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The seven most DANGEROUS words in green keeping

I’ve worked in greenkeeping since I left school in 1981 and within a short time in the job, I saw that it was infected with unquestioned routines, probably more than most careers (writes John Quinn).It was fairly easy to see that we

Natural greenkeeping – a practical guide

Bowling green maintenance can feel like a constant battle against pests, disease and disorders, but this struggle is largely human in origin. I’ve often heard greenkeepers say things like “you can’t beat mother nature”, while

High performance bowling greens – a quick guide

I’ve sometimes asked readers to take on board some fairly lofty principles, which at first, might seem unrelated to the real world of daily greenkeeping with all the incumbent pressures and demands it brings. Bowling green performance is a


To outsiders, greenkeeping looks like an easy job; just walking up and down with a mower in the sunshine for an hour or so every other morning in the summertime. Of course, we know it's much more complex than that. Alongside the mowers in

GREENCRAFT | Don’t work blind this Autumn

At this time of year, bowling clubs are often inundated with offers from contractors to carry out an autumn renovation programme devised by, you guessed it, the contractor... without actually seeing the green! Bowls International's

Saltex 2019 breaks records

SALTEX (Sports Amenities Landscaping Exhibition) once again proved to be the industry’s showcase event with more than 500 brands on display and a record-breaking 9,104 visitors in attendance. As soon as the doors opened on the