Tattie saves ‘best ’til last’ as friends scoop fourth pairs title at Potters

Alex Marshall MBE and Paul Foster MBE defeated Greg Harlow and Nick Brett 8-6, 13-13 to lift the Just 2019 World Indoor Open Pairs.

The four players did not disappoint with their display, and although the scoring was higher than anticipated, the quality was superb.

Marshall’s last bowl was executed perfectly, turning an opposition bowl twice to pick up two and draw the set for the match win.

Nick said: “It was a disappointing way to finish the match but Tattie played a bomb. They are one in about 130 but he plays about 20 a year.

“I am disappointed about my finish but I think we gave a good account of a good final.”

Greg added: “I think it was a top quality game and all the way through there was not a lot in it. We could have pinched both sets but rightly so, they are world champions this year.”

Paul said he and Alex had a discussion before the game and agreed they would have to both be at the top of their game to beat Greg and Nick.

He added: “Greg and I had a massive ding dong battle the whole match, Nick was brilliant and my good mate played a wonder bowl on the last end.”

Alex described Paul, Greg and Nicky as ‘outstanding’ but admitted he struggled.

“I think I kept the best til last,”he said.

“It means so much, it’s a great feeling.”

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