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Day 4 wrap: World Bowls and IIBC Indoor Championships

It’s down to the business end of the World Bowls and IIBC Championships at Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association’s stadium.

Canada’s Linda Ng is one of the players enjoying the championships – she’s the only competitor out of the 58 numbered field to remain unbeaten in both the singles and mixed pairs events.

The Guernsey club have certainly embraced the championships and have plenty to shout about on the green too with members Rose Ogier and Jason Greenslade still in the hunt for glory in the women’s and men’s singles and mixed pairs, where Alison Merrien MBE, who is also IIBC president, also maintains a strong interest with her partner Olle Backgren from Sweden.

In the men’s singles, Jason is one of four players all maintaining a 100 per cent record along with Australia’s Ray Pearse, Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple from Malaysia and Harry Goodwin, England, who top their sections, while New Zealand’s Shannon McIlroy is the other group leader.

Ireland’s Simon Martin must surely have returned one of the biggest ever victories in the championships with a 21-0, 17-3 victory against Jamaica.

In the women’s event, it is Tayla Bruce, New Zealand, Canada’s Linda Ng and Rebecca McMillan, England, who have won all four games so far, with Bruce and Ng (first and second in their section respectively) due to go head-to-head tomorrow. Heading the other sections are Samantha Atkinson, Australia, Connie Rixon, Malta, and Natalie McWilliams from Scotland.

But it was Hong Kong’s Gloria Yat Ting Ha and Stanley Gon Lap Lai caused one of the main shocks of the day beating high-flyers Tayla Bruce and Shannon McIlroy, New Zealand, 6-3, 10-5, in the mixed event.

Australia’s Samantha Atkinson and Ray Pearse meanwhile bounced back from their defeat to Namibia the previous day recording a win against the Isle of Man, but they were pushed all the way by Caroline Whitehead and Clive McGreal before getting over the line on a tie-break end.

Australia’s victory saw them leapfrog over Wales’ Sara Nicholls and Kristian Crocker, who had a bye, to top the section one at the end of the penultimate day of sectional play, while the aforementioned Sweden and Guernsey pair lead section two, with Nor Farrah Ain Abdullah and Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple’s win for Malaysia over Malta’s Connie Rixon and Joe Saragozza earning them second spot.

Canada’s Linda Ng and Mike McNorton – who have won all four games – are in poll position in section three, with Ireland’s Sandra Bailie MBE and Simon Martin occupying second place courtesy of their win over the Falkland Islands and Scotland pair, Oliver Thompson and Natalie McWilliams.

Section four sees New Zealand first and England (Rebecca McMillan and Harry Goodwin) second, while Scotland’s Julie Forrest and Michael Stepney, who are the other team unbeaten, occupy the driving seat, with the host club Guernsey’s Rose Ogier and Jason Greenslade in second place.

The final of sectional play continues tomorrow (Thursday) at 8.30 am UK time.



Section 1: Simon Martin (Ireland) bt Robert Simpson (Jamaica) 21-0, 17-3; Loren Dion (USA) bt Stanley Gon Lap Lai (Hong Kong, China) 8-6, 6-5; Ray Pearse (Australia) bt Ozkan Akar (Turkiye) 9-3, 4-4.

Standings: 1. Ray Pearse (12 pts); 2. Ozkan Akar (9 pts); 3. Loren Dion (6 pts); 4. Simon Martin (6 pts); 5. Stanley Gon Lap Lai (3 pts); 6. Robert Simpson (0).

Section 2: Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple (Malaysia) bt Chiu Pok Man (Singapore) 9-1, 10-5; Derek Boswell (Jersey) bt Jordy Jones (Norfolk Island) 4-11, 8-4, 1-0; Peter Bonsor (Spain) bt Joe Saragozza (Malta) 12-7, 10-2.

Standings: 1. Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple (12pts); 2. Peter Bonsor (9 pts); 3. Derek Boswell (Jersey) (6 pts); 4. Jordy Jones (3 pts); 5. Chiu Pok Man (3 pts); 6. Joe Saragozza (3 pts).

Section 3: Jason Greenslade (Guernsey) bt Guillaume Hertzog (France) 10-2, 16-1; Carel Aron Olivier (Namibia) bt Beat Matti (Switzerland) 2-9, 9-3, 1-0; Michael Stepney (Scotland) bt Olle Backgren (Sweden) 12-1, 11-3.

Standings: 1. Jason Greenslade (12 pts); 2. Michael Stepney (9 pts); 3. Carel Aron Olivier (6 pts); 4. Beat Matti (6 pts); 5. Guillaume Hertzog (0); 6. Olle Backgren (0).

Section 4: Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) bt Gabor Foti (Hungary) 9-3, 13-1; Kristian Crocker (Wales) bt Hisaharu Satou (Japan) 12-3, 6-5.

Standings: 1. Shannon McIlroy (9 pts); 2. Clive McGreal (9 pts); 3. Kristian Crocker (3 pts); 4. Hisaharu Satou (3 pts); 5. Gabor Foti (0).

Section 5: Harry Goodwin (England) bt Oliver Thompson (Falkland Islands) 8-4, 10-4; Johnny Ng (Macao, China) bt Micharl Gabobewe (Botswana) 9-2, 5-5; Mike McNorton (Canada) bt Jason Evans (South Africa) 4-6, 7-6, 1-0.

Standings: 1. Harry Goodwin (12 pts); 2. Johnny Ng (9 pts); 3. Jason Evans (6 pts); 4. Mike McNorton (6 pts); 5. Oliver Thompson (3 pts); 6. Micharl Gabobewe (0).


Section 1: Lisa Bonsor (Spain) bt Rahsan Akar (Turkiye) 8-3, 5-7, 1-0; Nor Farrah Ain Abdullah (Malaysia) bt Esme Haley (South Africa) 12-2, 8-3.

Standings: 1. Natalie McWilliams (9 pts); 2. Esme Haley (6 pts); 3. Rahsan Akar (3 pts); 4. Nor Farrah Ain Abdullah (3 pts); 5. Lisa Bonsor (3 pts).

Section 2: Julie Forrest (Scotland) bt Gloria Yat Ting Ha (Hong Kong) 9-3, 6-6; Lindsey Greechan (Jersey) bt Mary Thompson (USA) 10-4, 4-7, 1-0; Connie Rixon (Malta) bt Keiko Kurohara (Japan) 7-5, 9-7.

Standings: 1. Connie Rixon (9 pts); 2. Lindsey Greechan (9 pts); 3. Julie Forrest (6 pts); 4. Gloria Yat Ting Ha (6 pts); 5. Keiko Kurohara (3 pts); 6. Mary Thompson (0).

Section 3: Lee Beng Ha (Singapore) bt Sara Nicholls (Wales) 7-6, 6-6; Samantha Atkinson (Australia) bt Irit Grencel (Israel) 12-3, 9-3.

Standings: 1. Samantha Atkinson (9 pts); 2. Sara Nicholls (6 pts); 3. Christine (Petal) Jones (6pts); 4. Lee Beng Hua (3 pts); 5. Irit Grencel (0).

Section 4: Pian Lai (Macao, China) w/o Maureen Caesar (Jamaica) failed to appear; Tayla Bruce (New Zealand) bt Cindy Royet (France) 10-2, 11-3; Linda Ng (Canada) bt Lephai Marea Modutlwa (Botswana) 2-6, 14-3, 1-0.

Standings: 1. Tayla Bruce (12 pts); 2. Linda Ng (12 pts); 3. Lephai Marea Modutlwa (6 pts); 4. Cindy Royet (3 pts); 5. Pian Lai (0); 6. Maureen Caesar (0).

Section 5: Rebecca McMillan (England) bt Caroline Whitehead (Isle of Man) 8-5, 6-5, 1-0; Marianne Kuenzie (Switzerland) bt Yvonne Olivier (Namibia) 11-5, 13-1; Sandra Bailie MBE bt Rose Ogier (Guernsey) 5-5, 10-2.

Standings: 1. Rebecca McMillian (12 pts); 2. Sandra Bailie MBE (9 pts); 3. Rose Ogier (9 pts); 4. Marianne Kuenzie (6 pts); 5. Caroline Whitehead (0); 6. Yvonne Olivier (0).


Section 1: Samantha Atkinson and Ray Pearse (Australia) bt Caroline Whitehead and Clive McGreal (Isle of Man) 4-8, 7-6, 1-0; Yvonne and Carel Aron Olivier (Namibia) bt Marianne Kuenzie and Beat Matti (Switzerland) 7-2, 7-7.

Standings: 1. Australia (9 pts); 2. Wales (6 pts); 3. Namibia (6 pts); 4. Isle of Man (3 pts); 5. Switzerland (0).

Section 2: Irit Grencel and Gabor Foti (Israel and Hungary) bt Christine (Petal) Jones and Jordy Jones (Norfolk Island) 5-11, 7-4, 1-0; Olle Backgren and Alison Merrien MBE (Sweden and Guernsey) bt Lindsey Greechan and Derek Boswell (Jersey) 9-4, 9-2; Nor Farrah Ain Abdullah and Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple (Malaysia) bt Joe Saragozza and Connie Rixon (Malta) 8-6, 9-3.

Standings: 1. Sweden and Guernsey (9 pts); 2. Malaysia (9 pts); 3. Jersey (6 pts); 4. Malta (6 pts); 5. Norfolk Island (3 pts); 6. Israel and Hungary (3 pts).

Section 3: Sandra Bailie MBE and Simon Martin (Ireland) bt Oliver Thompson and Natalie McWilliams (Falkland Islands and Scotland) 13-2, 11-2; Pian Lai and Johnny Ng (Macao, China) bt Maureen Caesar and Robert Simpson (Jamaica) 9-4, 11-3; Linda Ng and Mike McNorton (Canada) bt Lephai Marea Modutlwa and Micharl Gabobewe (Botswana) 8-5, 11-2.

Standings: 1. Canada (12 pts); 2. Ireland (6 pts); 3. Macao, China (6 pts); 4. Botswana (3 pts); 5. Falkland Island and Scotland (3 pts); 6. Jamaica (3 pts).

Section 4: Rebecca McMillan and Harry Goodwin (England) bt Mary Thompson and Loren Dion (USA) 5-5, 8-2; Gloria Yat Ting Ha and Stanley Gon Lap Lai (Hong Kong, China) bt Tayla Bruce and Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) 6-3, 10-5; Cindy Royet and Guillaume Hertzog (France) bt Lee Beng Hua and Chiu Pok Man (Singapore) 5-3, 11-1.

Standings: 1. New Zealand (9 pts); 2. England (9 pts); 3. Hong Kong, China (6 pts); 4. Singapore (6 pts); 5. France (3 pts) 6. USA (3 pts).

Section 5: Keiko Kurohara and Hisaharu Satou (Japan) bt Rahsan and Ozkan Akar (Turkiye) 9-6, 8-4; Rose Ogier and Jason Greenslade (Guernsey) bt Lisa and Pete Bonsor (Spain) 11-9, 6-6; Julie Forrest and Michael Stepney (Scotland) bt Esme Haley and Jason Evans (South Africa) 8-3, 7-3.

Standings: 1. Scotland (12 pts); 2. Guernsey (9 pts); 3. Japan (6 pts); 4. South Africa (6 pts); 5. Spain (3 pts); 6. Turkiye (3 pts).

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Photo caption: The competitors and ITOs at the World Bowls Indoor Championships with IIBC president Alison Merrien MBE. Credit: Sporting Highlights

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