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Irish governing bodies launch survey on future of international events

The Irish Bowling Association and Irish Women’s Bowling Association have launched a survey for both Irish men and women to complete in respect of the future of British Isles events.

The objective of the survey is to canvass views on both the current set up and also to obtain the viewpoint of its members on possible alternatives if the current set up is to be replaced.

Results of the survey will be made public via the Irish Bowling Association and Irish Women’s Bowling Association websites once complete.

The survey is only open for a short five-day window and can be completed here.

Note: Please only complete the survey if you are from Ireland!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the future of the British Isles events. What do you think of the changes? Did you have the opportunity to share your views beforehand? Please share them with matt.wordingham@keypublishing.com for consideration in a future article by Bowls International.

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