Hazell
Ellen Falkner

Susan Kearsley
Chelsea Tomlin
Katy Baxter
Danielle Martinson

Devon Cooper

Amy Banes
Anna Chalk
Harriet Stevens

Rebecca Willgress
Nicole Rogers
Janice Gower
Katherine Rednall

Imogen Jenner
Holly Baxter
Julie Leake
Sarah Seymour

Lauren Mosley
Carole Baker
Katherine Hawes
Lorraine Kuhler

Lydia Cutmore
Nina Riches
Rebecca Moorbey
Jacqueline Henderson

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