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Bowls England National Finals | Who won what?

The historic Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa โ€“ fresh from hosting the lawn bowls competition at the Commonwealth Games just a few weeks before โ€“ provided the stage for 18 days of fierce competition at the Bowls England National Finals.

The famous greens saw 33 competitions reaching their climax โ€“ the culmination of a playerโ€™s efforts over the previous five months.

Bowls International is the worldโ€™s most respected bowling magazine, available monthly in both digital and print formats. A comprehensive round-up of the Bowls England National Finals will be included in the November issue of the magazine.

Here’s our handy guide to see who won all of the events that took place, including the scores from the latter stages.

Quarter-finals: Sal Butcher (Borough of Eye, Suffolk) bt Pa Walker (Birstall, Leicestershire) 21-17; Rebecca Moorbey (Parkway, Huntingdonshire) bt Serena Madgewick (Clockhouse (Upminster), Essex) 21-6; Elaine Score (The Springhouse, Essex) bt Teresa Pearson (Consett Park, Durham) 21-10; Jamie-Lea Winch (Kingscroft, Leicestershire) bt Alex Jacobs (Box, Wiltshire) 21-16.

Semi-finals: Moorbey bt Butcher 21-13; Score bt Winch 21-16.

Final: Moorbey bt Score 21-16.

Quarter-finals: Chloe Brett and Rebecca Moorbey (Parkway, Huntingdonshire) bt Charmian Pearce and Olivia Starr (Clevedon, Somerset) 25-2; Tracey Johnson and Joanne Rowe (Borough of Eye, Suffolk) bt Louise Whyers and Annalisa Dunham (Carters Park, Lincolnshire) 13-12; Sophie Tolchard and Harriet Stevens (Kings, Devon) bt Katherine Hawes and Lorraine Kuhler (Oxford City and County, Oxfordshire) 19-8; Sandra Aldridge and Anne Bernard (Ryde Marina, Isle of Wight) bt Dawn Grisley and Jayne Christie (Potton, Bedfordshire) 18-14.

Semi-finals: Borough of Eye, Suffolk bt Parkway, Huntingdonshire 18-15; Kings, Devon bt Ryde Marina, Isle of Wight 21-10.

Final: Kings, Devon bt Borough of Eye, Suffolk 23-16

Quarter-finals: Rachel Mackriell, Nina Allbut and Denise Hodd (Polegrove, Sussex) bt Sue Tye, Rhianna Russell and Valerie Challacombe (Welwyn & District, Hertfordshire) 14-12; Abi Porter, Sam Pegg and Jane Pattison (Darlington Woodland, Durham) bt Sally Gilbert, Helen Moore and Lynn Orlando (Didcot, Berkshire) 24-14; Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall, Jamie-Lea Winch and Helen Lewis-Wall (Kingscroft, Leicestershire) bt Donna Harris, Rose Gibson and Jennifer Southby (Bearstead & Thurnham, Kent) 17-15; Shirley Hunter, Elaine Cole and Lianne Mills (R G Carter, Norfolk) bt Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion and Helen Young (Banbury Central, Oxfordshire) 21-15.

Semi-finals: Polegrove, Sussex bt Darlington Woodland, Durham 24-10; Kingscroft, Leicestershire bt R G Carter, Norfolk 22-5.

Final: Polegrove, Sussex bt Kingscroft, Leicestershire 14-13.

Quarter-finals: Helen Butler, Louise Whyers, Penny Strong and Annalisa Dunham (Carters Park, Lincolnshire) bt Margaret Brookbank, Brittany Clarke, Jacqui Waterman and Kate Capon (Supreme, Surrey) 23-5; Kirsty Rowe, Amy Rowe, Tracey Johnson and Joanne Rowe (Borough of Eye, Suffolk) bt
Louise Yates, Chloe Smith, Michaela Smith and Gillian Hinsley (Heaton Hall, Lancashire) 21-12; Donna Knight, Carol Gaskins, Katherine Hawes and Lorraine Kuhler (Oxford City and County, Oxfordshire) bt
Tina Cooper, Nadine Mullins, Cathy Taylor and Ann Halliday (Cambridge Park, Middlesex) 25-8; Dorothy Westwood, Angela Hayton, Pauline Hodgson and Karen Westwood (Wigton, Cumbria) bt Jill Forward, Marguerite Cobb, Marilyn Wear andz Jacky Howes (Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire) 18-12

Semi-finals: Carters Park, Lincolnshire bt Borough of Eye, Suffolk 24-10; Oxford City and County, Oxfordshire bt Wigton, Cumbria 26-12

Final: Carters Park, Lincolnshire bt Oxford City and County, Oxfordshire 20-14

Note: Pearl Flowers replaced Helen Butler in the semi-final and final for the Carters Park quartet

Quarter-finals: Rebecca Moorbey (Parkway, Huntingdonshire) bt Nicole Rogers (Kings, Devon) 21-19; Hannah Maslen (Downsman, Sussex) bt Ella Baker (Otley, Suffolk) 21-10; Olivia Starr (Clevedon, Somerset) bt Leah Bamford (Canterbury, Kent) 21-12; Billie Swift (Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire) bt Devon Cooper (Royston, Hertfordshire) 21-10.

Semi-finals: Moorbey bt Maslen 21-4; Starr bt Swift 21-20.

Final: Moorbey bt Starr 21-15.

Quarter-finals: Molly Feetham and Ruby Hill (Lincolnshire) bt Abby Woodward and Billie Swift (Northamptonshire) 18-12; Beth Ward and Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) bt Carly Thompson and Grace Fussey (Cambridgeshire) 17-14; Izzie White and Maddie Burgess (Worcestershire) bt Chloe Smith and Michaela Smith (Lancashire) 22-7; Ella Crouch and Nicole Rogers (Devon) bt Devon Cooper and Rachel Tremlett (Hertfordshire) 18-14.

Semi-finals: Leicestershire bt Lincolnshire 17-15; Worcestershire bt Devon 19-10.

Final: Worcestershire bt Leicestershire 17-12.

Quarter-finals: Loraine Hibbins, Ann Jones, Jeanette Smith and Belinda Chantler (Market Bosworth, Leicestershire) bt Sandra Mawson, Pat Bodily, Yvonne McKee and Sharon Tansley (Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire) 17-10; Chris Love, Anne Burchell, Caroline Cullum and Glenys Bolt (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire) bt Jane Baldwin, Christine Morris, Pat Cook and Glenis Cousins (St Ives, Huntingdonshire) 21-10; Christine Beamish, Sue Bard-Bodek, Sal Butcher and Sue Bernard (Borough of Eye, Suffolk) bt Sandra Maguire, Val Dexter, Rose Lewis and Anna Duckworth (Forest Oaks, Nottinghamshire) 12-10; Dawn Grisley, Jenny Ralph, Jayne Christie and Jackie Bryant (Potton, Bedfordshire) bt Elaine Poulastides, Amber Dinesen, Jean Eslick and Marylin Haskins (Horton Kirby, Kent) 17-8.

Semi-finals: Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire bt Market Bosworth, Leicestershire 19-9; Borough of Eye, Suffolk bt Potton, Bedfordshire 16-14.

Final: Borough of Eye, Suffolk bt Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire 11-7.

Quarter-finals: Stef Branfield (Clevedon, Somerset) bt Hazel Marke (Alton Social, Hampshire) 18-10; Rhianna Russell (Welwyn & District Hertfordshire) bt Morgan Merryweather (Island Bohemian, Berkshire) 17-12; Jennifer Southby (Bearstead & Thurnham, Kent) bt Nicola Payne (Crediton, Devon) 14-13; Victoria Symons (Wooler, Northumberland) bt Rebecca Wigfield (Desborough Town, Northamptonshire) 15-12.

Semi-finals: Russell bt Branfield 16-9; Southby bt Symons 17-11.

Final: Russell bt Southby 14-12.

Quarter-finals: Anne Bernard (Ryde Marina, Isle of Wight) bt Penny Cresswell (Poole Park, Dorset) 21-16; Wendy King (Appleyard, Kent) bt Linda Churchman (Littleport, Cambridgeshire) 21-18; Caroline Cullum (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire) bt Carol Dixon (New Lount, Leicestershire) 21-14; Nicola Brazier (Newquay (Trenance), Cornwall) 21-12.

Semi-finals: Bernard bt King 21-18; Cullum bt Brazier 21-12.

Final: Bernard bt Cullum 21-12.

Quarter-finals: Jane Cogle and Di Sekjer (Kent) bt Linda Sampson and Sara Quayle (Devon) 23-14; Patricia Browne and Sheila Storey (Northumberland) bt Dawn Grisley and Jayne Christie (Bedfordshire) 13-12; Gayle Hartley and Judith Smith (Yorkshire) bt Hannah Hollis and Susan Apperly (Middlesex) 19-17; Lynn Williams and Elaine Amery (Somerset) bt Teresa Orriss and Margaret Smith (Surrey) 19-13.

Semi-finals: Northumberland bt Kent 25-8; Somerset bt Yorkshire 23-11.

Final: Somerset bt Northumberland 20-12.

Quarter-finals: Sue Allen (Swinton, Yorkshire) bt Jackie Hemmings Anthony (Barnstaple, Devon) 21-3; Beverley Wall (Caversham, Berkshire) bt Kate Kyle (Shepshed Town, Leicestershire) 21-19; Anne Bernard (Ryde Marina, Isle of Wight) bt Rebecca Smith (Clock House (Upminster, Essex) 21-17; Julie Leake (Poole Park, Dorset) bt Abby Woodward (Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire) 21-20.

Semi-finals: Allen bt Wall 21-10; Leake bt Bernard 21-15.

Final: Leake bt Allen 21-9.

Quarter-finals: Peter Stinchcombe (Fairford, Gloucestershire) bt Alan Symondson (Reading, Berkshire) 21-17; Andrew Walters (Welford-on-Avon, Warwickshire) bt Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire) 21-14; Tristan Morton (Parkway, Huntingdonshire) bt Aaron Johnson (Norfolk, Norfolk) 21-10; Edward Morris (Essex County BC, Essex) bt Adam Brooks (Carnon Downs, Cornwall) 21-15.

Semi-finals: Walters bt Stinchcombe 21-14; Morris bt Morton 21-19.

Final: Morris bt Walters 21-17.

Quarter-finals: Lewis Baker and Nick Brett (Brampton, Huntingdonshire) bt Josh Grant and Dan Thornhill (Stute, Derbyshire) 20-7; Dan Box and Andrew Walters (Welford-on-Avon, Warwickshire) bt Danny Smith and Gary Starks (Waverley, Hampshire) 16-15; Jack Tobin and Neil Corbyn (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire) bt Dominic Tuckett and Jamie Chestney (Culm Vale, Devon) 19-13; Matt Hyde and Andrew Briden (Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire) bt Paul Element and Martin Coles (Mill End, Hertfordshire) 15-10.

Semi-finals: Brampton, Huntingdonshire bt Welford-on-Avon, Warwickshire 17-14; Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire bt Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 18-13.

Final: Brampton, Huntingdonshire bt Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire 20-9.

Quarter-finals: Josh Grant, Dan Thornhill, Phil Broughton (Stute, Derbyshire) bt Sam Andrews, Darren Hickin, Paul Andrews (Baldock Town, Hertfordshire) 22-19; Alan Symondson, Simon Jones, Robert Newman (Reading, Berkshire) bt Haydon Moorbey, Jamie Barker, Scott Walton (St Neots, Cambridgeshire) 19-11; Lewis Rimmer, Shayne Rimmer, Robert Stirling (Heaton Hall, Lancashire) bt Simon Lilley, Graham Smith, Jordan Philpott (Royal Mail Cart, Lincolnshire) 18-10; Kevin Harrison, Mark Irwin, Stuart Irwin (Aspatria, Cumbria) bt John Tufts, Richard Summers, Wayne Willgress (Norfolk BC, Norfolk) 18-15.

Semi-finals: Stute, Derbyshire bt Reading, Berkshire 18-11; Aspatria, Cumbria bt Heaton Hall, Lancashire 27-11.

Final: Aspatria, Cumbria bt Stute, Derbyshire 14-10.

Quarter-finals: Jonny Lynch, Jonny Green, Chris Moore and Joe Dawson (Kingscroft, Leicestershire) bt Jonathan West, Scott Whyers, Gary Kitchen and Chris Gill (Boston, Lincolnshire) 26-11; Ean Morton, Simon Law, Stuart Popple and Tristan Morton (Parkway, Huntingdonshire) bt Mark Smith, Karl Finch, Luke Horne and Adam Smith (Avenue Leamington, Warwickshire) 24-12; Ken Chan, David Lockhart, Jason Parkinson and Chris Gale (Heaton Hall, Lancashire) bt Steve Horwood, Glenn Williams, Scott Lepley and Jerry Rumball (Garston, Hertfordshire) 21-20; John Coatham, Jason Haskins, Steve Marrett and Roger Kendrick (VCD, Kent) bt Adam Smith, Alan Forrest, Steve Dowdell and Andy Anderson (Fleming Park, Hampshire) 22-14.

Semi-finals: Parkway, Huntingdonshire bt Kingscroft, Leicestershire 14-11; VCD, Kent bt Heaton Hall, Lancashire 18-13.

Final: Parkway, Huntingdonshire bt VCD, Kent 22-17.

Quarter-finals: Lloyd Milligan (Heaton Hall, Lancashire) bt Fraser Ham (Clevedon, Somerset) 21-5; Kieran Rollings (Kettering Lodge, Northamptonshire) bt Jordon Hartson (Spennymoor, Durham) 21-19; Jordan Philpott (Royal Mail Cart, Lincolnshire) bt Toby Furzeland (Sawtry, Huntingdonshire) 21-20; Daniel Ellicott (Avenue (Leamington), Warwickshire) bt Jack Bunting (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 21-13.

Semi-finals: Milligan bt Rollings 21-16; Ellicott bt Philpott 21-20.

Final: Ellicott bt Milligan 21-20.

Quarter-finals: Luke Bell and Dan Cookman (Hampshire) bt Joe Sanford, Josh Rowe (Kent) 20-15; Harry Smith, Jordan Ward (Warwickshire) bt Ryan Lowe, Tom May (Leicestershire) 16-15; Mack May, Adam Barker (Cambridgeshire) bt John Yates, Lewis Rimmer (Lancashire) 22-14; Scott Eveleigh, Kieran Kniveton (Devon) bt Jordan Sanders, Steven Carr (Cornwall) 17-13.

Semi-finals: Hampshire bt Warwickshire 18-15; Devon bt Cambridgeshire 15-12.

Final: Devon bt Hampshire 16-15.

Quarter-finals: Vaughan Holland, Paul Bunting, Craig Shaw and Alan Symondson (Reading, Berkshire) bt John Hills, David Newman, Mark Jones, John Lynch (Darlington Railway Athletic, Durham) 17-2; Tony Stephens, Clive Edwards, Mike Heard, Stephen Truscott (Stenalees, Cornwall) bt Jimmy Keegan, Rob Dawson, Andy Cook, Rob Stanley (Worcester, Worcestershire) 18-3; Paul Mackness, Brian Ralphs, Kevin Clarke, Chris Gray (Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire) bt Tom Prescott, Lawrence Kelly, David Balfour, Rick Gallagher (Subscription, Cumbria) 16-11; Gary Toward, Graham Chappell, Keith Smith, Joe Breward (Blaby, Leicestershire) bt David Labrum, Ian Hodges, Gerry Smyth, Malcolm Drage (Bletchley Town, Buckinghamshire) 12-5.

Semi-finals: Reading, Berkshire bt Stenalees, Cornwall 16-12; Blaby, Leicestershire bt Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 13-8.

Final: Reading, Berkshire bt Blaby, Leicestershire 13-12.

Quarter-finals: Leo May (Cove, Hampshire) bt Tom Warner (Salisbury, Wiltshire) 14-13; Jack Emmerson (Newark Northern, Nottinghamshire) bt James Dilks (York RI, Yorkshire) 18-2; Mark Amos
(Stotfold, Bedfordshire) bt Michael Stone (Sidley Martlets, Sussex) 15-14; Sam Tolchard (Kings, Devon) bt Danny Walker (Northampton West End, Northamptonshire) 18-6.

Semi-finals: Emmerson bt May 14-13; Tolchard bt Amos 16-5.

Final: Tolchard bt Emmerson 17-13.

Quarter-finals: David Johnson (Folkestone Park, Kent) bt Paul Kistle (Westlecot, Wiltshire) 21-19; Jerry Rumball (Garston, Hertfordshire) bt Maurice Dunlop (Jarrow West End, Durham) 21-9; Peter Roseblade (Wymondham Dell, Norfolk) bt Tim Orr (Boscombe Cliff, Hampshire) 21-18; Graham Ashby (Nuneaton, Warwickshire) bt Andrew Bird (Sleaford Town, Lincolnshire) 21-15.

Semi-finals: Rumball bt Johnson 21-7; Ashby bt Roseblade 21-15.

Final: Rumball bt Ashby 21-16.

Quarter-finals: Martin Gale and Alec Atkinson (Lancashire) bt Frank Abbott and Nigel Smith (Essex) 19-7; Steve Smith and Graham Ashby (Warwickshire) bt John Heapy and Ron Moore (Berkshire) 21-14; Steve Parr and Ken Weyand bt Pip Branfield and Neil Westlake (Somerset) 18-17; Stephen McAlister and David Simpson (Buckinghamshire) bt Gary Shepperson and Richard Robinson (Derbyshire) 17-16.

Semi-finals: Warwickshire bt Lancashire 17-10; Kent bt Buckinghamshire 20-15.

Final: Warwickshire bt Kent 19-6.

Quarter-finals: Harry Goodwin (Appleyard, Kent) bt Scott Edwards (Westlecot, Wiltshire) 21-11; Matt Coppen (Royston, Hertfordshire) bt Mark Walton (Nafferton, Yorkshire) 21-16; Scott Walton (St Neots, Cambridgeshire) bt Joe Dawson (Kingscroft, Leicestershire) 21-16; Louis Ridout (Kings, Devon) bt Chris Ashdown (Gravesend, Kent) 21-3.

Semi-finals: Goodwin bt Coppen 21-8; S Walton bt Ridout 21-20.

Final: Goodwin bt S Walton 21-18.

Mixed/Open Competitions
Quarter-finals: Jean Collier and Russell Francis (Wiltshire) bt Donna Brookes and Dean Brookes (Buckinghamshire) 14-9; Sarah Stothard and George Richardson (Northumberland) bt Tina Chambers and Gary Starks (Hampshire) 20-14; Leah Bamford and Michael Fisher (Kent) bt Pa Walker and Shane Hayes (Leicestershire) 17-13; Sylvia Bloomfield and Paul Smyth (Essex) bt Julie Leake and Jim Garner (Dorset) 14-11.

Semi-finals: Wiltshire bt Northumberland 20-5; Essex bt Kent 17-10.

Final: Essex bt Wiltshire 13-11.

Quarter-finals: Linda Abram, Tina Smitham, Alan Green, Malcolm Smitham (Cumbria) bt Debbie Shadwell, Katherine Yeoman, Graham Hatherall, Neil Collett (Wiltshire) 11-10; Faye Ludlow, Hayley Halford, Paul Jenkins, Dennis Hennessy (Surrey) bt Adrian Charter, Reba May Powell-Birley, Jess Weir, Andy Weir (Hertfordshire) 16-5; Jane Murphy, Bev Wall, Scott Winskill, Mark Hancock (Berkshire) bt Joy Cooke, Helen Slimm, Neil Hancock, Dan Box (Warwickshire) 20-8; Megan Hunt, Sue Butcher, Craig Hill, Barry Wheeler (Middlesex) bt Joan Higham, Gillian Hinsley, Shayne Rimmer, Lewis Rimmer (Lancashire) 11-10.

Semi-finals: Surrey bt Cumbria 19-4; Berkshire bt Middlesex 17-6.

Final: Surrey bt Berkshire 13-12.

Quarter-finals: David Lockhart and Jack Lockhart (Lancashire) bt Andrew Paulley and Ben Paulley (Dorset) 19-12; Charlie Souter and Debbie Souter (Surrey) bt Duncan Gauld and Neil Gauld (Berkshire) 18-13; Dan Holmes and Tom Holmes (Herefordshire) bt Daniel Watkins and Andy Watkins (Buckinghamshire) 18-17; Tom Segolo and James Segolo (Norfolk) bt Nick Cleveley and Dan Cleveley (Yorkshire) 13-9.

Semi-finals: Surrey bt Lancashire 19-14; Herefordshire bt Norfolk 18-14.

Final: Herefordshire bt Surrey 14-13.

Inter-Club Competitions
Quarter-finals: Silksworth, Durham bt Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire 36-35; Shanklin, Isle of Wight bt Ashford, Middlesex 38-20; Appleyard, Kent bt Nuneaton, Warwickshire 32-29; Brampton, Huntingdonshire bt Poole Park, Dorset 37-34.

Semi-finals: Silksworth, Durham bt Shanklin, Isle of Wight 34-33; Brampton, Huntingdonshire bt Appleyard, Kent 42-22.

Final: Silksworth, Durham bt Brampton, Huntingdonshire 32-31.

Quarter-finals: Littleport, Cambridgeshire bt Box, Wiltshire 34-32; Bromley, Kent, bt Mersea Island, Essex 31-28; Bletchley Town, Buckinghamshire bt Barbourne, Worcestershire 47-16; Shires BC, Lincolnshire bt Falmouth, Cornwall 41-24.

Semi-finals: Littleport, Cambridgeshire bt Bromley, Kent 28-25; Shires BC, Lincolnshire bt Bletchley Town, Buckinghamshire 40-32.

Final: Shires BC, Lincolnshire bt Littleport, Cambridgeshire 39-18.

Inter-County Competitions
Semi-finals: Northamptonshire bt Worcestershire 43-37; Kent bt Leicestershire 45-28.

Final: Kent bt Northamptonshire 47-32.

Semi-finals: Yorkshire bt Hampshire 41-32; Essex bt Gloucestershire 45-39.

Final: Essex bt Yorkshire 45-27.

Semi-finals: Lincolnshire bt Wiltshire 149-85; Surrey bt Norfolk 126-89.

Final: Lincolnshire bt Surrey 145-92.

Semi-finals: Hertfordshire bt Gloucestershire 125-116; Berkshire bt Yorkshire 135-87.

Final: Berkshire bt Hertfordshire 133-95.

Semi-finals: Wiltshire bt Yorkshire 40-38; Kent bt Norfolk 46-22.

Final: Kent bt Wiltshire 40-29.

Semi-finals: Warwickshire bt Lancashire 40-39; Kent bt Suffolk 42-41. Final: Kent bt Warwickshire 40-26.


Bowls International is the worldโ€™s most respected bowling magazine, available monthly in both digital and print formats. A comprehensive round-up of the Bowls England National Finals will be included in the November issue of the magazine.

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