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Australian Jackaroos whitewash Ireland in International Test Series

The Australian Jackaroos have enjoyed success at Broadbeach and Club Musgrave on the Gold Coast with a dominant victory against Ireland in the three-test series.

After claiming the first test and honours on day one, Australia kept the foot on the accelerator on day two as they wrapped up the second and third tests.

DAY ONE RESULTS (Australia names first):
Session One (Test 1):
Men’s fours: Cody Packer, Jesse Noronha, Carl Healey & Aaron Teys bt Richie Leonard, Robert Kirkwood, Shane Leonard & Andy Kyle 18-5

Men’s pairs: Ben Twist & Aaron Wilson bt Stuart Bennett & Simon Martin 21-15

Men’s fours: Corey Wedlock, Barrie Lester, Matt Lucas & Aron Sherriff bt Ryan McElroy, Jack Moffett, Stephen Kirkwood & Mark Wilson 13-11

Women’s pairs: Kristina Krstic & Ellen Ryan bt Ashleigh Rainey & Chloe Wilson 22-7

Women’s pairs: Jamie-Lee Worsnop & Dawn Hayman bt Mia Patterson & Sophie McIntyre 26-5

Women’s pairs: Lynsey Clarke & Chloe Stewart bt Amy Carruth & Lara Reaney 25-7

Women’s pairs: Bolivia Millerick & Kelsey Cottrell bt Megan Devlin & Sarah Kelly 24-14

Session Two (Test 1):
Women’s fours: Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Bolivia Millerick, Ellen Ryan & Natasha Van Eldik bt Amy Carruth, Megan Devlin, Sarah Kelly & Chloe Wilson 24-5

Women’s fours: Kristina Krstic, Chloe Stewart, Dawn Hayman & Kelsey Cottrell bt Mia Patterson, Ashleigh Rainey, Sophie McIntyre & Lara Reaney 16-11

Men’s pairs: Jesse Noronha & Ben Twist lost to Ryan McElroy & Mark Wilson 15-18

Men’s pairs: Cody Packer & Carl Healey bt Stephen Kirkwood & Simon Martin 22-11

Men’s singles: Aron Sherriff bt Shane Leonard 21-14

Men’s singles: Corey Wedlock bt Jack Moffett 21-12

Men’s fours: Matt Lucas, Barrie Lester, Aaron Teys & Aaron Wilson bt Richie Leonard, Stuart Bennett, Robert Kirkwood & Andy Kyle 19-12

Session Three (Test 2):
Men’s triples: Matt Lucas, Barrie Lester & Aaron Wilson bt Ryan McElroy, Robert Kirkwood & Andy Kyle 19-10

Men’s triples: Jesse Noronha, Aron Sherriff & Aaron Teys lost to Stuart Bennett, Shane Leonard & Simon Martin 17-18

Men’s fours: Carl Healey, Cody Packer, Corey Wedlock & Ben Twist bt Richie Leonard, Jack Moffett, Stephen Kirkwood & Mark Wilson 15-12

Women’s triples: Bolivia Millerick, Lynsey Clarke & Ellen Ryan bt Amy Carruth, Ashleigh Rainey & Chloe Wilson

Women’s triples: Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Chloe Stewart & Kelsey Cottrell bt Mia Patterson, Megan Devlin & Lara Reaney 25-3

Women’s singles: Natasha Van Eldik bt Sarah Kelly 21-5

Women’s singles: Dawn Hayman bt Sophie McIntyre 21-6

Session One (Test 2)
Men’s fours: Barrie Lester, Cody Packer, Ben Twist & Aron Sherriff bt Robert Kirkwood, Shane Leonard, Andy Kyle & Richard Leonard 17-8

Men’s fours: Jesse Noronha, Matt Lucas, Corey Wedlock & Carl Healey bt Stuart Bennett, Jack Moffett, Simon Martin & Mark Wilson 16-12

Men’s pairs: Aaron Teys & Aaron Wilson lost to Ryan McElroy & Stephen Kirkwood 14-17

Women’s pairs: Lynsey Clarke & Dawn Hayman bt Ashleigh Rainey & Lara Reaney 19-12

Women’s pairs: Chloe Stewart & Ellen Ryan bt Mia Patterson & Chloe Wilson 25-4

Women’s pairs: Bolivia Millerick & Natasha Van Eldik bt Megan Devlin & Sophie McIntyre 21-17

Women’s pairs: Jamie-Lee Worsnop & Kristina Krstic bt Amy Carruth & Sarah Kelly 36-5

Session Two (Test 3):
Men’s singles: Ben Twist bt Robert Kirkwood 21-8

Men’s singles: Aaron Teys bt Richie Leonard 21-15

Men’s pairs: Matt Lucas & Carl Healey lost to Andy Kyle & Simon Martin 11-18

Men’s pairs: Barrie Lester & Aron Sherriff bt Stuart Bennett & Jack Moffett 20-19

Men’s fours: Corey Wedlock, Jesse Noronha, Cody Packer & Aaron Wilson lost to Ryan McElroy, Stephen Kirkwood, Shane Leonard & Mark Wilson 11-21

Women’s fours: Kristina Krstic, Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Kelsey Cottrell & Dawn Hayman bt Mia Patterson, Amy Carruth, Lara Reaney & Chloe Wilson 21-8

Women’s fours: Chloe Stewart, Bolivia Millerick, Lynsey Clarke & Natasha Van Eldik bt Megan Devlin, Ashleigh Rainey, Sophie McIntyre & Sarah Kelly 26-9

Session Three (Test 3):
Men’s fours: Ben Twist, Aaron Teys, Aron Sherriff & Carl Healey bt Ryan McElroy, Jack Moffett, Simon Martin & Andy Kyle 18-11

Men’s triples: Matt Lucas, Aaron Wilson & Cody Packer bt Stuart Bennett, Shane Leonard & Mark Wilson 19-7

Men’s triples: Barrie Lester, Jesse Noronha & Corey Wedlock bt Richie Leonard, Robert Kirkwood & Stephen Kirkwood 14-13

Women’s triples: Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Natasha Van Eldik & Dawn Hayman lost to Megan Devlin, Amy Carruth & Chloe Wilson 17-18

Women’s triples: Kristina Krstic, Bolivia Millerick & Lynsey Clarke bt Mia Patterson, Ashleigh Rainey & Sarah Kelly 24-11

Women’s singles: Kelsey Cottrell bt Lara Reaney 21-10

Women’s singles: Ellen Ryan bt Sophie McIntyre 21-14

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