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England’s dominance in international series events indoor show no sign of abating as the women’s side dominated the series at Stanley.

As reported on Friday, England and Wales won their opening games after wins over Ireland and Scotland respectively.

Wales and England played each other next, with the winner becoming the clear favourite to take the title.

England despatched Wales with ease, winning on five rinks and by 144 shots to 95 overall.

A massive win for Sandy Hazell’s rink over Carol Difford’s sent England on their way, 36-10, and wins of 20-11 for Penny Strong over Denise Molan and 27-15 for Sarah Seymour’s rink over Kelly Packwood’s four helped England to a comfortable win.

Wendy Price got a consolation win for Wales, a 21-18 winner over Wendy King’s quartet.

Scotland obliterated Ireland later in the day – 139-70, with big wins for Caroline Brown, Maragret Letham, Lynn Stein and Julie Forrest. Ireland’s consolation came in the form of a 16-15 win for Jennifer Dowds over Maureen Morrison.

The final day’s game saw a 171 win to 83 for Wales over Ireland – a 37-6 win for Carol Difford’s four over Anne Craig’s and a 35-13 victory for Wendy Price’s rink over Dessa Baird’s four setting them on the way to an emphatic victory. Jennifer Dowds’ rink managed a draw for Ireland over Emma Woodcock’s Welsh rink.

Barring a landslide victory for Scotland, the international series was already sealed and as England ran into a 30-shot lead at around the half way point, it was just a case of closing the series out.

Wendy King’s 31-12 win over Claire Johnston’s Scotland rink gave England breathing space as they sealed a 115-103 overall victory.