Welsh indoor trial teams announced

The Welsh Indoor Bowling Association and the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association have announced their junior and senior trial teams.
The first International Development Day for the senior men’s team will be held at Cardiff IBC on Sunday, December 2.
Selected are as follows:
Chris Lewis (Merthyr Tydfil), Roger Harvey (Islwyn), Mark Osling (Cardiff), Jason Greenslade (Cardiff).
Carl Wood (Islwyn), Kristian Crocker (Islwyn), Phil Carpenter (Cynon Valley)
Ross Owen (Cynon Valley).
Andrew Wason (Cynon Valley), Steve Allen (Pontardawe), John Roberts (Heatherton), David Kingdon (Cynon Valley).
Iestyn Williams (Cynon Valley), Alun Withers (Blaenau Gwent), Ian Henderson (Islwyn), Damian Doubler (Cardiff).
Gavin Rees (Swansea), Simon Ace (Pontardawe), Mark Harding (Cardiff), David Harding (Cardiff).
Neil Taylor (Swansea), Mike John (Heatherton), Owain Dando (Blaenau Gwent), Daniel Salmon (Cardiff). 
Mike Jackson (Heatherton), Luke Harwood (Merthyr Tydfil), Ben Thomas (Port Talbot), Steve Harris (Blaenau Gwent).
Martin Clarke Squires (Sully), Matthew Partridge (Llanelli), Mike Hart (Cardiff), Paul Taylor (Cynon Valley).
Jordan Davies (Cynon Valley), Sam Roff (Merthyr Tydfil), David Prosser (Cynon Valley), Jarrad Breen (Cynon Valley).
Ben Matthews (Llanelli), Jack Breen (Cynon Valley), Liam Bouse (Islwyn), Liam Stone (Cynon Valley).
Reserves (will play after 10 ends). Ethan Humphreys (Merthyr Tydfil), Joe Coles (Cardiff), Josh Jones (Llanelli), Nigel Williams (Swansea), Shane Hill (Port Talbot), Matthew Woodcock (Sully).
Wales Under 25 development squad
WIBA director of bowls Stephen Rees has selected two six rink squads for the WIBA Under 25 development day to be held at Swansea IBC on Sunday, November 11. 
Those selected were:
Ben Matthews (Llanelli), Josh Jones (Llanelli), Alex Fulwood (Newport), Liam Bouse (Islwyn).
Nathan Rees (Merthyr Tydfil), Jack Davies (Cynon Valley), Ethan Humphreys (Merthyr Tydfil), Ross Owen (Cynon Valley).
Joe Coles (Cardiff), Jordan Larke (Radnorshire), Cory Lee Bayliss (Rhondda), Daniel Salmon (Cardiff).
Rhys Colwill (Port Talbot), Luke Iles (Rhondda), Jack Breen (Cynon Valley), Jordan Davies (Cynon Valley).
Cameron White (Heatherton), Jack Mounty (Islwyn), Jordan Driscoll (Llanelli), Ryan Davies (Cardiff).
Iestyn Williams (Rhondda), Josh Hall (Islwyn), Dale McCarthy (Port Talbot), Kristian Crocker (Islwyn).
Adam King (Islwyn), Ellis Thomas (Port Talbot), Dylan Hookings (Port Talbot), Mikey Brain (Port Talbot).
Dylan Hawkins (Rhondda), Rhys Roberts (Port Talbot), Daniel Barnett (Llanelli), Shane Hill (Port Talbot).
Dion Peregrine (Heatherton), Luke Jones (Newport), Eric Hughes (Rhondda), Mike John (Heatherton).
Ollie Witchell (Islwyn), Dan Powell (Radnorshire), Darren Turner (Cardiff), Ryan Boots (Newport).
Reserves: Cory Davies (Merthyr Tydfil), James Powell (Radnorshire), Andrew Jones (Earlswood), Rhys Evans (Dinefwr), Jarrad Jones (Port Talbot).
WLIBA trial teams
The Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association have selected two triples and eight rinks for their senior trial on Sunday, November 18, at Cardiff IBC.
Selected are:
Melanie Thomas (Bro Myrddin), Gemma Amos and Steph Amos (Islwyn).
Lauren Gowen (Taff Ely), Jodie McCarthy and Hannah Williams (Earlswood).
Pauline Price (Merthyr Tydfil), Maggie Lewis Price (Newport), Sara Nicholls (Merthyr Tydfil), Denise Molan (Islwyn).
Terrine Lane (Islwyn), Janet Gange (Islwyn), Chloe Jackson (Cardiff), Hanna Thomas (Earlswood).
Marion Purcell (Islwyn), Sophie Davies (Llanelli), Colleen O’Conner (Merthyr Tydfil), Jealian Willis (Earlswood).
Karen Lewis (Cardiff), Bethan Parrish (Newport), Barbara Griffiths (Llanelli), Kelly Packwood (Newport).
Caroline Taylor (Severn Valley), Chris Bland, Mags Eldritch and Emma Woodcock (Cardiff).
Lowri Powell (Taff Ely), Sian Davies and Emma Gittins (Severn Valley), Amy Williams (Islwyn).
Janet Hoare and Pam Penrose (Islwyn), Marie Clare McCulloch and Kerry Packwood (Newport). 
Marie Morley and Jessica Berry (Earlswood), Tracy Gowen (Taff Ely), Hilary Bevan (Llanelli).
Meanwhile, 22 girls have been chosen for the Under 25 trial which is being held at Merthyr Tydfil IBC on Sunday, December 16.
Making up the two triples and four rinks are:
Sophie Hollins and Sara John Davies (Heatherton), Jessica Berry (Earlswood).
Megan Jones (Ogwr), Anna Lawrence (Rhondda), Chiara Palmer Needs (Islwyn).
Lauren Gowen (Taff Ely), Angharad Edwards (Radnor), Rebecca Williams (Llanelli), Chloe Jackson (Cardiff).
Amelia Roberts (Rhondda), Lauren Viles (Merthyr Tydfil), Alex Morgan (Islwyn), Jodie McCarthy (Earlswood).
Tegan Rees (Rhondda), Katie Dickinson (Heatherton), Lowri Powell (Taff Ely), Sara Nicholls (Merthyr Tydfil).
Olivia Jackson (Cardiff), Emily Lawrence and Estee Parry (Rhondda), Sophie Davies (Llanelli).

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