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NatWest Island Games – day three round-up

Session 1

The first session of the day saw the continuation of the Open Pairs and Open Singles round robins (writes Janice Gower). In the pairs, the Guernsey Men took on the Ynys Mรดn Ladies, and as well as a conclusive victory, the Guernsey pair of Brad Le Noury and Josh Bonsall managed to fit all 21 ends into the 2.5 hour time limit, no slow play conditions needed here!ย 

In the singles, Alison Merrien MBE (Guernsey) and Michael Rive (Jersey) both had strong wins against their opponents from Alderney and Ynys Mรดn respectively. Mark Causer from Orkney and Cecil Alexander from the Falkland Islands had a tougher match, with only one score of the 24 ends played being higher than a 2. In the end, despite Cecil picking up a 4 on the 22nd end, Mark took the win 21-15.

Session 2

In the pairs in session 2, Group A was all to play for with a few teams on equal points. The Guernsey Ladies took an early lead against the Falkland Island Men and managed to retain it, to win with a final score of 13-9. The Western Isles played the Jersey Men, which was another close match. The Western Isles trailed for the majority of the game, however a 3 on the 15th end brought them within 2 shots of the win, which was scuppered by a single shot for Jersey meaning the final score was 14-15.

The singles matches were more convincingly won in this session, with William Nelson of the Western Isles, Ian Merrien from Guernsey and David Leach from Bermuda all scooping up wins, although Davidโ€™s match was 27 ends long, as the two players kept picking up 1 shot each end!

Session 3

In Session 3, the Guernsey Menโ€™s pair took on the other pair in their group who had 2 out of 2 wins under their belts, the Jersey Ladies. After a close start, and 8 ends of back and forth shots keeping the scores level, the Guernsey pair picked up a 4, which was followed in the next 8 ends with two further 4s, sealing their victory and their spot in the gold medal match!

In the other pairs match, the Ynys Mรดn pair of Adrienne Edwards and Nia Roberts won their first match of the competition against the Falkland Island Ladies. An exclusive interview with the pair can be found on the Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association Facebook page.

The singles saw another round of strong wins for Ian Merrien, Cecil Alexander, Alison Merrien MBE and Michael Rive, although their opponents put up a good fight.

Session 4

The Pairs Group A had a tough round where the Guernsey Ladies, Jersey Men and Western Isles all went in on similar points, so the wins may help determine final places after the final round of the group tomorrow. The Guernsey Ladies, despite coming level with the Western Isles at end 13, won 13-11 which moved them into bronze position with a game in hand over the Jersey Men. The Jersey Men had a strong win against the Orkney pair of Craig Rendall and John Hamilton strengthening their shot difference by 36.

The singles helped make the day have a โ€œfeel goodโ€ vibe, when Paul Richardson, aged 85 and the NatWest International Island Games 2023โ€™s oldest competitor, won his singles against Raymond Worthington from Ynys Mรดn, 21-8. 

There was a close match between Ann Cross of Jersey and William Nelson of the Western Isles, ending 21-19 in Williamโ€™s favour. Falkland Islandโ€™s Daphne Arthur-Almond played Bermudaโ€™s David Leach, and for the pair who have travelled 11,076 miles in total to compete here, had a great battle. In the end, it was David who took the victory, 21-18.

Today (Thursday 13th July) sees the final sessions of round robin matches followed by the Open Pairs and Open Singles finals at 6pm. These will both be live-streamed on our YouTube, but if youโ€™re able to please do join us in person to support all the players!