IIBC Under 25 World Championships underway

West Denton Indoor Bowls Club in Newcastle is hosting the International Indoor Bowls Council (IIBC) Under 25 World Championships, which started tonight.

Forty competitors from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Israel, Pakistan, Switzerland, Guernsey and Tonga will compete in the Under 25 Singles and Mixed Pairs to become World Champions.

Club Director Shiela Storey, who is also President of the International Indoor Bowls Council, said: “The Club’s events committee have worked hard to make sure that all the competitors and visitors have what I hope will be a very enjoyable time at West Denton Indoor Bowls Club. 

“The club members have embraced the chance to showcase their club and its International facilities. We hope that this is just the first of many opportunities to host such prestigious events. West Denton and Newcastle are ready and looking forward to watching the best in the world at our sport of Indoor Bowling.”

Sessions start daily at 10am from December 3 until Friday 6.

Free parking and snacks as well as hot meals are available. Tickets are on sale now at £2 per day and £6 for the week.

0191 2677459.


England – Devon Cooper and Nicole Rogers. 

Scotland– Eilidih Weir and Rebecca Houston.

Ireland– Zoe Minish and Lara Reaney.

Wales– Lauren Gowen and Lowri Powell.

Hong Kong– Ha Yat Ting and Leung Seen Wah.

France– Emma Baggio.

Guernsey– Emma Snell and Catherine Snell.

Israel– Shira Eshel.

Switzerland– Larissa Ruben. 

Pakistan– Noor Waseem.

Canada– Emma Boyd.

Tonga– Paris Baker.Australia – Jessica Srisamruaybai.

New Zealand– Natasha Russell.


England– Connor Cinato and Ryan Atkins.

Scotland – John Meikle, Bradley Buchan, John Orr, Jason Banks.

Ireland– Adam McKeown and Stephen Kirkwood.

Wales– Jack Breen, Mike Brian, Jordan Driscol.

Hong Kong– Tsang Yat Long and So Ka De.

France– Amaury Dumont.

Guernsey– Josh Bonsall and Ben Harvey.

Pakistan– Wajid Ali.

Canada– Brandon Watson. Australia – Mason Lewis.

New Zealand– Seamus Curtin. 


Brandon Watson & Emma Boyd (Canada)

Mason Lewis & Jessica Srisamruaybai (Australia)

Seamus Curtin & Natasha Russell(New Zealand)

Amaury Dumont & Emma Baggio(France)

Wajid Ali & Noor Waseem (Pakistan)

Tsang Yat Long & Ha Yat Ting (Hong Kong)

So Ka De & Leung Seen Wah(Hong Kong)

Connor Cinato & Nicole Rogers (England)

Ryan Atkins & Devon Cooper(England)

Adam McKeown & Zoe Minish (Ireland)

Stephen Kirkwood & Lara Reaney(Ireland)

Mike Brain & Lauren Gowen(Wales)

Jack Breen & Lowri Powell(Wales)

Josh Bonsall & Emma Snell (Guernsey)

Ben Harvey & Catherine Snell (Guernsey)

John Orr (Scotland)& Larissa Rubin(Switzerland)

Jordan Driscoll(Wales)& Paris Baker (Tonga)

Jason Banks(Scotland)& Shira Eshel(Israel)

John Meikle & Eilidh Weir(Scotland)Bradley Buchan & Rebecca Houston (

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