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“I was quite impressed with how I played,” says Julie Forrest as she wins back to back World Women’s Singles Matchplay titles

Julie Forrest from Scotland put on a convincing display in the final of the World Women’s Singles Matchplay this afternoon to beat England’s Janice Gower in straight sets.

Picking up a three in the opening end of the match, Julie raced to a 6-1 lead and remained in command throughout to enter the last end with a two shot lead.

She successfully defended Janice’s attempts to pick up a two or three and the set finished 8-7 to Julie.

The second set started much the same with Julie playing great consistent bowls to attain an 8-0 lead after three ends.

The fourth end saw Janice pick up a two and on the fifth she was holding a brilliant double before Julie pulled out an inch-perfect draw to take the shot.

At 15-2 up with four ends to play, Julie restricted Janice to just one shot which saw the women shake hands.

Speaking afterwards Janice said: “I am delighted to be in my first final, it is an achievement in itself.

“Julie was totally relentless- I thought I might have scrambled my way through the first set but I lost count of how many times I said well bowled Julie.”

Julie said: “I was quite impressed with how I played, I felt really good in the game and I was really nervous beforehand but felt good from the first end.

“Sometimes you can just feel it in your arm and it felt natural today which is a great feeling.”