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Marion Purcell and Nick Brett win World Mixed Pairs

Marion Purcell and Nick Brett staged staggering comebacks in both sets this afternoon to beat Alison Merrien MBE and Greg Harlow in the final of the World Mixed Pairs.

Trailing 2-6 in the first set with two ends to go, Nick played a running bowl and got a fluke to score three shots.

The pair followed this up with a double on the final end to win the set 7-6.

It was a similar story in the second set with Alison and Greg storming to a 7-3 lead with two ends remaining and looking favourites to win the set and therefore take the game to a tie-break.

But Nick had other ideas, ditching the jack for one shot with his last bowl on the eighth end before Marion set up a good head on the last.

Nick added a pair and Greg finished tight with two running bowls, dropping a count of four so that Marion and Nick won the second set 8-7.

Alison said afterwards: “It was certainly a good game of bowls and it came down to rub of the green a couple of times but it was played in good sportsmanship and it was a good game.”

Greg added: “It was a terrific game of bowls and I enjoyed playing in it. Nick and Marion are worthy champions.”

Marion said: “I think I am really lucky because Alison played absolutely awesome.

“I was lost in the first set but I had a good player coming behind me. Nick is absolute class.”

Nick conceded that his bowls were ‘coming out okay,’ adding: “We had a little bit of Lady Luck- I felt like we should have worn a balaclava in the first set, I was only a year tight on the eighth end!

“Marion hung in there well and played some good ones.”

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