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Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will contest the Junior International Series, starting tomorrow (Saturday, September 17) at Belmont Bowling Club, Belfast.

This year the four countries will each field a team consisting of 12 men and 12 women to participate in a six-rink international series. Following the loss of two seasons of international play due to COVID-19, the age limit for both genders to be eligible for selection was set at 27 and under on 1st April 2022.

They will be competing for three trophies – a womenโ€™s trophy, a menโ€™s trophy and one overall team trophy.

Saturday 17th September
9.30am: Ireland v Wales; England v Scotland
2.30pm: Ireland v England; Scotland v Wales

Sunday 18th September
9.00am: Ireland v Scotland; England v Wales

Live scoring from the event, administered by the Irish Bowling Association and Irish Women’s Bowling Association, is AVAILABLE HERE.

Competing players:
Ireland (hosts)
Rink 1: Ryan McElroy, Peter Haughey, Cameron Gaw, Jack Moffett
Rink 2: Sam Barkley, Jordan McBride, Adam McKeown, Stephen Kirkwood
Rink 3: Dean Mills, Mark McKeown, Ryan Cavan, Adam Rankin
Rink 4: Isobel-Ruby Nolan, Allana McKee, Sophie Mcintyre, Chloe Wilson
Rink 5: Mia Patterson, Bethany Whittle, Laura Cassells, Shauna O’Neill
Rink 6: Amy Carruth, Katherine Houston, Zoe Minish, Lara Reaney
Reserves: Andrew Evans, Ross McMullan, Zoe Stratton, Brooke Stirling
Managers: Tommy Smith, Donna McCloy

Rink 1: Kieran Kniveton, Tom Holmes, Alasdair Williams, Harry Goodwin
Rink 2: Dan Mills, Anthony Booth-Young, Adam Pitfield, Jordan Philpott
Rink 3: Mark Smith, Adam Barker, Ben Coldrick, Tom McGuinness
Rink 4: Emma Cooper, Jasmine Wilson, Morgan Merryweather, Harriet Stevens
Rink 5: Ruby Hill, Chloe Brett, Nicole Rogers, Katherine Rednall
Rink 6: Devon Cooper, Imogen Jenner, Emily Ferguson, Rachel Tremlett
Reserves: Harvey Griffiths, Izzie White
Managers: Stuart Thomas, Nicola Bowe

Rink 1: Blair Davidson, Andrew Weir, Dean Riva, John Fleming Jnr
Rink 2: Reece Notman, Kevin McDonald, Liam McKay, Darren Weir
Rink 3: Alastair Nimmo, Robert Lenza, John Meikle, Jason Banks
Rink 4: Louise Noon, Laura Cunningham, Kimberley Dodds, Carla Banks
Rink 5: Beth Riva, Ellie Borthwick, Mhairi McCall, Dawn Anderson
Rink 6: Amy Borthwick, Eilidh Weir, Rebecca Houston, Rachel Sinclair
Reserves: Liam Nicholson, Paul Innes, Lauren Roddie, Bryony Thomson
Managers: Tom Notman, Margaret Bingham

Rink 1: Nathan Rees, Jordan Driscoll, Chad Bowling, Kristian Crocker
Rink 2: Ben Evans, James Powell, Hari Butten, Joe Price
Rink 3: Ben Matthews, JJ Jones-Coles, Rhys Colwill, Ryan Davies
Rink 4: Olivia Jackson, Rebecca Williams, Sara John-Davies, Katie Thomas
Rink 5: Lauren Gowan, Chloe Thomas, Naomi Evans, Chloe Jackson
Rink 6: Katie Dickenson, Jasmine Stanton, Alis Butten, Jodie Mccarthy
Reserves: Eric Hughes, Corey Bayliss, Emily Lawrence
Managers: Robert Weale, Kathy Pearce


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