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Choosing the Correct Size of Bowl

There are disputed ways to decide what size of bowl you should choose and what methods you should use to see what bowls size best suits you.

One way, which is highly disputed, is to put your thumbs so the tips are touching each other and wrap your hands around. If your finger ends touch on the other side, and not too comfortably, then that is the size for you.

However, another way if to hold the bowl in a normal grip and turn the bowl upside down. If you cannot grip the bowl then it is too big! You can wet your hands first to make it trickier to grip and this may also help.

Whichever method you use, at all times the bowl must feel ‘comfortable’ in your hand. If it does not, it is probably not the right bowl size for you.

You can always used the David Bryant CBE approach – play with the biggest bowl you can carry!