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Julie Forrest and Stewart Anderson win World Mixed Pairs title

Julie Forrest and Stewart Anderson won their first โ€˜JUSTโ€™ World Mixed Pairs title, beating Carla Banks and Rob Paxton 8-3,6-5 in the final.

Forrest has reached the final before, losing in 2016 with Alex Marshall against Darren Burnett and Katherine Rednall, while Paxton won the title two years ago with Ellen Falkner MBE.

Carla Banks said: “I was happy to get this far, Rob managed to pull me through the other two games and it was an enjoyable game today of good quality.”

Robert Paxton, who conceded his singles match to Jack Bird the previous day due to family circumstances, acknowledged his week had been difficult.

He said: “It has not been the best 48 hours but Carla has been fantastic as has everyone else, WBT, BBC and the team and my friends.

“It was good to be out here playing a relaxed game and I am looking forward to going home now.

“This was a good game of bowls, Julie and Stewart played some really good bowls and we just couldn’t quite get any doubles, it was singles all the way for us. When you are playing a pair this good, you need those doubles in there to scrape over the line.”

Stewart Anderson admitted he struggled to find the pace during the game, adding: “You do get those days but I am just really proud to lift the trophy with Julie.”

Julie said: “I am delighted to win this, especially with Stew as he has never won it before and we go back a long way.”