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“It feels fantastic,” says Robert Paxton as he wins first World Indoor Singles Championship

Robert Paxton today won the World Indoor Singles Championship, beating Nick Brett on the last end of a tie break.

Robert started strongly in the first set, taking a 5-1 lead before Nick came back at him, picking up a one, two and three on consecutive ends.

Nick was four up going in to the last end, forcing Robert in to a difficult plant which saw him collect a single to lose the set 7-10.

The second end of the second set saw Robert confidently drawing shot with his last bowl, sitting the jack forward to score two shots.

He followed this up with counts of two on end four and a single on end five, giving him a 5-2 lead.

Two on seventh end for Rob and finding himself two down again on the eighth end, Nick played a positive bowl to pick up the jack for three, which was beaten by Rob with his last delivery, leaving Nick to play the bowl which he failed to pick out.

Rob did not have to play his last bowl on the last end, finishing the set 8-7.

On the first end of the tie break, Rob picked up two after forcing Nick in to playing weight, which he played wide.

The second end saw Nick draw close with his first two, prompting Rob to try to ditch the jack.

Nick covered with his third, Rob killed the end to leave a one bowl shoot out.

Nick drew a foot through and Rob finished heavy, forcing a third end.

Rob drew shot with his first bowl, after two attempts at drawing Nick dropped short with his third, Rob taking the World Indoor Singles title.

Speaking afterwards, Nick said: “I felt I was going okay and hanging in there but I missed a couple of silly ones ad that probably cost me a set.

“I was okay in the tie break but missed a draw within six inches which has been my forte this week.”

Rob said: “It feels fantastic. Nick has been superb all week and today we both played good stuff and missed some chances aswell.

“Thankfully Nick just dropped short with his last bowl and I fell over the line. It is third time lucky for me.”