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Marshall, Dawes and Chestney among early casualties at Scottish International Open

The World Bowls Tour’s Scottish International Open will be played from November 1-3 from West Lothian IBC.

Round One results:
David Gourlay (Sco) bt Jamie Walker (Eng) 6-10, 9-3, 2-0;
Wayne Willgress (Eng) bt Murray Wilson (NZL) 10-3, 9-5;
Simon Skelton (Eng) bt David Alonim (Israel) 10-4, 9-1;
Cameron Greer (Scot) bt Jamie Chestney (Eng) 11-2, 4-10 2-1:
Stewart Anderson (Scot) bt David Bolt (Eng) 10-1, 5-7, 2-0;
Iain McLean (Scot) bt Mike Stepney (Scot) 8-10, 11-2, 2-0;
Rob Paxton (Eng) bt John McHutchison (Scot) 6-5, 11-7;
Jack Bird (Eng) bt Mervyn King (Eng) 12-2, 6-12, 2-0:
Gary Pickering (Canada) bt Alex Marshall MBE (Scot) 0-12, 8-7, 2-0;
Jack East (Aus) bt Mark Dawes (Eng) 10-6, 11-7;
Nick Brett (Eng) bt Claire Anderson (Scot) 10-4, 8-4;
Glenn Martin (Aus) bt Jason Greenslade (Guern) 9-8, 7-10, 2-0;
Les Gillett (Eng) bt James Rippey (Scot) 9-3, 13-9;
Paul Foster MBE (Scot) bt Robert Kirkwood (N Ire) 7-4, 9-3;
Darren Burnett (Scot) bt Lyndon Sham (Hong Kong) 4-9, 12-0, 2-0;
Greg Harlow (Eng) bt Gary R Smith (Eng) 9-3, 7-4.

Round Two draw
Weds, Nov 2 (10am): Ian McLean (Scot/Q) v Les Gillett (Eng), Paul Foster (Scot) v Darren Burnett (Scot), Nick Brett (Eng) v Greg Harlow (Eng), Gary Pickering (Can/Q) v Simon Skelton (Eng)

Weds, Nov 2 (1pm): Cameron Greer (Scot/Q) v Rob Paxton (Eng), Glenn Martin (Aus/Q) v David Gourlay (Scot), Wayne Willgress (Eng) v Jack East (Aus/Q), Stewart Anderson (Scot) v Jack Bird (Eng/Q).


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