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HOT SHOTS CLUB | June 2022

The Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world. It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.

The Hot Shots Club had an image overhaul in 2019 to reflect the modern game and a gold badge will be launched in the summer, to further recognise success. The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock OBE take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Click here to download an entry form

You can provide a few details on the entry form that is featured in this supplement and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com

Happy bowling and good luck!

Check out the newest members of the Hot Shots Club:

Whiteknights IBC (Chris Allen, Mike Rees, Ken Challis)

Woburn Sands BC (Janet Hamer, Robin Scholfield)

Bristol IBC (Felicity Kite, Danny Kite)

City of Ely IBC (Terry Needs, Eileen Dawson, Don Brown, Ian Driver)

Kingsley IBC (Chris Paddon, Leanne Evans, Steve Johnson)
Kingsthorpe BC (Wyn Nightingale, Bill O’Neill, Ray Hill, Brian Kaye)

West Mersea BC (Terry Larner, Steven Bell, John Stutter, Brian Littlewood)

MidGlos IBC (Marion Chappell, Neil Pashley, Howard Watkin-Jones)
MidGlos IBC (Joan Heather, Dave Forshaw)

Hedge End BC (Geoff Ranger, Denise Ranger, Peter Harvey)

Herts BC (Anthony Osborne, Sara Smart, Andrew Spanner)
Stevenage Town BC (Angela Dear, Allen Deluce, Graham Morris, Steve Wilson)

Sandown BC (Dave Tallis, Mary Smith, Alan Sewell, Pat Smyth)

Angel (Tonbridge) IBC (Dawn Slater, Linda Ecclestone, Babs Tomlin, Babs Tester)
Hesketh Park BC (Gillian Searing, Paul Challis, Maurice Hollman, Alan Binks)
Peninsula BC (Fraser Miller, Teresa Maginnis, Kath Harkness, Dave Gambell)

Hinkley BC (Claire Hewitt, Dave Perry, John Forryan – pictured)

Winchmore Hill BC (Mike Laurie, Di Hine, Sandra Wright, Pam Waller)

Chipping Norton BC (Cathy Sparks, Julie Singer)

Taunton Deane IBC (Julie Watkins, Roy Varndell, Jane Evans)

Tamworth and District IBC (Ian Parsons, Dave Payne)

Coney Weston Swan BC (Angela Rosier, Brenda Pelling, Alan Phillips)
Lakenheath IBC (Eadey Turner, Stanley Turner)

Camberley and District IBC (Jo Shrimpton, Mary Culverhouse, Roger Thomas, Norman Cuthbert)
Donyngs IBC (Evette Oakford, Stan Dugdale, Colin Oakford, John Hore)
Donyngs IBC (Marion Wall, Bernard China)

Egerton IBC (Kay Parkin, Sandra Stacey, Tim Jeffery, Ron Ambler)
Egerton Park IBC (Isabelle Hart, Rosamund Wood)

Gosforth and Coxlodge BC (B Lawson, T Gill, N Houghton)

Stratton Churchway BC (Chris Stoneley, Pete Scott, Pete Tucker, Graham Strevens)
Swindon Manor IBC (D Longhurst, N Howard, M Robins, B Crippen)

Magheradroll Outdoor BC (Ann-Marie McGreevy, Betty McClurg)

Panteg Park BC (Lyndon Jones, Brian Porter, Paul Gray, Mike Bird)

Have you recently picked up a full count on one end of a competitive match? Simply complete the online form and email your photos to hotshots@bowlsinternational.com to become a member of the Hot Shots Club.

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