World Indoor Open Singles down to semi final stage

All the reaction from Friday at Potters

Friday at Potters saw the Just Retirement World Indoor Open Singles quarter finals take place.

Robert Paxton beat qualifier Jamie Chestney 7-3, 7-7.

Robert said: “I honestly thought I was in a tiebreak. I couldn’t believe it when Jamie’s last bowl rolled through the head and left me holding two shots to tie the set and win the match. “My mind was elsewhere, thinking about how I should approach the tiebreak. Jamie was unlucky – he played superbly in the second set, and thoroughly deserved a tiebreak.”

Jamie added: “When I put that last bowl down it felt good. I was confident it was going to be the shot, but it straightened a bit, then rolled on.

“I’m very disappointed, because I think I deserved to force Rob into a tiebreak. I’m not saying I would have won it, but it would have been nice to have a go.”

Alex Marshall put on what he claims is his best ever performance to beat Stewart Anderson in straight sets, 10-2, 9-2.

He said: “I don’t think I have ever played as well on the portable rink. “Stewart is known for his drawing ability, but my opening bowls were fantastic, and shut him out.

“On another day it might be totally different, but Stewart must be very disappointed. He’s a great player, and is sure to win this title again.”

Stewart said: “I am not just disappointed – I’m angry with myself. I was rubbish. My first two bowls were often short, and I was reduced to driving – and that didn’t work either. It’s back to the drawing board.”

It was a battle of former Ely club mates as Greg Harlow played Nick Brett, with the latter getting over the line 9-3, 7-7.

Nick said: “I was pleased with the way I played in the first set, but, when Greg settled, he gave me a few problems – and I admit that Lady Luck smiled on me on the sixth end of the second set, when I was 3-6 down, and it looked as if I was going to slip further behind. I was glad to tie the set.”

Greg said: “Playing against a good friend is no real problem. We play against all the top players all the time, and learn what are likely to do next. “I was slow to start out there today, but I thought I deserved a crack at a tiebreak, because I played well in the second set.”

The final game of the day saw David Gourlay beat Matthew Orrey 9-3, 5-4.

David said: “I was glad to get through that one – Matt played some incredible bowls to get out of trouble, sometimes using in-between weight shots that are so difficult to play on this carpet. I’m pleased with my form, and really pleased to be in the semi finals.”

Matt said afterwards: “I didn’t play so well tonight – especially with my first and second bowls. But I’ve had a great time, and learnt a lot. I was very nervous in my first game against Paul Foster, but the experience has been invaluable.”

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