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Bowls England announce men’s junior international team

The following players have been selected to play in the BIBC Junior International Series at Belmont BC, Belfast on
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018.

Marcus Clifton (Leicestershire)
Josh Minto (Northumberland)
Harry Goodwin (Devon)
Sam Steel (Somerset)

Glen Adams (Middlesex)
Dominic McVittie (Lancashire)
Andrew Rodger (Kent)
Travis Meller# (Isle of Wight)

Tom McGuinness* (Buckinghamshire)
Jordan Philpott (Lincolnshire)
Lloyd Sabatini (Berkshire)
Nathan Kitchen (Gloucestershire)

Adam Hocking (Cumbria)
Tom Muir (Hertfordshire)
Luke Lane# (Worcestershire)
Ryan Atkins (Herefordshire)

Dan Seabourne (Norfolk)
Tom Holmes (Herefordshire)
Sam Moss* (Essex)
Charlie Souter* (Surrey)

Louis McCubbin (Hampshire)
Jamie Barker (Cambridgeshire)
Edward Elmore (Huntingdonshire)
Connor Cinato (Northamptonshire)

Reserves are listed alphabetically below. Two travelling reserves will be named by Bowls England following the
Junior Squad Day – all named reserves must attend the Junior Squad Day.
Jack Butcher (Essex)
Lee Calver (Suffolk)
Liam Harris (Suffolk)
James Park (Cumbria)
George Reid (Buckinghamshire)
Tom Segolo (Norfolk)
Luke Townsend (Somerset)
Glenn Williams (Hertfordshire)

Captain: Josh Minto
Team Manager: Martyn Sekjer