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Day 6 wrap: World Bowls and IIBC Indoor Championships

New names will appear on all three of the coveted trophies up for grabs in the World Bowls and IIBC Indoor Championships in Guernsey when finals day takes place today (Saturday).

What’s more, four players from the field of 58 representing 30 countries feature in both the singles and mixed pairs events.

England’s Harry Goodwin, 26, is still in the hunt to become the first bowler to win both the singles and mixed pairs events and junior and senior level in this event after success in the Under 25 competition in 2022. He plays in the mixed pairs with Rebecca McMillan, while also bidding for Guernsey glory in both competitions are Canada’s Linda Ng, who is in the mixed pairs with her fellow Canadian singles winner Mike McNorton, after the made headlines beating New Zealand in the quarter-final, and the Malaysian pairing of Nor Farah Ain Abdullah and Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple who maintain interest in all three disciplines.

In the men’s singles, Shannon McIlroy is bidding for New Zealand honours, while Jason Greenslade flies the flag for the home nation representing Guernsey.

Natalie McWilliams is still in the hunt for the silverware in the women’s singles and hoping to retain the title for Scotland following in the footsteps of Julie Forrest, back-to-back winner in 2022 and 2023. She beat England’s Rebecca McMillan denying her a chance of double glory on a tie-break – decided on a measure – after they tied both sets – it couldn’t have been a closer match, while Connie Rixon from Malta is the other semi-finalist after ending Tayla Bruce from New Zealand’s hopes of becoming World Bowls Championship gold medallist and World Bowls Indoor Championship winner at the same time.

Joining England, Canada and Malaysia in the final four line-up in the mixed pairs are Australia’s Samantha Atkinson and Ray Pearse who are aiming to win the trophy for their country for the second year in succession after Kelsey Cottrell and Aron Sherriff were victorious in 2023. 



Knockout round: Simon Martin (Ireland) bt Jason Evans (South Africa) 8-0, 7-6; Peter Bonsor (Spain) bt Clive McGreal (Isle of Man) 5-5, 9-4.

Quarter-finals: Harry Goodwin (England) bt Simon Martin (Ireland) 10-1, 8-5; Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) bt Michael Stepney (Scotland) 5-4, 8-3, 1-0; Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple (Malaysia) bt Ray Pearse (Australia) 3-5, 8-3, 1-0; Jason Greenslade (Guernsey) bt Peter Bonsor (Spain) 9-4, 6-6.

Semi-final draw: Malaysia v England; New Zealand v Guernsey.


Knockout round: Linda Ng (Canada) bt Lindsey Greechan (Jersey) 7-1, 7-3; Rebecca McMillan (England) bt Christine (Petal) Jones (Norfolk Island) 5-4, 9-4; Connie Rixon (Malta) bt Tayla Bruce (New Zealand) 7-4, 4-5, 1-0; Natalie McWilliams (Scotland) bt Rebecca McMillan (England) 7-7, 6-6, 1-0.

Quarter-finals: Nor Farah Ain Abdullah (Malaysia) bt Samantha Atkinson (Australia) 6-5, 9-1; Linda Ng (Canada) bt Rose Ogier (Guernsey) 8-0, 4-3; Connie Rixon (Malta) bt Tayla Bruce (New Zealand) 7-4, 4-5, 1-0; N McWilliams (Scotland) bt R McMillan (England) 7-7, 6-6, 1-0.

Semi-final draw: Malta v Scotland; Malaysia v Canada.


Knock-out round: Nor Farah Ain Abdullah and Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple (Malaysia) bt Sandra Bailie MBE and Simon Martin (Ireland) 6-2; 11-6; Rebecca McMillan and Harry Goodwin (England) bt Rose Ogier and Jason Greenslade (England) 5-8, 10-6, 1-0.

Quarter-finals: Rebecca McMillan and Harry Goodwin bt Olle Backgren and Alison Merrien MBE (Sweden and Guernsey) 9-2, 8-3; Linda Ng and Mike McNorton bt Tayla Bruce and Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) 7-6, 4-5, 1-0; Samantha Atkinson and Ray Pearse (Australia) bt Julie Forrest and Mike Stepney (Scotland) 13-6, 7-7; Nor Farah Ain Abdulah and Izzat Shameer Dzulkepie bt Sara Nicholls and Kristian Crocker (Wales) 12-8, 7-4.

Semi-final draw: England v Canada; Australia v Malaysia.

The semi-finals and finals take place tomorrow (Saturday) starting at at 8.30 am UK time with the mixed pairs semi-finals followed by the men’s and women’s singles semi-finals at 10.45.

The finals are scheduled as follows: mixed pairs – 12.30 pm, women’s singles – 2.45 pm and men’s singles – 4.30 pm.

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Action from the mixed pairs quarter-finals. Credit: Sporting Highlights

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