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Pair promise ‘evolution’ of the sport with International Bowls Corporation

Chris Aitken and Graham Carley, two bowlers with a passion for the game, have launched The International Bowls Corporation which they claim is ‘the evolution of bowls.’
Stepping away from traditional bowls and evolving into a sport which makes games shorter, eliminates the dress code and gets spectators involved, the IBC promises to be a ‘breath of fresh air.’
A press release from the IBC said:
“An Official and Legitimate World Ranking system for Singles and Pairs has been introduced as well as new game formats attracting Sponsorship holding Major Events around the Globe.
“The first stage in the evolution of bowls is to hold the first World Ranking Event which any bowler can enter, regardless of club, county or country. The ‘IBC UK Open’ will be the first Major Tournament for the IBC and the final will take place at the historical Desborough (Northamptonshire) Outdoor Bowling Club on the 29th July 2018.
“In the run up to the final, there will be five qualifying events across the UK, with competitors looking to reach the final, where a minimum of £3,000 will be awarded to the winners!
“At the IBC we believe in putting modern technology at the heart of our corporation and vision, all games will be live streamed on Social Media and our dedicated IBC Channel!
“It won’t just be the finals which are available to watch live but all qualifiers too.
“Chris Aitken said: “The IBC will embrace feedback from bowlers through our various social media channels, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent… we want to talk to bowlers, so many have some excellent ideas and concepts to help keep our game moving forward but don’t get heard… the IBC are all ears bowlers.
“At the IBC we want to breathe some new life into our sport and capture the imagination of bowlers and non-bowlers alike, so we want to hear from any organisations, individuals & clubs who are interested in getting involved with the IBC. We can be contacted through social media pages, email or give us a call.”
So, come and play, watch, support and join in during the Evolution of Bowls with the IBC!”