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England trialists announced for indoor internationals

The English Indoor Bowling Association has announced its trialists for the upcoming international trials, taking place on the weekend of December 3-4 at Nottingham IBC.

Mixed Under 18s (2.30pm – Sunday, December 4)
Owen Aspinall (Stamford & District), Charlie Beeton (Ipswich & District), Samuel Brugnoli (Huntingdon), Oliver Collins (Ilminster), Connor Fielder (Plymouth Life Centre), Alexandra Gilbert (Mote Park (Maidstone)), Reece Graham (Chawton Park), Ellie Hamblett (Barwell), George Hopper (Donyngs), Jorja Jackson (Huntingdon), Ollie Jeapes (Spalding), Ellie Johnson (Norfolk Bowling Club), Madison King (Clevedon), Martia Linford (Acle), Bobby Manzi (Crystal Palace), Jacob Mills (Rugby Thornfield), Andrew Moore (Dawlish & District), Lilli Murray (Kingsthorpe), Harrison Oliver (Mote Park (Maidstone)), Chloe Palmer (Lakenheath), Isabelle Pymm (Melton & District), Rhianna Russell (Riverain), Joe Sanford (Crystal Palace), Oliver Sloan (Nottingham), Keira Thurston (Huntingdon), Millie Tuck (Dolphin), Finley Williamson (Midglos), Harry Wimble-Roberts (Swale).

The BIIBC U18 International Series will take place at Solihull IBC from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th January 2023.

Men’s Under 25s (10.00am – Sunday, December 4)
Aaron Johnson (Norfolk Bowling Club), Oliver Fowler (Rugby Thornfield), Joe Sanford (Crystal Palace), Dean Rudling (Gallow);
Ryan Nash (Moonfleet 2000), Scott Eveleigh (Exonia), William Moulton (Cambridge Chesterton), Ashley Nethercliffe (Loddon Vale);
George Hopper (Donyngs), Hayden Moorbey (St. Neots & District), Oliver Sloan (Nottingham), Adam Barker (St. Neots & District);
Harry Mycock (Spalding), Conor Bryan (Northampton & District), Isaac Jenner (Swale), Adam Pitfield (Wellingborough);
Jack Wimble-Roberts (Swale), Josh Rowe (Mote Park (Maidstone)), Joe Sims (Mid Suffolk), Tom Holmes (Malvern Hills);
Conrad Morrison (Hartlepool), Joshua Jones (Whiteknights), Sam Stocker (St. Andrews), Ethan Giblett (Melton & District);
Daniel Hughes (Barking), Tom Lesslie (Turpins), Harry Duffield (Bromley), Harry Ward (Huntingdon);
Jordon Harston (Great Aycliffe), Mack May (St. Neots & District), Joshua Austin (Mote Park (Maidstone)), Ryan Lowe (Leicester).

Travelling reserves: Alix Rouse (Turpins), Nathan Wood (Dolphin)
Non-travelling reserve: Ajay Morphett (Eastbourne)
Not Available: Harry Goodwin (Swale – on international duty)

The BIIBC Men’s U25 International Series will take place at Jim Baker Stadium, County Antrim on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2023.

Women’s Under 25s (10.00am – Sunday, December 4)
Leah Bamford (Swale), Yasmina Hasan (Egham), Millie Tuck (Dolphin), Rachel Tremlett (St. Neots & District);
Hannah Smith (Malvern Hills), Emily Kernick (Solihull), Jasmine Wilson (Huntingdon), Ruby Hill (Spalding);
Tegan Grewal (Leicester), Alice Phillimore (Egerton Park), Chloe Brett (Huntingdon), Nicole Rogers (Exonia);
Olivia Moulton (White Oak), Katherine Bowman (Leicester), Devon Cooper (Hartlepool), Rebecca Moorbey (St. Neots & District);
Isabelle Poulter (Mote Park (Maidstone)), Ella Crouch (Plymouth Life Centre), Natalie Harrison (Swale), Rebecca Cresswell (Dolphin);
Rhianna Russell (Riverain), Sophie Purell (Huntingdon), Imogen Cracknell (Taunton Deane), Billie Swift (Northampton & District);
Ellie Johnson (Norfolk Bowling Club), Ellie Hamblett (Barwell), Jorja Jackson (Huntingdon), Hazel Larkin (Kingsthorpe);
Martia Linford (Acle), Isabelle Pymm (Melton & District), Alice Atkin (Charnwood), Alice Lovett (Loddon Vale).

Travelling reserves: Lily Jevons (Betteshanger), Nicole Moseley (Gallow), Carly Thompson (St. Neots & District)

The BIIBC Women’s U25 International Series will take place at Ffrith IBC, Wales on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February 2023.

Men’s (12.30pm – Saturday, December 3)
Stephen Harris (Spalding), Martin Puckett (Dorchester), Les Gillett (Melton & District), Greg Harlow (City of Ely);
Lewis Baker (Huntingdon), Perry Martin (Dolphin), Wayne Willgress (Norfolk Bowling Club), Nick Brett (Huntingdon);
Jack Bird (Hornsea & District), Neil McKee (Kingsthorpe), Louis Ridout (Torquay United), Jamie Chestney (Exonia);
Jonny Forcer (Hartlepool), Scott Edwards (Westlecot), David Bolt (South Shields) Stuart Irwin (Cumbria);
Matt Whyers (Spalding), Graham Smith (Spalding), Robert Paxton (Exonia), Mark Dawes (Spalding);
Andrew Manton (Kingsthorpe), Connor Cinato (Kingsthorpe), Ryan Whitlock (Torquay United), Sam Tolchard (Torquay United);
Shaun Jones (Malvern Hills), Andrew Walters (Welford-On-Avon), Ian Bond (Exonia), Jamie Walker (Torquay United);
Paul Hartley (South Shields), Harry Goodwin (Swale), Dominic McVittie (Spalding), Joe Dawson (Barwell).

Travelling reserves: Paul Mosley (Hartlepool), Jordan Philpott (Spalding)
Non-travelling reserves: Andrew Colebrooke (Clarrie Dunbar), Edward Elmore (Huntingdon), James Hampton (Exonia)

The BIIBC Men’s International Series will take place at Abbeyview IBC from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th March 2023.

Women’s (12.30pm – Saturday, December 3)
Devon Cooper (Hartlepool), Kylie Jenkins (Egham), Sandy Hazell (Swale), Annalisa Dunham (Spalding);
Nicole Rogers (Exonia), Danielle Martinson (Hartlepool), Rebecca Willgress (Norfolk Bowling Club), Katherine Rednall (Norfolk Bowling Club);
Jamie-Lea Marshall (Barwell), Penny Strong (Lincoln & District), Harriet Stevens (Exonia), Wendy King (Swale);
Ruby Hill (Spalding), Laura Holden (Clevedon), Amy Walters (Welford-On-Avon), Michelle Coleman (St. Neots & District);
Paige Dennis (Swale), Holly Chaytor (Hornsea & District), Katherine Hawes (Oxford & District), Lorraine Kuhler (Eastbourne & District);
Kirsty Richards (Welford-On-Avon), Rebecca McMillan (St. Andrews), Hayley Robinson (St. Neots & District), Kirsty Hembrow (Ilminster);
Cassidy Hampton (Exonia), Chloe Brett (Huntingdon), Anna Chalk (Lakenheath), Chelsea Spencer (Spalding);
Kirsty Mann (Norfolk Bowling Club), Rebecca Moorbey (St. Neots & District), Morgan Merryweather (Whiteknights), Lucy Smith (Westlecot).

Travelling reserves: Emma Cooper (Exonia), Jasmine Wilson (Huntingdon)

The BIIBC Women’s International Series will take place at Abbeyview IBC from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March 2023.

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