“I’ve never played so well and lost” say both Gourlay and Marshall as they miss out on final spots

All the reaction and results from the semi finals of the world indoor singles at Potters.

SPECTATORS were treated to two games worthy of finals at the Just Retirement Professional World Indoor Open Singles semi finals stage.

First to take to the portable blue rink was former world champion David Gourlay and current world ranked number one Nick Brett.

It was Nick who got over the line to book himself a place in Sunday’s final, winning 6-7, 7-6, 2-0.

He got into the tie break after a measure which meant he took two shots and the second set.

David said afterwards: “I’ve never played so well and lost and I am gutted. I really thought I had it won on the last end of the second set and just could not lift myself for the tie break after that.

“Nick was very honest afterwards but I think he was disappointed with his first two bowls during the game.”

Nick said: “I was just trying to hang in there. I think over the last few seasons in particular I have learned how to win ugly and stay in games.

“You never know what can happen at the end and with a bit of luck you can hang in.

“For me it was just a relief to be in the tie break but it must have been devastating for David.

“I played a couple of wrong shots such as on the last end of the first set but I am very happy to be able to have a go tomorrow.”

The second semi final saw defending champion Alex Marshall storm to a first set victory, winning 12-3 with inch-perfect bowls end after end.

But Robert Paxton did not let this get the better of him, digging deep to win the second set 7-4 and force a tie break, which he won 2-1.

Rob said: “The green is so different in the afternoon to how it plays in the morning and I really struggled for pace and line in the first set.

“I was all over the mat trying to find something and Alex started off so well.

“I tried to keep tight with him in the second so that I had a chance and played some huge one bowls in both the second set and the tie break.

“I was under so much pressure at times and just relying on one huge bowl.

“Now I am just thinking about the job in hand tomorrow which is to win two sets. In many ways it is just another game. Nick is playing great bowls so I know I have to put him under pressure.”

Alex said: “I played awesome in the first set and I don’t think I did too much wrong in the second though I was expecting Rob to come back at me.

“The second last end on the second set where Rob’s bowl fell in for shot was a major turning point in the game and made a big difference.

“I had a chance on the last end of the tie break but my first two bowls were probably the worst two of the game.

“I went short to totally change things and do not regret the decision, I did the same against Mark Dawes and it worked.

“I had a decent shot but got the short bowl too thick.

“I feel I gave my title a really good defence and played some really good bowls, better than I have done for a while.”

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