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British Isles events cancelled for 2021 outdoor season

The British Isles Bowls Council (BIBC) and British Isles Womenโ€™s Bowls Council (BIWBC) have announced the cancellation of all events for the 2021 season.

A statement said: “The decision reflects the challengesย related to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and has been made to enable more grassroots bowlers to enjoy the sport this summer.
“Whilst we remain positive that people will be out on the greens this summer, the international seriesย and championships necessitate an extra level of logistical planning and delivery for players,ย spectators and officials. “Given these extra considerations, particularly around international travelย 
and the varying restrictions across Britain expected to continue for months, it was not viable toย continue without damaging the integrity of the events.
“All nations agreed that the early decision was important to provide clarity to players and spectators,ย give every nation the opportunity to make the most of their domestic calendar and provide much-
needed support to clubs.
“No decision has been taken on British Isles events for 2022 as this will form part of a wider review taking into account a number of considerations including the Commonwealth Games taking place atย Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.”

The members of the BIBC are: Bowls England; Irish Bowling Association; Bowls Guernsey; Bowlsย 
Jersey; Bowls Scotland; Welsh Bowling Association
The members of the BIWBC are: Bowls England; Irish Womenโ€™s Bowling Association; Bowls Jersey;ย 
Bowls Scotland; Welsh Womenโ€™s Bowling Association