Kings win Women’s fours

Devon’s Lauren Hackett, Hayley James, Emma Cooper and Harriet Stevens, representing Kings BC, have secured the Women’s Fours Championship, sponsored by Dorset Bowls Resort.

They defeated Dorset’s Steph Pinson, Sandie Smith, Bridget Hodder and Penny Cresswell, from Poole Park, in the final.

The Kings quartette defeated Norfolk’s Carole Baker, Sam Coverdale, Suzanne King and Jackie Devitt 24-13 in the semi-final, whilst the Poole Park rink overcame Yorkshire’s Hayley Robinson, Margaret Watson, Michelle Sykes and Sue Allen from Swinton.

It is the first time since 2004 that a club has retained the Women’s National Fours, as Sophie Tolchard, Kelly Atkinson, Lorraine Hackett and Natalie Chestney secured the title 12 months ago.



Poole Park, D’set (P Cresswell) bt Swinton, Yorks (S Allen) 28-13;

Kings, Devon (H Stevens) bt Norfolk, N’folk (J Devitt) 24-13

Kings, Devon (H Stevens) bt Poole Park, D’set (P Cresswell) 26-9

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