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France’s first bowls resort will open on Saturday

The first lawn bowls resort of its kind will open in the South of France on Saturday, June 2.

Fédération Française de Lawn Bowls will host the inauguration ceremony at Domiane les Ranchisses in the Ardeche.

Patrick Duvarry, President of the FFLB, said: “Created in 2016, the FFLB’s ambition is to establish Lawn Bowls in France, with help from our “Bowls Social Club” labelled partners, in as little as three years!

“Now, let’s not forget that lawn bowls is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life.

“From the 2nd of June 2018, discover the first lawn bowls field in France, with the Bowls Social Club label at Domaine des Ranchisses in the heart of Ardèche.”

Véronique and Philippe Chevalier, associate director of Domaine Les Ranchisses, said: “Our phrase ‘Let’s celebrate being together’ will take centre stage on June 2 at the official opening of the first Bowls Social Club of France.

“Join us and discover lawn bowls, this wonderful sport meant for all, mixing English Elegance with the French Touch.

“We look forward to welcoming you to the bowling green…”