Julie Forrest wins Women’s World Indoor Singles Matchplay title in style

The Women’s World Indoor Singles Matchplay trophy today has a new name on it.

In a worthy final, Alison Merrien MBE and Julie Forrest played high quality bowls in two tight sets.

It was Julie who started stronger, settling on to the pace and putting Alison under pressure.

On the penultimate end, Julie led 7-3 lead before a crowd interruption meant that she had a delay before playing a crucial last bowl, with Alison lying a four.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Julie missed the head which meant the scores were level going in to the last end.

Julie was able to score, getting over the line, and got off to a strong start in the second before Alison once again picked up a count of four to put the scores at 5-4.

A few nip and tuck ends and low scoring meant that once again, the scores were tied going in to the last end.

With Alison lying set, Julie executed her last bowl perfectly, playing controlled weight in to the head to take the shot bowl away, resting in its place.

Merrien said: “I was fairly pleased with my game and how I have played, to come back but Julie was just brilliant and a worthy winner.

“I am obviously disappointed and hoped to make a tie break but we are good friends and enjoyed ourselves out there which is the main thing.”

Julie said after the match: “I am still shaking, I thought my legs were going to collapse after that last shot.

“To win is unbelievable, I am ecstatic.

“I jumped for joy after that bowl, it means so very much to me and is such a great feeling.”

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