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USA team announced for 2018 North American challenge

Bowls USA is pleased to announce Team USA players selected for the
2018 North American Challenge
hosted by Laguna Woods LBC in Southwest Division October 11-13.

Alexis Vanden Bos (NWD)

Alice Birkinshaw (SCD)

Anne Nunes (SWD)

Candy DeFazio (SWD)

Dee McSparran (SCD)

Joanne Hedgespeth (SWD)

Margi Rambo (SWD)

Mary Spease (SWD)

Melanie Vizenor (SWD)

Sandy Wall (SED)

Cheryl Barkovich (SWD)
Janice Bell (PIMD)
Linda Roberts (SWD)

Manager: Brenda Wright
Coach: Kottia Spangler

Rob Behncke (CD)

Bill Brault (SWD)

Loren Dion (SWD)

Phil Dunn (SWD)

James Flower (SWD)

Andy Klubberud (NWD)

Scott Roberts (SWD)

Bob Schneider (CD)

Grant Shear (SWD)

Aaron Zangl (SWD)

Bob Birkinshaw (SWD)
Robert Busciglio (SWD)

Manager: Steve Nelson

A note of appreciation to the National Team Selectors,
Jackie Tucker, Jan Hargraves, Debbie Tupper, Frank Souza, Joe Zinna, Phil Luth.