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Military veterans bowls group set-up

For some years, a group of military veterans, in Ammanford, West Wales, have been meeting for coffee weekly.
One of the group, former army officer Major Ken Burton, who is a past president of both the Welsh indoor and outdoor national governing bodies, suggested that the group spend an evening experiencing indoor bowls which, due to the enthusiasm shown, has now developed into a regular weekly activity.
Dinefwr Indoor Bowls Centre, which Ken is also president of, welcomed the military veterans and assisted in providing coaching for the initial group of 12, only two of which had previously enjoyed the sport. The evenings have become so enjoy able that most the participants have become full members of the Dinefwr club and now call themselves The Hasbeens and have their own bowling tops.
The veterans span the years with the eldest, a sprightly WW2 veteran 101-year-old ex-Naval gunner Neville Bowen, who took part in the Battle of the Atlantic during the war, he still enjoys bowls and is very able despite his visual impairment. Many of the group have been on active service in conflicts during their service and bowls evenings play a big part in achieving recovery through activity for many Veterans who clearly enjoy both the physical activity of bowling but also the social activity with a cuppa after the game.
A member of the group is Owen Dobson, who is the veteranโ€™s welfare officer with Age Cymru Dyfed. He describes the evenings as โ€œsuch is in the fun and inclusive nature of the evening they are a vital part of the week for mostโ€ and he is actively encouraging others to join the group.
The group continues to thrive and expand with more joining, and we look forward to inviting yet more veterans to play.
Like most stadiums, Dinefwr Bowls Centre is not only accessible for all but is also very welcoming to our veterans of all abilities. Well-lit and heated the venue is comfortable for all and the onsite cafรฉ is exceptional and excellent value for money.
Major Ken Burton sincerely stresses that the Hasbeens experience benefits not only the veterans, but the bowls centres that embrace the idea, he would encourage any club interested to contact their local Royal British Legion branch or veterans associations to contact him at dinefwrindoorbowls@gmail.com for any
further information.

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