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HOT SHOTS CLUB | December 2022

The indoor season is off and running and Hot Shot Club applications are pouring in from the first games of the new indoor season.

This month, we even have one from Spain!

Four members of Mojรกcar Bowls Club, Steph Cowling, Mike Brown, Joyce Brown, Chris Morgan achieved an eight in one of the local open competitions.

Said Joyce Brown: โ€œThere are five lawn bowls club in the area where expats play together in leagues.

โ€œThere are also open competitions as in the case of our match in which we achieved the hot shot.

โ€œWe have many members who live here all year round but we also have temporary members who come to Spain for a few weeks or months.โ€

Back at home, teenager Charlie Beeton played a superb runner to take out the opponentโ€™s nearest shot for Lee Calver, Chris Bennett and himself to score a brilliant nine shots in a single end at Ipswich and District Indoor Bowls Club.

The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive match and remains as popular as ever.

Certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Different coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the worldโ€™s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Apart from having your names recognised in print and featured on our website, why not send in a picture as well of the successful pair, triple or four, along with some interesting and relevant details about your claim.

You can provide a few details on the entry form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

The latest Hot Shot winners are:

Bedford Borough BC: Angel Singh,Alan Stafford, Roland Whitbread
Kempston Park IBC: Mary Usher,Heather Houchin, Margaret Howe
Shefford BC: Les Law, Aaron Buckingham, Connor Hart

Desborough IBC: Mike Hutley, Ron James, Gill Oโ€™Neill
Desborough IBC: Jacinta Monteiro, Valerie Wyatt, Jeff Simpson, Paul Winstanley
Maiden Erlegh BC: Julie Heyes, Frank Cunningham, Mike Fraser
Whiteknights IBC: Jackie Botting, Robin Davies, Ben Cleave

Purnell BC: Linda Hole, Jane Doughty, Jan Palmer, Sue Gardiner

Cambridge Chesterton IBC: Angela Stocker, John Howes, Ken Gifford, Peter Laughlin

Bickford Smith BC: Jenny Newton, Ann Hawken
Dunheved BC: Peter Vernon, Colin Fishleigh
Newquay IBC: Karen Emment, Yvonne Rojano, Jennie Maunder

Co-op Unity Park BC: Paul Bluett, Pete Ross, Eric Rashleigh, John West
Newton Abbot BC: Keith Mortimore, Shaun Lynch
Tiverton IBC: Martin Hogan, Paul Reap, Basil Husbands

Dolphin IBC: Mo Mowlem, Joyce Kingan
Dolphin IBC: David Sargent, Trevor Lake
Dolphin IBC: Bill Elliott, Nicky Bradley

Colchester IBC: Sharon Lunnon, Gail Barrett, Loraine Daden, Pam Smith
Ilford and District IBC: Alan Leyland, John King, Ian Robertson, Henry Summers
Ilford and District IBC: Gary Burns, Micky Pace
Walton and District IBC: Maz Kerr, Olivia Lane, Bill Harding
West Mersea BC: Joan Knight, Steve Mills
West Mersea BC: Malcolm Cameron, David Conway, David Jones

Hoddesdon and Rye BC: Linda Dunford, Clare Adkins

Isle of Wight IBC: Eileen Hampshire, Mike Lord, Peter Dent, Vaughan Thompson
Plessey BC: John Nelson, Mike Webb, Steve Mitchell, Fred Sly
Shanklin BC: Julie Wilson, Cherie Earle, Jenny Morgan, Malcolm Alder-Smith

Deangate Ridge IBC: Mike Parker, Les Smith, Jim Simpson, Alan Waterson
Deangate Ridge IBC: M Sacre, N Vandyk, M Abbott, T Jarrett
Peninsula BC: Roy Croucher, Dave Branford, Dave Williams, Keith McMonies
Swale IBC: Annette Willson, Roy Bingham, Andy Willson

Melton Mowbray IBC: Glenise Marshall, Yvonne Kent, Jean Ladkin, Stephen Kent

Lincoln IBC: Pat Boreham, Patrick Sanders, Suzanne Sanders, Peter Boreham
Lincolnshire CBA: Tony Barwell, Alan Barnes, Tony Scarr, Trevor Collins
Melton and District IBC: Rodger Stone, Dave Pick, Mick Rawle
Skegness IBC: Peter Hopkins, Peter Sharp, Bryn Foxon

The Lawns (Enfield) IBC: John Sanders, Gary Moore, Ken Pheasant, Ian Thompson

Northants Retired Police Bowls Association: Mike Smith, Peter Banyard, Peter Ditchett, Paul Langdon

Erewash IBC: Pauline Smart, Margaret Robinson, Elaine Haddon-Holmes, Richard Robinson

Witney Town BC: Mike Jones, Mike Hurp, Caroline Bloomfield, Roy Radband

Alexandra BC: Liz Burrell, Veronica Bassett, Ninna Beaven
Minehead BC: Val Welch, Pauline Stevens, John Trunks, Ian Trunks

Ipswich and District IBC: Chris Bennett, Maggie Page, Trevor Kirby
Ipswich and District IBC: Lee Calver, Chris Bennett, Charlie Beeton
Martlesham BC: Maureen Hart, Josie Gould, George Gould, Michael Hart

Croydon BC: Jean Williamson, Jackie Crick, Sue Lammas
Donyngs IBC: Shelia Williams, Lily Chivers, Dave Robinson, Peggy Baughan
Ewhurst SMBC: David Kempson, Bjorg Lewis, David Gillings

Egerton Park IBC: R Morton, S Carmen, R Batsford, B Austin
Middleton BC: Heather Kempson,Felicity Hurcomb

Harrogate IBC: Angela Spilsbury, Susie Whistler, Hazel Parker, Irene Small
Harrogate IBC: Janet Swift, Gary Swift

County Antrim IBC: Richard Nash, Robert Young, Gordon Bell
Marina BC: John Haugh, Anne McConnell, Norman Gordon

Upper Cowal BC: Elidh Simpson and Helen McVicar
Whiteinch IBC: A Turner, S Taggart, J Condy, G Chesney

Guilsfield Community BC: Sarah Jones, Rob Done, Haydn Jones
Ogwr IBC: Graham Owen, Lyn John, Jeff Phillips, Mick Rheade
Ogwr IBC: Graham Owen, Keith Derrick, Lyn John, Jeff Phillips

Mojรกcar BC: Steph Cowling, Mike Brown, Joyce Brown, Chris Morgan


Have you recently picked up a full count on one end of a competitive match? Simply complete the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com to become a member of the Hot Shots Club.

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