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The Welsh Premier League (WPL) is set to return this Summer at Barry Athletic Bowling Club, Cardiff on Sunday 6th of August. Tournament organiser Chris Wright has introduced a few new teams to the event and has brought together a range of the best players from across Wales as well as current indoor World Singles Champion and recent Commonwealth Games medalist Jamie Walker from England. Teams were selected by team managers during a live streaming draft event earlier in the week, players were made up of various categories of bowlers including ‘Welsh legends’, ‘Under 35s’, ‘select female bowlers’, ‘select male bowlers’ and more. An open qualifier event will be held to determine who takes the remaining spaces.

This is the second edition of the WPL. The first was won by the Barry Islanders last year: Lee Morgans, Robert Weale, Adam King, Anwen Butten and John Roberts with manager Glyn Thomas. Lee Morgans was voted MVP.

Welsh Premier League 2023 Teams:

Barry Islanders: Martin Clarke-Squires, Carl Wood, Caroline Taylor, Marc Wyatt, Kristian Crocker. TM: Glyn Thomas.

Swansea Jacks: Chris Klefenz, Roger Jones, Alis Butten, Wyn Mathews, Mark Thomas. TM: Mike Herbert.

Cardigan Cougars: Ben Thomas, Lee Daniels, Laura Daniels, Jeff Wilkins, Rhys Jackson. TM: Mark Adams.

Cardiff Bluebirds: Mark Harding, Mark Letman, Lowri Powell, Phil Rowlands, Rhys Colwill. TM: Wayne Letman.

MidMonty Farmers: Daniel Salmon, Ryan Davies, Lauren Gowen, Robert Weale, Chaad Bowling. TM: David Weale.

Rhondda Rollers: Owain Dando, Hannah Williams, Daniel Davies Jnr, Jonathan Williams, Ryan Thomas. TM: Nicky Jones.

Valley Vikings: Ross Owen, Sam Roff, Melanie Thomas, Mike Prosser, Luke Davies. TM: Layton Davies.

Pembs Panthers: Jarrad Breen, Martin Selway, Ceri-Ann Glen, Neil Rees, Qualifier 1. TM: Ceris Hewlings.

Wrexham Deadpools: John Roberts, Joe Price, Sara Nicholls, Neil Collett, Richard Underwood. TM Steve Jackson.

Gwent Giants: Jamie Walker, Lee Morgans, Ysie White, Andrew Fleming, Joe Mower. TM: Jamie Brown.

Merthyr Massive: Jonathan Tomlinson, Liam Stone, Amy Williams, Andrew Hopkins, Adam King. TM: Jonathan Evans.

Llanelli Scarlets: Robert Chisholm, Ben Matthews, Emma Woodcock, David Kingdon, Qualifier 2. TM: Mike Kent.