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Hot Shots

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.

Hotshots Club had an image overhaul in 2019 to reflect the modern game and a gold badge will be launched in the summer, to further recognise success.

The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any Hotshot merchandise required.


DESBOROUGH BC (Pat Arnott, Mark Essex, Michael Hobson, Paul Patel).
DESBOROUGH BC (Chris Howard, Roy Palmer, Iain Bond, Colin Jones).

BRISTOL IBC (Frericka Norris, Keith Norris).
BLETCHLEY IBC (Peter Jackson, Tom Simpson, Peter Benson).
CHEDDINGTON BC (Roy Jones, David Finch, John Hill).
HANDY CROSS IBC (D. Moore, C. Sharp, N. Green).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Roger Pawley, James Masters, Michael Douglas, Richard Peyton).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Heather Bell, Ann Cavaliero, Maureen Peyton, Val Hughes).
BICKFORD SMITH BC (Alan Odgers, David Clemon).
PORTHLEVEN BC (Margaret Runter, Moira Cassidy, Evelyne Barber, Richard Horswill).
YEOVIL BC (G. Wherry, R. Homer, M. Perry).
PLYMOUTH LIFE CENTRE IBC (Edward Bartlett, Steve Harding).
SOUTH HAMS IBC (Bill McKimm, Simon Shaw, Antony Dore, Barry Geldard)
TORQUAY UNITED IBC (Jim Lane, Jessie James, Rory Levey).
DOLPHIN IBC (Judith Collett, Sue Pinnell, Geoff Pinnell).
DOLPHIN IBC (Sally Williams, Nicola Smith, Mo Mowlam, Diane Phillips).
DOLPHIN IBC (Jackie Collishaw, Christine Gibb, Margaret Wilson, Catherine Simmons).
MOONFLEET 2000 BC (Kevin Miles, Tony Gigg).
CLACTON AND DISTRICT IBC (Sandra Wood, Sandra Rose, Robert Lucas, Dave Pretlove).
CLACTON AND DISTRICT IBC (Lesley Hinson, Will Hinson, Dennis Frizzell).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Ted Lilley, Peter Johnson, Simon Driscoll, John Brooks).
SAFFRON WALDEN TOWN BC (Steve Murphy, Peter Smith, Derek Giffin).
SOUTHEND BC (Doreen Johnson, Sylvia Kingston, Jan Soar, Geraldine Cane).
AVONVALE BC (Lynn Bellamy, Eddie Tipler, Bob Allen, Sally Ford).
GLOUCESTER IBC (Suzanne Dignum, Hazel Jones, Audrey Wakefield, Christine Harris).
MID GLOS IBC (Peter Pickthorn, Adam Lubanski, Bob Knight).
THORNBURY IBC (Dylan Griffiths, Neal Willshaw, Robert Bertram, Derek Olive).
CHAWTON PARK IBC (John Martin, John Swanborough, Graham Sampson).
FLEET UNITED BC (Linda Naylor, June Messenger, Roger Messenger).
ISLE OF WIGHT COMMUNITY CLUB (Peter Dent, Mike Lord, Mike Preece, Bill Pike).
ISLE OF WIGHT IBC (Jeff Edkins, Kirstysue Mortlock, John Attrill, Bob Mortlock).
ISLE OF WIGHT IBC (Tony Churms, Jeff Edkins, Bob Powell, John Fittrill).
ERITH VETERANS BC (Trisher White, Antony Henley, Stanley Jarman).
OYSTER IBC (Clive Allen, Jane Towler, Geoff Wilson, Richard Rowden).
RIVERSIDE (TONBRIDGE) BC (Charlie Potter, Richard Bryant, Christopher Rushton).
STONE LODGE IBC (Dott Gee, Brenda Hughes, Fred Atkins, John La Roche).
SEVENOAKS IBC (Gerald Hemmings, Doris Chapman, Susan Wallis).
SWALE IBC (Pam Caley, Julie Cooper, Graham Staff).
VICTORIA PARK BC (Stella Cunningham, Vic Pidduck, Ivy Line, Clive Bruce).
BELVOIR VALE BC (Vivien Pugh, Martin Porter, Simon Gant).
KNIGHTON VICTORIA BC (G. Thompson, Annie Smith, Peter Bell, Steve Mather).
LINCOLN AND DISTRICT IBC (Pauline Yeardsley, Patrick Sanders, Suzanne Sanders, Tex Brown).
SHEFFIELD PARK BC (Titch Seymour, Linda Salmon, Rick Luther).
WEALDSTONE BC (Jamie MacDonald, Mick O’Grady).
ACLE IBC (Diane Mann, Ken Squire).
DEREHAM IBC (Bernadette Scott, Richard Scott).
ROUNDWOOD IBC (Phil Pettit, Linda Farrow, Jo Brown).
KINGSTHORPE BC (Harry Haddock, Bob Cattell, Alan Slinn, Paul Pappalardo).
NORTHAMTON AND DISTRICT IBC (Chris Brazier, Gina Beasant).
RUSHDEN TOWN BC (Gillian Tarry, Ron Drage, Maria Leigh, Joan Baker).

WEST DENTON IBC (Joyce Calcraft, Maurice Crake, Bob Leeson).
NEWARK IBC (Laura Harker, Jane Timmins, Simon Lathlane).
NEWARK IBC (Susan Storr, Doreen Morrison).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (Irene Bowyer, Alan Wakefield, Pamela Milton).
SKEGNESS IBC (Joan Findley, Maurice Thorold, Amanda Forty).
BANBURY CROSS IBC (Pauline Smith, Pat Reily, Tay Hopkins).
OXFORD CITY AND COUNTY BC (C. Young, G. Rogers, J. Turrell, G. Scott).
SHIPLAKE VILLAGE BC (Pete McCoubrey, Graham Kennedy, Wendy Cross).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Donald Lennox, Brian Peirce).
ILMINSTER BC (Oliver Collins, Kirsty Hembrow).
NAILSEA IBC (Jenny Byett, Shirley Budd, Burt Budd, Dave Byett).
PURNELL IBC (Pauline Dando, Marion Harrington, Daphne Dodgeson, Diana Crouch).
WRINGTON BC (Christine Phillips, Debbie Baker, Fred Thomas, Andy Tandy).
TAMWORTH IBC (David Payne, John Sawle).
FELIKSTOWE IBC (Margaret Baker, Ken Chenery).
DONYNGS BC (Pat Lilley, Norma Livermore, Lea Peters, Marion Melville).
TRINGHAM SMBC (Brian Barefield, Angela Woodley, Sue Browning, Dave Browning).
WALLINGTON BC Kate Mosley, Paul Mosley).
WEY VALLEY IBC (Edgar Buckley, David Ewins).
CRABLANDS BC (Rod Lincoln, Lesley Duff, Alan Blyth, Richard Humphrey).
EASTBOURNE AND DISTRICT IBC (Albert Green, Keith Nethercot, Steve Dodd, Anne Summers).
EASTBOURNE AND DISTRICT IBC (Freddie Cable, John Cable, John McCarthy, Mick Martin).
EGERTON PARK IBC (Ian May, Barry Dadswell, Barry Quaife, Denis Parkinson).
RYE BC (Mick Wood, Rosemarie Crouch, Don Williams).
THE MARTLETS SMBC (Barrie Fitch, Marc Lancaster, David Luxford, Monica Enticknap).
CITY OF BIRMINGHAM IBC (Karen Flowers, Jean Glenn, Margret Darby, Christine Slim).
ASTON SOMERVILLE BC (Mike Pilling, Rob Smith, Ivan Beesley).
STOURPORT BC (Mike Duffil, Ray Hobday, Judy Conway, Derek Beddow).
GUISBOROUGH PRIORY BC (Malcolm Walker, William Laird, Richard Eastwood, Terry Alderson).
HARROGATE IBC (Denise Fagan, Martin Whitehouse).
LEEDS AND DISTRICT IBC (Gordon Bradford, Alan Box).
NORTH CAVE IBC (P. Axiotes, M. Collins).
SCARBOROUGH SMBC (John Simms, Marlene Revell, Elaine Thornburn).
SELBY BC (Jennifer Lund, Christine Beddow, Molly Depledge, Christine Maltby).
SELBY BC (Neil Stead, Alan Hancock, Pauline Fryer, Richard Oldfield).
WICKERSLEY CI BC (D. Wake, B. Pickersgill, D. Pickersgill, B. Rodkin).
BELFAST IBC (Cecil Magill, Valeria Pedan, Alan Brown, Alice Alcorn).
PSNI BC (Nigel Graham, Mark Lendrum, Trevor Hill, Paddy Franks).
ST. COLUMBUS BC (Colin Bailey, Dennis Easton, Frank Hutchinson, Craig Martin).
COWAL IBC (Tony Frosdick, Jimmy Reid, Eddy Wallace Snr, Andy Scott).
DINEFWR IBC (Martyn Henry, Terry Gorrange, Bryan Rees, Dai Turvey).
ISLWYN IBC (B. Priestley, L. Hathaway, J. Hoare, G. Thomas).
PONTARDAWE IBC (Shan Hulme, Len Martin, Peter Gwyn-Jones).

LA MANGA BC (Lesley Jayne, Sandra Robertson, Viv Walker).
MAZARRON BC (Silvia Logue, Frank Quinton, Brian Carter).
SAN MIGUEL BC (James Cutting, Gail Willshire, Stuart Hemmings).
SAYDO BC (Anne Togneri, Peter Togneri).