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Sectional draws confirmed for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Minister for Sport takes part in the official draw for Birmingham 2022 Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls competition

  • Minister for Sport, Nigel Huddleston, carried out the official draw for the Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls competition
  • 24 different nations and territories will compete with several home nation battles lined up for the early rounds of the competition
  • The Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls tournament will be held at Victoria Park in Royal Leamington Spa from 29 July until 6 August
  • Tickets currently available for all Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls sessions. Tickets cost ยฃ22 for adults and ยฃ8 for under 16s

The Minister for Sport, Nigel Huddleston, visited Victoria Park in Royal Leamington Spa on Thursday evening (7 July) to carry out the official draw for seven of the 11 medal events that make up the Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls competition at Birmingham 2022.

The seedings for the competition are done based on the results from Gold Coast 2018 with any new teams that did not compete four years ago being added to the different sections (pools) through the draw process.

The draw was therefore carried out for the womenโ€™s singles, the menโ€™s singles, the menโ€™s pairs, the womenโ€™s triples, the menโ€™s fours, the Para menโ€™s pairs and the para womenโ€™s pairs.

The eyes of some of the home nations will be firmly fixed on section B of the womenโ€™s singles with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all drawn together and in the womenโ€™s pairs there is a similar scenario in section C with Scotland, England and Northern Ireland all playing one another in the group stage.

Intriguing groups have also emerged in the menโ€™s triples and the menโ€™s fours with section D in the former featuring Canada, England, Malaysia and South Africa and section A of the latter featuring reigning champions Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa, Jersey and Malta. 

All of the Para Lawn Bowls competitions will be round robin events with each team in each of the three competitions playing one another.

The Para events for this sport include mixed pairs for players with a visual impairment and menโ€™s pairs and womenโ€™s pairs for B6 to B8 athletes (ambulant and wheelchair bowlers). England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have pairs entered in all three competitions.

Gary Smith, Chief Executive of World Bowls said: “With the draw now completed the stage is now set for the Commonwealth’s best players to exhibit their high-class talents and to showcase our sport to a global audience. We are all looking forward to an exciting event in a superb setting at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.โ€

Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Nigel Huddleston said: โ€œLawn bowls will be one of the hottest tickets for British fans at Birmingham 2022 with home nation teams drawn together across the medal events.

โ€œVictoria Park is a stunning setting for the lawn bowls and Para lawn bowls and itโ€™s great to see how investment from the Commonwealth Games will leave a real legacy for this venue and the local community.โ€ 

Matt Kidson, Director of Sport for Birmingham 2022, said: โ€œItโ€™s great that the draw for Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls has now been completed. With the worldโ€™s best players taking part, itโ€™s going to be an exciting competition and a really popular sport during the Games.

โ€œVictoria Park is going to be a superb venue for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Our temporary infrastructure is currently being installed and we canโ€™t wait for the teams to arrive to play in this fantastic setting.โ€

The draw, which took place next to the bowling greens in Victoria Park, was also attended by Andrew Day, Warwick District Council Leader, who said: โ€œIt was fantastic to welcome the Minister of Sport to Victoria Park, who referred to the greens as the โ€˜Wimbledon of lawn bowls!โ€™

โ€œIt was an opportunity to show the tremendous amount of work thatโ€™s gone in over the past few years to make this a world-class facility. With just three weeks to go until the Games itโ€™s all systems go and weโ€™re excited and ready to be welcoming the thousands of visitors and spectators over the summer.โ€

Full details for all eleven medal events are now available at Birmingham 2022.com, where you can also take a look at the schedule and buy tickets for the competition which will get underway on Friday 29 July. Tickets for this sport cost ยฃ22 for adults and ยฃ8 for under 16s and are currently available for ever single Lawn Bowls and Para Lawns Bowls session.

The full draws for Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls are as follows:

Sectional Draw for the Women’s Singles 
Section A – New Zealand, Malaysia, England, Niue, Singapore
Section B – Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, India, Falkland Islands
Section C – South Africa, Norfolk Island, Fiji, Cook Islands 
Section D – Canada, Australia, Kenya, Guernsey 

Sectional Draw for the Men’s Singles 
Section A – Australia, South Africa, Guernsey, Kenya, Cook Islands 
Section B – Canada, Northern Ireland, Wales, Norfolk Island, Niue 
Section C – England, Malaysia, Fiji, Jamaica, Namibia 
Section D โ€“ Scotland, New Zealand, Jersey, India, Falkland Islands

Sectional Draw for the Women’s Pairs 
Section A – Malaysia, Norfolk Island, Malta, Cook Islands, Guernsey 
Section B – South Africa, India, New Zealand, Niue 
Section C – Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Fiji 
Section D – Canada, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Wales 

Sectional Draw for the Men’s Pairs 
Section A – Wales, Norfolk Island, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Namibia 
Section B – Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Niue, Jersey 
Section C – Cook Island, Malaysia, England, India, Falkland Islands 
Section D โ€“ South Africa, Australia, Guernsey, Fiji 

Sectional Draw for the Women’s Triples 
Section A – Australia, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Falkland Islands, Singapore 
Section B – Scotland, Wales, Cook Islands, Botswana 
Section C – England, New Zealand, India, Niue 
Section D โ€“ Canada, Malaysia, Fiji, Norfolk Island 

Sectional Draw for the Men’s Triples 
Section A – Scotland, New Zealand, India, Malta 
Section B – Australia, Jersey, Cook Islands, Niue 
Section C – Norfolk Island, Wales, Fiji, Northern Ireland 
Section D โ€“ Canada, England, Malaysia, South Africa 

Sectional Draw for the Women’s Fours 
Section A – Australia, Scotland, Fiji, Botswana 
Section B – South Africa, New Zealand, Wales, Niue 
Section C – Malta, Malaysia, Norfolk Island, Northern Ireland 
Section D โ€“ Canada, India, England, Cook Islands 

Sectional Draw for the Menโ€™s Fours 
Section A – Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa, Jersey, Malta 
Section B – Australia, Northern Ireland, Canada, Niue 
Section C – England, India, Fiji, Cook Islands 
Section D โ€“ Wales, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Norfolk Island 

Sectional Draw for the Para Mixed Pairs (B2-B3) 
Round Robin – Australia, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, New Zealand, England 

Sectional Draw for the Para Men’s Pairs (B6-B8)
Round Robin โ€“ South Africa, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, Australia

Sectional Draw for the Para Women’s Pairs (B6-B8)
Round Robin โ€“ Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland


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